My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 387

Kevin Kyle must have responded in a different language for a reason. If she confronted Kevin Kyle earlier, she would not get an answer. She decided to ask the doctor in secret instead. The doctor smiled and said, “Mrs. Kyle, don’t worry. Director Kevin was just worried about his physical conditions. He was worried that he will fall unconscious again.” “Is that all?” Karen Daly asked. There was no need for Kevin Kyle to explain those concerns to the doctor in French. She was skeptical. “Yes.” The doctor nodded, yet he was blinking a lot. “Doctor, please tell me the truth,” Karen Daly said firmly. She knew it was impossible to get truths out from those who work for Kevin Kyle. However, she still didn’t give up despite the slim chances. She was persistent in getting the answer from the doctor. The doctor responded helplessly, “Mrs. Kyle, Director Kevin asked me in French because he didn’t want you to worry about him. You should understand his intention.” “Is he in a bad condition?” Since she didn’t know what Kevin Kyle and the doctor discussed about, she was thinking about all kinds of possibilities in her mind. She was getting very worried and anxious. She was so scared that her voice and body began to tremble… she would be driven crazy by her own mind if she could not get the truth. The doctor sighed and answered, “The HDR virus has been in Director Kevin’s body for a while. The virus has spread all over the body. His vision has been affected.” The doctor knew that hiding it from her would only make her more anxious. By telling her the truth, she would not ruminate too much in a pool of uncertainty. This option definitely will cause less harm to Karen Daly, which was consistent with Kevin Kyle’s intention anyway. After listening to the doctor’s words, Karen Daly nodded her head and sighed. No wonder she felt that Kevin Kyle’s eyes were not as sharp and bright as before. It turned out that his vision was affected, and the silly man wanted to hide it from her again. “Thank you, doctor.” Karen Daly took a deep breath and smiled at the doctor, “I’ll pretend that I don’t know about this, since he doesn’t want me to know about this.” Kevin Kyle didn’t want her to worry, so she will pretend that she was clueless and hide her worries away. Then, he would not have to worry about her too. After the doctor left, Karen Daly leaned against the wall outside the ward and cried. She was not sure if she was crying because she was anxious for Kevin Kyle, or that she was moved by his tendency to always think for her despite being so weak right now. The big fool, Kevin Kyle! Why can’t he just be selfish and think for himself for once? Why can’t he stop worrying for her? He was a businessman. Weren’t all businessmen good at planning for their benefits? He was so decisive and could do whatever he wanted in the business field. But why does he act so stupid in front of her? Was it because she was his wife? He would treat her well unconditionally and bear everything for her. Why would he be so selfless? Did he know that she does not like this? She hoped that they would always be partners together. The two of them will support each other through rain and shine and enjoy the ups and downs of life together. Clearly he didn’t understand this. He thought that everything he did for her was for her own good. Karen Daly wiped away her tears and regained her composure before returning to the ward. After entering the room, she heard Kevin Kyle’s voice, “Where did you go? I’m going to fall asleep if you don’t talk to me.” He was looking at her while he spoke, but Karen Daly knew that he could not see her clearly. Otherwise, when he saw her tearful eyes, he would not be so calm now. Karen Daly did not answer him, for she was afraid that once she opened her mouth, she would lose her cool in front of him. She went to the bathroom, filled a basin of lukewarm water, and went back to his bedside. While holding back her tears, she said, “I’ll help you wash up.” Kevin Kyle smiled weakly and said, “Mrs. Kyle, do you feel annoyed that I’m such a big nuisance?” “If you don’t want to be a nuisance, then you’ll have to recover faster.” Karen Daly sounded angry, but her hands were extremely gentle as she took the wet cloth to wipe Kevin Kyle’s face. Kevin Kyle could not see her expression clearly, but he could imagine it. Perhaps this was a glimpse into their future. He would always be older than she was, and he could imagine that she would still be taking care of him in his old age as gently as she was now. He would turn into an Old Mr. Kyle and she would be an Old Mrs. Kyle, and he hoped so badly that they would remain with each other until the end of time. “By the way, what happened to Warren Silas?” Kevin Kyle did not forget about the culprit who hurt him. Karen Daly responded as she wiped his body, “Warren Silas is now locked up in the military region of Chatterton Town. Your uncle mentioned that he would discuss this matter with you once you get better, so you’ll have to get better as soon as possible. You’re still very weak now, so don’t worry too much about other matters first and focus on yourself.” “I can’t move my body much now. If I don’t use my brain, will easily become stupid. What if you dislike me at that time?” Kevin Kyle tried to converse with Karen Daly in a relaxed tone. “You’re funny” Karen Daly rolled her eyes at him. After a round of wiping his face and body, she went to the bathroom to change the basin of water and washed the cloth. Then, she returned by Kevin Kyle’s side to wipe his hands Kevin Kyle’s palms were very big, yet his fingers were slender and his nails were neatly trimmed. Karen Daly took his hand and wiped his fingers one by one. She even wiped in between his fingers and under his nails. She knew that Kevin Kyle liked to be clean. Since she can’t help with major tasks, she would focus on taking care of him like this. “Mrs. Kyle, how did I find such luck to marry such a virtuous and loving wife like you?” Kevin Kyle looked at her like she was his greatest achievement. “Then you should get better as soon as possible, or I will be taken away by another man.” Karen Daly was very happy to hear his sweet words, but she still felt sad deep down. “No man would be able to abduct my woman.” Kevin Kyle’s tone was not as firm and stern as usual, but he still sounded powerful. “I’m your woman, and i’ll be yours for the rest of my life.” Karen Daly assured him. She chuckled and touched his forehead. “Stupid man.” Kevin Kyle smiled gently and responded, “Silly woman!” “You’re the silly one.” After cleaning up, Karen Daly pulled the quilt over him and said, “Take good care of yourself now. Don’t think too much about other things. Don’t forget, you still have me.” “I slept for too long, so I don’t want to sleep any more. I’m worried that I won’t be able to wake again once I fall asleep. At that time, you’ll have to cry again.” Kevin Kyle spoke as he held his chest in pain. His body was very weak now, and he was worried that he can’t stay awake for long. He really hoped that she could talk to him so that he wouldn’t fall asleep.

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