My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 392

“Grandpa, I shouldn’t have said those unfilial words to you. I will never say it again. Please wake up. I just want to see you alive.” Mia Kyle cried out. “Grandpa…” Mia Kyle continued calling out for her beloved grandfather. No matter what she said, her grandfather did not respond She told him that she didn’t want to see him anymore. So he left her to a place she could never find him, thus leaving her alone in Chatterton Town. Now she’s left alone in this world. Neil Brown could understand Mia Kyle’s pain. A beloved grandfather who spoiled her endlessly and was so kind and gentle with her, had suddenly turned into a villain out of the blue. She couldn’t accept the fact that he was a villain, so she became protective of herself and pretended that nothing happened. However, when she was ready to face the cold hard truth courageously, her grandfather died. She wasn’t mentally prepared for this. Many people hoped for Warren Silas’ death, but not Mia Kyle. He was the only person in the world who had a blood relationship with her. She was angry over all the bad deeds he had done because she cared about him. Neil Brown walked towards Mia Kyle and pulled her away. “Mia, the forensic experts will arrive soon for an autopsy. Please stay away as everything here could act as evidence.” Neil Brown said. Mia Kyle punched him. “Stop pretending, you murderer. Don’t you think that you can rule yourself out as a suspect by sending forensic experts here to examine the scene.” “Mia Kyle, shut up!” Neil Brown yelled. Mia Kyle raised her eyebrows and refuted. “I will not shut up unless I die. You can kill me if you want to, so that no one will accuse you, and no one will know that you killed someone.” Neil Brown understood that Mia Kyle’s mind was in a mess, and she wouldn’t be able to speak rationally. Thus, he requested for some ropes to tie Mia Kyle’s hands together behind her body. “Neil Brown, you’re a beast, you’re a bastard! You have a guilty conscience. Do you want to kill me? I will never give up even if I die.” Mia Kyle’s yelled loudly while her eyes were staring widely at Neil Brown. “Shut up!” Neil Brown shouted angrily. “You can kill me to destroy the evidences, but you can’t kill everyone else in the world…” Mia Kyle’s lips were sealed tightly with a tape by Neil Brown before she could finish her words. Mia Kyle could no longer speak after her lips were sealed. Her beautiful eyes were bursting with resentment. At this moment, Mia Kyle couldn’t move her lips or her hands, but her feet were still free. She was active and energetic as she had a fulfilling meal earlier. She lifted her feet and kicked Neil Brown’s butt while he wasn’t paying attention. Neil Brown was well-known for his bad temper. He was furious when she kicked him. He grabbed her angrily and tied her to a wooden post near them. “Behave yourself, Mia Kyle!” Neil Brown snapped. He did not ask for Mia Kyle to leave because Warren Silas was her grandfather. She deserved to know the truth of Warren Silas’ death. He was waiting for the forensic experts to arrive so that they could examine the cause of Warren Silas’ death. According to Neil Brown’s experience, Warren Silas appeared to have passed on very quickly and he probably did not struggled with too much pain. What was the last thing that he saw before he died? Mia was still restless despite being tied onto a wooden post. However, it was easier to ignore her as she wasn’t able to speak. The military was a place for discipline. When dreadful matters like this happened, the soldiers would still be holding onto their duties and minding their own tasks, except for the ones being ordered around by Neil Brown. No one would neglect their duties to check out what happened. Papa Kyle was ushered into the scene by Neil Brown’s colleagues. He glanced at Mia and asked worriedly, “What’s happening?” “She’s not listening to me. tied her up temporarily to prevent her from causing more trouble.” Neil Brown explained the reasoning for his actions. Papa Kyle knew Mia Kyle’s personality well. When she wanted to, she could turn the world upside down. The most important task at the moment was to uncover the real cause of Warren Silas’ sudden death. Mia Kyle had to stay out of trouble for this matter to be carried out efficiently. “I personally think that Warren Silas must have met with a person before his death.” Neil Brown analysed quietly. Papa Kyle nodded. “Who would this person be? Who would make him terrified? This person would be able to enter the Chatterton Town military region freely. Who had such power anyway?” Papa Kyle asked. “I’m really curious. What was that person’s intention to kill Warren Silas? Was it to silence him, or was it a form revenge?” Neil Browned continued. The forensic experts arrived while they were having the discussion. “Captain Brown!” The forensic experts saluted to Neil Brown upon arriving. Neil Brown saluted back and said, “Examine carefully. Don’t miss out any clues.” There were also criminal investigation officers that arrived together with the forensic experts, and they were all performing their respective duties. The original scene was ruined by Mia Kyle, which made it a little difficult for them to examine. The forensic experts could roughly estimate the time of Warren Silas’ death by examining his body temperature and the stiffness of his body. They could provide some analysis in a short period of time as Warren Silas died not long ago. They estimated that Warren Silas died during noon, around 12.24pm. He died of intense fright. The time of his death was around 12.24pm! Mia Kyle was shocked upon hearing the results. It was 12.20 p.m. when Papa Kyle arrived at the military region of Chatterton Town with her. She managed to glance at the time before getting off the car. In other words, her grandfather was still alive when she arrived at the military region. Her grandfather might have been happily thinking that he would be able to see his granddaughter soon. Her grandfather was killed while she was walking towards his jail cell from the entrance of the military region If only she had eaten lesser, if only she had not ask Papa Kyle to drive slowly, perhaps she would be able to arrive before 12.24pm and see her grandfather alive, and her grandfather wouldn’t die… It was too late. Her grandfather had died just before she could make it to his side. She missed the chance to see her grandfather alive for the last time, and she missed the chance to hear what her grandfather had to say to her. If it wasn’t Neil Brown who killed her grandfather, who else would it be? Were all of these a retribution? Her grandfather used to commit many sins, and now it was time for payback. However, why didn’t the universe allow him to see his granddaughter for the last time?

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