My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 389

Papa Kyle was heading towards Mia Kyle’s apartment after leaving the hospital Warren Silas also mentioned that he would like to meet Mia Kyle. Warren Silas’ request could be rejected by Papa Kyle without hesitation, but ultimately, it was up to Mia Kyle to decide if she would want to meet Warren Silas. No matter what Warren Silas had done, the Kyle family still regarded Mia Kyle as part of their family. The Kyle family would not want Mia to walk alone. Papa Kyle did not contact Mia in advance. He only called her on the phone when he arrived at the door. No one answered the call for a long time. He dialled again, and again, and Mia Kyle finally answered the call on the fourth try. She didn’t say anything when she answered the call. Papa Kyle asked carefully, “Mia, can you daddy speaking? In Mia Kyle’s defense, she was very worried to pick up his call. She was worried to hear his voice, or hear from anyone from the Kyle family. She knew that they wouldn’t blame her, but she couldn’t act like nothing had happened and obliviously take in their love and care like before In the past, she did not know her own background. She regarded the Kyle family as her family. They loved her and she also loved them. They treated her well, and she treated them well too. The family was warm and harmonious and she felt so loved. She has then learned that her biological grandfather had killed Grandpa Kyle and assumed the identity of Grandpa Kyle. Then, he had lived in Kyle’s family for so long. Would she still be able to stay with the Kyle family shamelessly? Tonight, Mia Kyle stayed at home alone and thought about a lot of things. She planned to just silently say her goodbyes to those whom she cared about and secretly return to Country A with Master Perth. She would start her new life there and never come back again If she didn’t need to see her beloved Kyle family or her crush anymore, then she would be able to forget the past and start a new life slowly. Mia had already made up her mind. However, when she heard Papa Kyle’s voice from the phone, Mia Kyle’s self defence was gradually torn down. She didn’t want to leave Chatterton Town, the Kyle family, or Neil Brown… However, she had to leave because she was the granddaughter of Warren Silas. “Mia, did you hear me?” As she heard Papa Kyle’s concerning voice once again, Mia Kyle could not bear it anymore. “Dad –” Mia Kyle burst into tears when she spoke. “Mia, open the door. I’m outside the house.” Mia Kyle bounced up from the sofa but her body was so weak that she almost fell to the ground because she hadn’t eat all day. Fortunately, she did not fall. Mia Kyle opened the door and saw Papa Kyle at the entrance. He looked at her and said, “Mia.” “Dad..” When she called his name again, Mia Kyle burst into tears. Papa Kyle hugged her in his arms and comforted her, “My silly child, why are you crying?” Mia Kyle was always strong and resilient since she was a child. She was always able to pick herself back up despite whatever circumstances. He had never seen her cry this hard before “Dad…” Mia Kyle buried her head in Papa Kyle’s arms and cried like a baby. Papa Kyle gently patted her on the back and let her express her emotions. She would figure out what to do next when she was done crying. Mia Kyle cried in Papa Kyle’s arms for about half an hour. Then, she wiped her tears and looked up at Papa Kyle, “Dad, is there anything?” I went to see Warren Silas last night and he said he wanted to see you. Do you want to see him?” Papa Kyle rubbed her head gently, “You don’t need to force yourself to go.” “Dad… I want to see him.” Even if she had given up on Warren Silas, that person was still her biological grandfather. Moreover, he did not hurt her. On the contrary, he had always loved her so much. “Well, if you want to see him, you can go. Don’t feel bad about this.” Papa Kyle took a tissue and wiped off Mia Kyle’s tears. “My silly child, you can’t beat yourself up over what happened. Go and freshen up, I’d like to bring you out for a meal. Afterwards, let’s go to the military region of Chatterton Town.” “Okay.” Mia Kyle nodded. Then she turned around and ran back to the room. She took a quick shower and changed into a nice outfit. Then, she put on some makeup and looked refreshed. Mia came out of her room after she dressed up. Papa Kyle’s eyes lit up and said, “Well, this is the Mia Kyle we know.” “Thank you, dad!” Mia always knew that she was very beautiful. She understood that her looks were her strength! “What would you like to eat?” Papa Kyle asked. “Well.” Mia Kyle looked at the time and realized it was only nine o’clock in the morning. “Dad, let’s have breakfast together Chatterton Town was famous for their many cafes and restaurants that served great breakfasts. Food was one of Chatterton Town’s main attractions. Normally, if Mia Kyle wasn’t working, she would live her days lazily. She would not eat proper meals nor would she plan her days well. Papa Kyle and the other members of the Kyle family rarely lived in Chatterton Town. Even when they’re back, their meals were prepared by the servants at home so they never had to eat out. As Mia Kyle proposed to have breakfast out together, Papa Kyle was delighted. They could enjoy their food while chatting with each other, enjoying the hustle and bustle in Chatterton Town. Papa Kyle and Mia Kyle came to a rustic-themed restaurant in Chatterton Town. The restaurant has been around for many decades now and the owner of the restaurant maintained the rustic look of the building. According to the locals, the restaurant owner did not bother to renovate or modernize the building as they did not have time to spare. Crowds were flocking in and out of the restaurant daily As time went by the restaurant attracted more customers because of its vintage and rustic design. The tourists who came to Chatterton Town were all attracted by its design and food. Their business was doing well. Mia Kyle had not eaten for an entire day, and Papa Kyle was very hungry too, so the two of them ordered a lot of food. They got some heavy breakfast sets which include eggs, potatoes, beans, sausages… Naturally, they did not forget to order Mia Kyle’s favourite croissants too. As soon as the food was served, Papa Kyle and Mia Kyle devoured on the food happily. They enjoyed everything that was served and chatted happily away. Mia Kyle commented, “Dad, it’s no wonder that so many people recommended this restaurant. The food’s delicious.”

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