My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 393

Warren Silas died abruptly, and the cause of his death was mystifying. It seemed like he died of intense shock, but the forensic experts needed more evidence to prove it. After the preliminary investigations, the forensic experts brought Warren Silas’ body away for further investigation. The inspection team did not find any useful clues in the room after a detailed investigation at the scene. The lead of the investigation team reported to Neil Brown, “Captain, we did not find any evidence of murder or foul play in the jail cell.” If there were no signs of murder, it could have only been a natural death or an accident. Neil Brown had already ruled out the possibility of suicide. Could it be an innocent accident then? It would be too coincidental if it was really an accident. It happened a few minutes before Mia Kyle arrived at the jail cell to visit Warren Silas. Neil Brown frowned and said sternly, “Investigate all the jail cells today. Check everything thoroughly and do not miss out a single clue.” Chatterton Town’s military region was Neil Brown’s territory. How could a person possibly murder another person in his territory and left the scene complete clueless? This person must be fearless Neil Brown was an intimidating person. He was always the one who could persecute others, and not many people are bold enough to provoke him. Warren Silas died in his territory. He had to find out the truth. He would never allow this matter to end up in vain. Mia Kyle was still watching him and suspecting that he murdered Warren Silas. Thus, he had to find out the truth to clear her suspicions. “Mia, all this happened abruptly. Your uncle would not expect such thing to happen either.” Papa Kyle said while he untied the ropes of Mia Kyle. Mia Kyle’s emotion was stabilized after being tied up for a long time, and she could now think more rationally. Her grandfather was already in the hands of Neil Brown. Neil Brown didn’t need to murder her grandfather if he wanted him to die. She also understood Neil Brown’s personality. He would never shirk the responsibility of his actions, and he would always be truthful and dignified. Mia Kyle lowered her head in silence. Papa Kyle was concerned and asked, “Mia, did you hear me?” Mia Kyle nodded obediently and blinked her eyes to hint that her lips were still sealed. “Oh I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten about this.” Papa Kyle said while he quickly tore off the tape on Mia Kyle’s lips. “Mia, you have to remember what I said to you.” Papa Kyle continued. “Dad, I understand.” Mia Kyle said, her body was completely freed. Mia Kyle turned her head towards Neil Brown, but this time she looked at him differently. She saw the wound on his hand where a piece of flesh was bitten off by her. His hand was still bleeding. Fortunately, the bleeding was not that serious. Otherwise, she figured that Neil Brown would have died from excessive bleeding. Neil Brown also looked at Mia Kyle, and he spoke first. “As the saying goes, we would treat the dead with the utmost respect. Once the forensic experts found out the real cause of his death, you can collect his body for a burial.” Warren Silas was Mia Kyle’s only blood relative. It was a filial act for Mia to retrieve his body so that she could proceed with his burial. “Please inform me if you managed to find out the cause of his death.” Mia Kyle spoke loudly while she looked at Neil Brown. Neil Brown snorted subtly. “Why do you want to know the reason? To take revenge on behalf of him? Please don’t forget that your grandfather was the villain.” Mia Kyle was angered and gritted her teeth. “As his granddaughter, I deserve to know the cause of his death. Is there anything wrong?” Mia Kyle asked fiercely. Mia Kyle had never thought about revenge. As his beloved grandchild, she had the right to know the truth. Before the argument between Mia Kyle and Neil Brown became intense, Papa Kyle immediately interrupted and said, “Mia, let’s go home and wait for the updates.” “Dad, please leave without me. I want to wait for the updates here.” Mia Kyle replied. She did not want to leave without knowing the real cause of her grandfather’s death. “Please go home, Papa Kyle. Let her stay if she wants to. Neil Brown said while he ordered his soldiers next. “Both of you stay here and guard this area. No one is allowed to come close to this site. Arrest all suspicious personnel.” After giving orders to his soldiers, Neil Brown glanced at Mia Kyle and asked, “Aren’t you leaving yet?” Mia Kyle glared at him and turned her head away. “As I said, I will not leave until the truth is out.” “I’m going to take a look at the surveillance cameras.” Neil Brown replied as he walked away, leaving Mia Kyle behind. Mia Kyle immediately followed Neil Brown’s footsteps closely after knowing that he was going to take a look at the surveillance cameras. Neil Brown ordered for all the camera records to be presented to him, but something bizarre happened. Many cameras around Warren Silas’ jail cell were broken at the same time, and he was not able to access the footage of what happened today. The few crucial cameras were damaged, which indirectly proved that Warren Silas did not commit suicide, nor was it an accident. He was murdered. The news of Warren Silas’ death was spread to Kevin Kyle after a while. Papa Kyle did not say a word after returning from the military region of Chatterton Town. He did not want Kevin Kyle to worry. He went home to take care of Mama Kyle after getting updates that Kevin Kyle was recovering well. Nick Black was the one who informed Kevin Kyle about the news via a phone call. Upon hearing the news, Kevin Kyle closed his eyes and analyzed the situation in his head. Neil Brown had ruled out the possibility of a suicide and accident, which implied that Warren Silas was murdered. Warren Silas was locked up in Chatterton Town’s military region. It was impossible for him to escape. Knowing that Warren Silas would be punished sooner or later, those who were hurt by him had no reason to spend such enormous effort to take revenge on him. There was only one possibility. Warren Silas was murdered in order to be silenced. Who would want to silence Warren Silas? This question flashed through his mind repeatedly. He recalled that Warren Silas had used drugs to attack people, twice. A few years ago, Warren Silas had drugged Karen Daly. The same drug was used by the military of Country A to get rid of spies. This time, Warren Silas drugged him. The drug containing HDR virus was also used by the military of Country A. These were drugs that were unique to Country A’s military How did Warren Silas managed to obtain them? Did it mean that Warren Silas had comrades within the military of Country A? Perhaps he was instructed by them. Warren Silas had been caught red-handed. There was a huge possibility that his comrades were afraid that they would be exposed, so they murdered him.

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