My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 388

“If you scare me again, I won’t care about you anymore.” Karen Daly spoke fiercely to Kevin Kyle, but her gaze was still very gentle. She stared at Kevin Kyle’s delicate facial features quietly. She had known him for many years and had lived with him for so long But as she woke up every morning and sees his face, she still remained charmed by him. In this world, there were a lot of attractive men, but how many of them were as kind, compassionate, and capable as Kevin Kyle was? Did God arrange so many hardships and obstacles in his life just because he was born attractive and wealthy? His own grandfather had been replaced by an impostor, and he had been treating the wicked Warren Silas as his loving grandfather for more than 20 years. This impostor also managed to recruit people around Kevin Kyle to spy for him. The impostor secretly poisoned Kevin, causing him to fall into a coma twice. As for now, his vision had worsened and he was unsure if he could recover from it. Karen Daly thought that Kevin Kyle’s determination and willpower were very strong. At this time, he couldn’t see anything clearly, but there was no trace of panic in his eyes. His expression was still soft and calm, like he was prepared for these. However, Karen did now know that Kevin was not very concerned about his vision. He understood that he could always undergo surgery to restore his vision, he was calm as long he had her by his side. Kevin Kyle was almost thirty years old, and there had only been one occasion where he experienced a mental breakdown. That was when he returned home from his business trip to the news that Karen Daly had died. His Karen Daly was gone, and his world collapsed. Now that she had returned to his side, he still could not imagine how he managed to survive through the years without her. “Hiss Kevin Kyle sighed, and Karen rushed to his bedside immediately. She asked worriedly, “What’s wrong? Are you alright?” Kevin Kyle grabbed Karen Daly’s hand and chuckled, “I thought you were ignoring me?” “Kevin, you b*stard!” Karen Daly thought that she had aggravated his wound, and her face turned pale with fear However, this childish man was actually fooling around. She was so angry that she threw his hand away. This time, Karen Daly underestimated her strength and Kevin Kyle screamed out in pain. “You.” Karen was stunned, but she was still angry. She wanted to scold him, but Kevin pulled her closer to him that she fell and leaned against his body, Kevin Kyle then held her head closer to his and swooped in with a kiss. Karen Daly was afraid that she would hurt him, so she didn’t dare to move away. She shouted out loud, “Kevin, are you crazy?” Didn’t he know that his wounds were still in the process of healing? Kevin Kyle smiled and said, “I’m not crazy. I just want to tell you that I’m not as weak as you think. Don’t worry about me, just relax. Karen Daly was so frustrated that she bit her lips and stared at him. He could verbally assure her instead of doing what he just did earlier, where he could actually risk himself. “Dad..” They heard Little Karen’s sweet, tearful voice. Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly looked at the door at the same time and saw Little Karen coming in on her grandpa’s arms. Her eyes were red, and her little body was trembling. It seemed that she had been crying hard not long ago. “Dad.” Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly greeted Papa Kyle at the same time. The doctor had called Kevin Kyle’s father and told him that Kevin Kyle had woken up as he was on his way to the hospital. Hence, Papa Kyle was not surprised when he saw Kevin Kyle. Papa Kyle handed Little Karen to Karen Daly and said, “This little girl has been up since sunrise. She started crying the moment she woke up and couldn’t find her father. We couldn’t calm her down, so we brought her here.” “Dad, sorry for the trouble.” Karen Daly carried Little Karen and kissed her pink face. “I am her grandfather. Don’t worry about it.” Papa Kyle looked at Kevin Kyle, and said, “Matthew, you need to take good care of yourself in the hospital. I will settle other matters.” “Dad, there are some things that I have to deal with in person.” Kevin Kyle didn’t explain further, but Papa Kyle knew what he was talking about. “Okay.” Papa Kyle nodded, “The three of you can spend some time with each other. I still have something to do hence I’ll have to go first.” After Papa Kyle left, Karen Daly looked at Little Karen and noticed the red mark on Little Karen’s forehead. Her heart ached a little “My baby Karen, does it still hurt?” Karen whispered in Little Karen’s ear, as she did not want Kevin to worry. “Nope it doesn’t hurt. I just want to hug daddy.” In Little Karen’s heart, she still felt that her father was the person closest to her. Although she also liked her mother very much, however she spent much more time with her father than she did with her mother. She had been always around her father since she was very young, so she had a special connection with him. She didn’t even know that she had a mother before Karen Daly came back to them. “Okay, come over. I’ll hug you.” Kevin Kyle really wanted to sit up and hug his daughter. But as soon as he tried to sit up, he felt an intense pain. Karen Daly touched Little Karen’s head and said patiently, “Little Karen, daddy’s injured. You can go near him, but try not to hurt his wounds. Do you understand?” “Daddy is injured? Does it hurt?” Little Karen was worried and looked like she was about to cry again. “Little Karen, I won’t feel any pain as long as you stand next to me.” Kevin Kyle tried to move over to the side a little so there was a space for Little Karen to sit. “It’ll be better if I continue carrying her.” Karen Daly was a little worried. She was worried that Little Karen would not be careful enough and she might aggravate his wounds. “Just let her come over.” Kevin Kyle was not worried at all. Of course, he knew how sensible and careful Little Karen could be. Little Karen sat down beside Kevin Kyle. Upon seeing her father’s pale face, she was sad. She lay down near her father’s face and gave him a quick peck, “Daddy, l’l kiss you to make you feel better.” When she was hurt or injured before, she knew that her father’s kiss would magically shun the pain away. Hence, she wanted to return the favor. “Wow, that was true. It really hurt less after your kiss.” Kevin Kyle played along with Little Karen and responded lovingly. Since her father reassured her, Little Karen got excited and continued to kiss and hug her father a few more times. She left traces of her saliva all over his face. After kissing her father, Little Karen lay down beside her father and chatted with her father. She looked so serious. Thanks to Little Karen’s company, Kevin Kyle felt much more energetic than before. The father-daughter duo chatted happily away and ignored Karen Daly completely.

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