My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 391

Neil Brown rushed towards Warren Silas’s room at lightning speed while various possibilities of Warren Silas’ death flashed through his mind. If Warren Silas did not commit suicide, who could have killed him in Chatterton Town’s military region? Security was tight, and he had surveillance cameras everywhere. There weren’t any clues. When Neil Brown arrived at Warren Silas’ room, Mia Kyle was still standing by the door, looking petrified. Mia Kyle gave out a heart-wrenching scream when she first saw Warren Silas body, then she stared blankly at his lifeless figure on the ground. She was terrified and stunned. Her face looked pale cold sweat was dripping down her forehead. She was also trembling… Neil Brown looked at Mia Kyle first. He pulled her into his arms, and patted her back, “Don’t be afraid!” Mia Kyle couldn’t hear what Neil Brown said. She couldn’t even feel him pulling her into his arms. Her eyes were just fixated on Warren Silas. Neil Brown released Mia Kyle from his arms and looked at Warren Silas. Warren Silas eyes were opened wide and his eyeballs almost popped out. His mouth was also widely opened. It seemed like Warren Silas had witnessed something extremely terrifying before he died. Warren Silas’ nose was still bleeding and the blood was dripping down to the ground. Neil Brown stepped forward to check Warren Silas’ body temperature. His body was still warm, which meant that Warren Silas died not long before Mia Kyle arrived. “Yoshi, seal the scene and get the inspection team and forensic experts here immediately.” Neil ordered his team. He looked at Mia, who was still standing there paralyzed in shock. He saw the fear and anger in her eyes. “Mia – As soon as Neil Brown called out her name, Mia Kyle turned her head and looked at him very angrily. She then slapped Neil Brown in his face. She glared at him with hatred and yelled, “Neil Brown, he has been locked up by you. He had no way out. He wouldn’t live any longer anyway. He… he just wanted to see me for the last time, and here I am. Why do you need to do this to him?” Mia Kyle was furious. “Mia, don’t you accuse the wrong person. Calm down!” Neil Brown grabbed Mia Kyle’s hand. “Oh, it wasn’t you? Was there anyone else who could kill him in your territory then, Captain Brown?” Mia Kyle called out. “Explain this to me, Neil Brown! Why? Why would you do this?” “Mia, if you continue to speak nonsense, i’ll get rid of you too.” Neil Brown held Mia Kyle’s hand tightly and dragged her out of the room. “Good, get rid of me too. If you can’t get rid of me, you are a coward.” Mia Kyle continued yelling. “You bastard, do you think you can do whatever you want to my family just because I like you?” “Mia Kyle, do you trust that I could kill you? You weren’t that stupid usually, but you instantly turn as stupid as a pig at a critical moment like this.” Neil Brown refuted angrily. “Kill me? Let’s see who will be the one killed first.” Mia Kyle struggled to get rid of his hand, but he held her so tightly that she couldn’t let go. She held her hand up and took a bite at Neil Brown’s hand fiercely. However, Neil Brown did not let go of her nor did he flinch. It’s like he did not feel anything. With all her strength, Mia Kyle savagely bit off a piece of flesh off Neil Brown’s hand. She spat out the piece of his hand from her mouth, wiped her lips that were stained with blood, and yelled again, “Neil Brown, I’ll kill you if you provoke me again!” Without giving Neil Brown a chance to speak, Mia Kyle glared at him and said coldly, “Don’t think too highly of yourself, Neil Brown. I swear that I’ll never like you anymore, never!” Mia Kyle’s words hurt Neil Brown like sharp thorns piercing into his heart… In the past, she had been the one following him around and pursuing him relentlessly. Yet, at this moment, she said that she will never like him anymore. The bite on his hand was just a physical injury, it was not a big deal for him. He had been training in the army all year round and suffered worse. The hatred expressions from her, the harsh words she spoke out to him, those were the things that hurt him the most.. While Neil Brown was shocked for a moment, Mia Kyle shook off his hand with all her strength. She turned away and rushed back to Warren Silas room and knelt beside him. “Grandpa… you said that you wanted to see me. I’m here now, but why didn’t you wait for me before you leave?” Mia Kyle cried out. Her grandfather had done ton of mistakes and hurt many people before in his life. But he was still her grandfather, and he loved her very much. He hurt many people in the world, but he treated her very well. In the past, her grandfather always told her, “Mia, you really know how to make my day.” “Mia, I’m so confused. Well, I do hope that you will grow up to be mature as soon as possible. However, I hope that you wouldn’t grow up so soon, so that I could always protect you.” “Mia, my mood is better just by looking at you.” Mia Kyle could only think of how well her grandfather treated her. She did not expect that he would do such evil deeds. However, no matter how merciless his actions were, he should be punished according to the law, instead of dying like this. Her biological parents were executed many years ago too. Did they also die the same way as her grandfather? Did Karen Daly’s father ever confirmed that her parents were truly the spies who had stolen confidential military information? He received the fake supporting evidences and killed them without further verification. They just needed someone to pay for the crimes. He did not care whether he killed the right person. Mia Kyle hugged Warren Silas’ body while she cried. “Grandpa, didn’t you say that you loved me the most? Why are you leaving me alone?” “Grandpa, say something! Please tell me that you’re just fooling with me. Please tell me that you’re alright. You’re fine, right?” Mia Kyle cracked up. “Grandpa, didn’t you say that you want to leave Chatterton Town with me? As long as you wake up, I will accompany you wherever you want to go.” “Grandpa… Respond to me, don’t just stay silent. I’m really scared, so scared…” “Grandpa, are you angry with me?” Mia Kyle continued speaking to Warren Silas while holding him tightly.

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