My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 390

Papa Kyle ate the dishes and commented on the food too, “Yes, it’s delicious. Next time, we’re definitely coming here again with your mother, brother, Karen, and Little Karen. They need to try this too.” Papa Kyle took Mia Kyle’s favourite croissant and placed it on her plate, “Your mother and I will move back to Chatterton Town and we definitely would enjoy the life here.” Papa Kyle did not realize that Mia Kyle felt awkward for a moment. Papa Kyle never saw Mia Kyle as anyone different besides being a child in his own family, so when he planned his future, Mia Kyle was included too. Mia Kyle heard Papa Kyle mention about the family and felt sad. She would never have the chance to eat with the Kyle family in the future anymore. Papa Kyle noticed her change of expression. He put down his cutleries and said worriedly, “Mia, let’s eat first. We can worry about other matters later. Look at you, your mother will not be able to recognize you anymore if you keep losing weight.” “Okay, I’ll eat more.” Mia Kyle gave Papa Kyle a bright smile and restored her joyful self. “Dad, I’m so happy to have you guys. I felt really blessed.” When she was very young, her parents left her, but she lived happier than other children. She never felt that she was an unloved child, nor did she feel abandoned. While reflecting on her past, Mia Kyle let out a sigh of relief. She was not sad anymore, instead she cheered herself up in her heart She was the granddaughter of Warren Silas, but what has that got to do with the Kyle family? She may not live with the Kyle family in the future anymore. However, she will still have their support no matter where she goes. Papa Kyle drove Mia Kyle to the military region of Chatterton Town after they had their delicious breakfast. In the past, Mia Kyle used to go there to disturb and bother the life out of their commanding officer, Neil Brown. As they were on their way to the military region, Mia Kyle feldt awkward. She did not know how to face Neil Brown. The journey there seemed a lot quicker today. Mia Kyle was dreading to reach there so soon. After getting off the car, Papa Kyle said to Mia Kyle, “Mia, you will be seeing Warren Silas alone later and I’ll wait for you outside. No matter what he says, you need to be strong and be your own person.” “Dad, I am no longer the little girl who just arrived at the Kyle family. I have grown up. I know how to tell what’s right and what’s wrong, or what’s good and what’s bad for me. Don’t worry.” Warren Silas’ actions and intentions were definitely understood well by Mia Kyle. The reason why Mia Kyle agreed to meet Warren Silas this time was not to listen to his pleas, but to advise that he could repent his sins and change for the better. Perhaps Neil Brown would spare his life and let him off the hook, then Mia Kyle could bring him away to somewhere where people would not recognise him and he could enjoy his life in peace. “Well, I know that you have grown up and become sensible.” Papa Kyle stopped and rubbed Mia Kyle’s head. “Well, he’s in here. Don’t forget that i’ll be waiting for you outside here no matter what happens.” “Thank you, Dad!” Mia Kyle smiled and gave Papa Kyle a big hug. Then, she followed a soldier to the place where Warren Silas was locked up Papa Kyle had been standing in the same place as he quietly watched Mia Kyle walking away. He did not leave even when she was out of his sight because he promised to wait here until she comes out. Knowing that Mia Kyle has arrived, Neil Brown had been sitting in the surveillance room of the Chatterton Town Military Region for a long time. He could observe her every move no matter where she was. He watched her being separated from Papa Kyle, and watched her follow behind the soldier to see Warren Silas. He even noticed her nervousness as he saw how she was walking with her fists clenched. Neil Brown’s eyes moved as Mia Kyle moved across different surveillance cameras. He was probably as nervous as she was. Finally, Mia Kyle followed the soldier to the place where Warren Silas was locked up. The soldier said to her, “Miss Kyle, Warren Silas is in here. Do you want to go in or should we ask him out? Mia Kyle was a well known person in the military region of Chatterton Town. She was the nemesis to Captain Brown, so the soldiers treated her as well as they treated Neil Brown too. “Wait for me outside. I’ll go in to meet him.” No matter how complicated her feelings were, she remembered that he had been very kind to her. Mia Kyle would respect the words he wanted to say and give him some privacy. The place where Warren Silas was detained was a small room. The room was made of steel bars that looked sturdy. They usually confined the detainees in solitary spaces to prevent human interaction. Mia Kyle continued, “Yoshi, please open the door for me. I’ll go in now. “Miss Kyle, don’t need to be so courteous with me.” the soldier was not used to Mia Kyle’s politeness. In the past, when Mia Kyle to Chatterton Town Military Region, she was always shouting and yelling. Otherwise, she would say something threatening like she wanted to blow up the base camp of Neil Brown. A lot of soldiers and officers tend to stay away from her. Mia Kyle was polite and courteous today, which made people very skeptical. Even Neil Brown was very skeptical of Mia’s attitude today. He was much familiar with the very energetic, fearless, and shameless Mia Kyle. That Mia Kyle would have been much more fun to be married to! Especially since she was as active and competitive as he was. When Neil Brown was deep in thoughts, Mia Kyle’s scream suddenly came from the headset. He came to his senses and looked around sharply. He searched for Mia Kyle’s figure in the surveillance screen, but he couldn’t find her. Neil Brown suddenly jumped up and rushed out with the walkie-talkie. “Yoshi, what happened?” Soldier Yoshi spoke with a breaking tone, “Captain Brown, Warren, Warren Silas, he… is dead.” Warren Silas was dead? Neil Brown couldn’t believe what he had heard. Warren Silas was still waiting to see Mia Kyle, and he also planned to get out as soon as possible. He would never commit suicide Apart from the possibility of Warren Silas committing suicide, there were only two other possibilities of his death: accidental death or homicide. Which one could it be?.

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