My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 386

“Karen” Once again, Karen Daly heard Kevin Kyle’s deep voice calling her name She muttered, “Kevin, don’t disturb me. Let me sleep for a while before I talk to you.” After saying this, Karen Daly suddenly shivered and looked up. When she opened her eyes, she saw Kevin Kyle. He opened his eyes, but perhaps because he wasn’t wearing glasses, his eyes seemed a little confused. He did not look as energetic and bright as Karen Daly usually remembered. “Kevin, are you really awake?” Karen Daly did not believe what she saw and pinched her face, Ouch! She really wasn’t dreaming. Kevin Kyle was really awake. Seeing Karen Daly’s silly look, Kevin Kyle chuckled. However, he still had some wounds on his face, so when he smiled, he flinched a little. “Kevin, talk to me, I’m not dreaming, am I?” Karen Daly still couldn’t believe it and asked cautiously Before Papa Kyle went back home, he told her that it will not be easy for Kevin Kyle to wake up since he had been poisoned by a virus named HDR. She was really worried the entire night. She definitely did not expect that Kevin Kyle would miraculously wake up the same night. She was in disbelief. “Fool, you’re not dreaming, I’m really awake.” Kevin Kyle said softly. His voice did not sound as deep and powerful as it used to be. He sounded like he was physically weak. He was worried about her and their child. He fought really hard to get out of the darkness. “Do you feel uncomfortable?” Karen Daly was excited, yet worried. For a moment, she did not know what to do. Kevin Kyle answered softly, “The wound hurts and I can’t move.” Karen Daly said in a panic, “Yes, yes, yes… your wounds haven’t healed yet. Don’t move. I won’t touch you, I’ll go get the doctor to check on you.” “I don’t need the doctor.” Kevin Kyle’s pale lips moved and he tried to let out a faint smile. “I much prefer you here with me than the doctor Karen Daly thought that Kevin Kyle did not want to see a doctor again. She was a little angry, then he explained further, “I just want you to talk to me and stop me from falling asleep again.” He tried very hard to wake up. He was worried that if he fell asleep again, he might never wake up again. If he couldn’t wake up, he wouldn’t be able to see her face again. No one would protect Karen Daly and Little Karen. Whatever it takes, he can’t fall into a coma again. Karen Daly walked to Kevin Kyle’s side and sat down. She held his hand and help it up her lips to kiss him. “Kevin..” As soon as she called his name, Karen Daly suddenly choked up and couldn’t speak more. She recalled the scene where Kevin Kyle blocked the bullet for her fearlessly that day. She took a deep breath. He was the genius of the business industry that everyone respected. He was the current leader of Rovio. He was ranked first in the list of internationally known business leaders by many organizations. A lot reporters were willing to wait for days and nights to secure an interview with him. As long as there was a glimpse of hope to speak with him, they would not let the chance go. In many people’s eyes, he was a legend. He was someone who was bigger than life. He was someone that most people could only admire, but couldn’t approach. When she was on a blind date with him, if she knew his real identity, maybe she would not agree to marry him that quickly. He was such an excellent man. Many people wanted to get near him but they couldn’t. However, she was spoiled by him. For her, he was willing to sacrifice so much and forego his own safety and wellbeing. “Kevin, don’t be so stupid in the future. Promise me, okay?” Karen Daly took a deep breath before she finally said this line. “Do you think I’m stupid?” Kevin Kyle chuckled, “You’re such a fool. How dare you say I’m stupid?” “Who are you calling stupid, you fool?” Karen Daly pouted and glanced at him discontentedly. “It’s the pot calling the kettle black. When two idiots are together, what will happen to Little Karen in the future?” Kevin Kyle said with a smile. “I am not stupid, it’s just you. Little Karen must have inherited my intelligence, so she is not stupid.” She playfully teased. Kevin Kyle was amused by her and let out a wider grin. His wound hurt again. This time, it was so painful that he let out a cold sweat. “Kevin, I’ll call a doctor.” Karen Daly immediately reached out and pressed the call button on the bedside, signalling for the doctor to assist. “I’m fine.. I’m just very sleepy. Talk to me, or sing to me. I’m fine no matter what. Just don’t let me fall asleep.” He couldn’t see everything clearly, and he also can’t see Karen Daly very clearly. Kevin Kyle knew that the HDR virus was spreading in his body and affected his visual abilities, which made his eyesight seriously affected. “Kevin Kyle, the doctor will be here soon. If you feel uncomfortable, you must tell them all about it. You can’t hide anything.” Karen Daly knew that Kevin Kyle was struggling and in pain, but she wasn’t sure what was affecting him mostly While they were talking, several doctors had already arrived. Even the experienced doctors were very shocked as they walked into the room to an awake Kevin Kyle. The HDR virus was so powerful, but Kevin Kyle could wake up without the antidote. His strength and will were definitely unique. How many people in the world could do something like this? The doctors were all experts who had decades of experience and had seen a lot of things. They quickly calmed down and attended to Kevin Kyle. One doctor came forward to check on Kevin Kyle’s condition and asked, “Director Kevin, besides the pain from the wounds, where else do you feel uncomfortable?” “I’m weak all over..” After a pause, Kevin Kyle suddenly began in French, “The HDR virus has affected my vision. I can’t see things clearly, but I don’t want Karen or my family to know about this.” The attending doctor was a long time acquaintance of Kevin Kyle’s. Kevin knew that he understood French. He used French to tell the doctor his deeper concerns. The doctor replied in English, “Director Kevin, I understand what you’re worried about. You’re injured and have been lying in bed for so long, so it’s normal for you to be weak. You don’t have to worry about this. As for the HDR virus, we will continue to develop the antidote and try to eliminate the remaining toxins in your body as soon as possible.” The doctor understood what Kevin Kyle meant and replied in English. He cooperated very well to not to arouse Karen Daly’s suspicion. They also reapplied medication on Kevin Kyle’s wounds. As they used the best medication, his wounds were healing very remarkably. After that, Karen Daly walked with the doctor as he left the ward. She grasped the doctor’s arm and asked, “Doctor, what did Kevin just say to you in French?”

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