My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 385

“I want Grandpa to hug me.” Little Karen blinked her big bright eyes and requested softly Children were very sensitive beings, they were able to read through a person’s sincerity very quickly. Grandpa and Grandma really loved Little Karen, so every time she saw her Grandpa and Grandma, she would be very happy and would be willing to come close to them. Papa Kyle happily carried Little Karen and rubbed her head. Then he gently wiped the tears from her eyes. “Then why don’t you sleep with us tonight?” “Okay, okay.” With their company, the bad guys would not try to get close to her, so Little Karen figured it was safe. The little baby girl was excited because she had not seen her grandparents for a long time. She played with her grandfather for a long time before falling asleep. Little Karen fell asleep, but Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle couldn’t fall asleep. They looked at their granddaughter and sighed. Mama Kyle spoke with sadness, “It’s all our fault for being careless for so many years. I didn’t realized that father had been replaced by someone else. Our daughter-in-law was ruthlessly hurt, but we were clueless. I pity our Little Karen, she only just reconciled with her mother after so long.” “The past has passed, and it’s useless for us to blame ourselves. In the future, our Kyle family must treat Karen Daly well.” Papa Kyle looked at Little Karen, who was sleeping soundly, and gently pinched her face. “And our granddaughter.” “Of course I will be good to Karen Daly and our precious granddaughter. You have to be kind to them as well.” Mama Kyle lowered her head and kissed Little Karen’s face. “Let’s live in Chatterton Town in the future. We can take care of each other and our family when we are closer.” “Alright.” Papa Kyle nodded. After a long silence, he said, “I’m more worried about Mia Kyle now.” Speaking of Mia Kyle, Mama Kyle was silent for a moment because she didn’t know how to face Mia Kyle after she learns the truth. Many years ago, she knew that father had dealt with a pair of spies from Country A before. At that time, they were killed. She never knew that the pair of spies were Mia Kyle’s birth parents. She had grown up in Kyle family. They always loved her like she was their own child. Now that she knew the truth, she would definitely feel as bad as Neil Brown did. Mama Kyle leaned into Papa Kyle’s arms and whispered, “I miss Mia. I’m worried that she will blame me for everything.” “No matter what Mia thinks in her heart, I have to tell her that the Kyle family will forever see her as family. As long as she is willing, she will always be one of us. We can’t control if she chooses to blame us regarding her parents. Papa Kyle was a rational and sensitive person. When he faced Warren Silas, he could be merciless and push him into a desperate situation On the other hand, he loved his wife so deeply that he was willing to care so much for her. He too loved his children so much, and he especially cared for Mia Kyle like she was his own child. “Hale ..” “Go to sleep. It’s getting late.” Papa Kyle patted on Mama Kyle’s back to reassure her. At the same time, Papa Kyle also closed his eyes, but he did not sleep. He was thinking about a lot of things in his mind. For example, how did Warren Silas get close to his father at that time, and how did he kill his father without anyone noticing? Papa Kyle had to find out the truth about everything, so he could not hurt Warren Silas for the time being. He would like to discuss everything with his son after he wakes up. After Little Karen followed her grandparents, Lionel also returned to his room. As soon as he laid down, he received a call from Zuriel Perth. He picked up his phone and answered, “Hello?” Zuriel Perth spoke carefully, “Third Young Master, I’ve confirmed it. Kevin Kyle has been infected with the HDR virus. Yesterday, he was shot and fainted. He remained unconscious now.” Although they had already expected that Little Karen’s father might have been infected with the HDR virus, but it was just a suspicion. Now that he it was confirmed, he suddenly sat up. He tightened his grip on his mobile phone and his expression turned gloomy. After a long pause, he said slowly, “Please contact the military from Country A on my behalf and ask for latest information on the HDR virus. If they have already developed the antidote, you must find a way to get it.” “Third Young Master, we came to Chatterton Town this time mainly to locate Mia. Now we have found her and she also promised to return to Country A with us, let’s not get ourselves involved in other matters. I think that’ll be better.” In Chatterton Town, their jurisdiction of power was very limited. It was impossible for them to fight against the forces of Neil Brown, Kevin Kyle and Warren Silas. Therefore, Young Master Perth thought that returning to Country A was the safest way for them. Of course, Lionel knew that too. If someone else had been poisoned by the virus, he wouldn’t have cared much. But this person was Little Karen’s father, so he had to help. And now, their ability to help him will depend on the generosity of Country A’s military, and if there really were an antidote available. “Do as I say.” “Third Young Master…” Zuriel Perth still wanted to say more, but Lionel had hung up the phone. The HDR virus had a longer latent period. It seemed that Little Karen’s father had been poisoned from long ago. Now that the poison had started to take effect, Kevin Kyle was suffering from its manifestation. The night passed in the blink of an eye. It was almost dawn, and Karen Daly had just fallen asleep beside Kevin Kyle’s bed for a while. Just as she was sleeping, Karen Daly felt a familiar big palm gently stroking her face. She must be too sleepy. She must have hoped that Kevin Kyle could wake up as soon as possible. She was dreaming because her brain couldn’t shut off. She dreamt that Kevin Kyle woke up and dreamt that he was touching her… Karen Daly, who was half asleep, smiled bitterly and murmured, “Kevin, look at me. I hope you’ll be better. I hope that when I close my eyes, I can see that you’re awake in my mind.” “Karen..” Not only did she feel that he was touching her, but she also heard Kevin Kyle calling her name. His voice was still as low and seductive as usual, making her heart beat faster again and again. When she was half conscious, Karen Daly grabbed palm on her face and said, “Kevin, don’t fool around. Let me sleep for a while.” She had not closed her eyes for a day and a night already. She had to rest for a while before she could continue to take care of Kevin Kyle.

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