My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 394

 Kevin Kyle thought that he could finally be in peace after Warren Silas and his comrades were caught, and he could finally live a blissful life with both his Karens. He did not expect that there was another mysterious killer behind Warren Silas’ death. The mysterious killer was capable of murdering Warren Silas in the military region of Chatterton Town without leaving any clue. No clues that could possibly be traced back to them. The fact that the mysterious killer could murder a person in the military region of Chatterton Town under the watchful eyes of Neil Brown quietly was concerning. Was the mysterious killer from Country A or Chatterton Town? If the killer was one of the soldiers from Country A, it was impressive that they managed to sneak into the military region to murder Warren Silas. It seemed like they would have needed to observe the area for a few years. Perhaps they were observing the movements of Neil Brown at all times. If the killer was one of the soldiers from Chatterton Town, what was the motive of murdering Warren Silas? Were they spies who lurked in Chatterton Town’s military team all these years? Kevin reached out for his mobile phone while analysing deeply. He needed to call Neil Brown to discuss several crucial matters. Suddenly, he felt a force snatching his mobile phone away from him. “Kevin Kyle, didn’t we agree that you should have a good rest and forget about everything else? Have you forgotten that?” Karen Daly asked in a demanding tone. “I have something to discuss with Neil Brown.” Kevin Kyle responded gently. He did not know how to deal with a strict Karen Daly. Karen Daly placed Little Karen beside Kevin Kyle. “Little Karen, sit beside your dad and chat with him. Keep an eye on him, he’s not allowed to do anything else. If he does, call out for me loudly.” Karen Daly said. “Dad, you have to be good.” Little Karen spoke while she sat next to Kevin Kyle and she blinked her watery eyes at him. She was sent by her mother to keep a watch on her father. She was determined to let her father recover fast. “Okay, okay. I will stop doing everything. I will obey the orders of Big Karen and Little Karen. I will lie down and rest.” Kevin Kyle responded. Nothing was more important than making both of them happy. His main purpose in life was to provide them a good life, so that they could live happily every day. What was the point of working so hard every day if Big Karen and Little Karen would get upset over his work? If Kevin Kyle could think about it, the bright commanding officer of the military region, Neil Brown, must have been able to think about it too. Neil Brown could guess who had the motive to kill after listening to the two crucial indicators. His thoughts were exactly the same as Kevin Kyle’s. The murderer was either a spy lurking in Chatterton Town’s military region, or from the military of Country A. With this conclusion, Neil Brown immediately ordered the soldiers that he trusted to investigate further. Mia Kyle had been following him all the time, and she had seen through his actions and orders. When Neil Brown suggested that a military member of Country A might be the murderer of her grandfather, Master Perth flashed through Mia Kyle’s mind. On second thought, Master Perth was from Country A, but he had nothing to do with the military of Country A, and there was no reason for him to kill her grandfather. Mia Kyle swiftly excluded him as a suspect. Perhaps her grandfather had too many enemies, and there were too many people who wanted him to die. Thus, once his identity was revealed, the murderer came for him. “Let’s go to the forensics department to check if the report is ready.” Neil Brown stood up and dragged Mia Kyle with him. Her hand was held tightly by Neil Brown’s strong, large hand. Mia Kyle wanted to shake off his hand, but when she looked up, she saw the side profile of his chiselled face. It was the face of a man that she fancied for many years. She was reluctant to shake off his hand. Instead, she allowed him to hold her and followed him everywhere. If Neil Brown wanted to hold her hand for the rest of her life, she’d be willing to follow him. They shared the same goal to find out the murderer that killed her grandfather as soon as possible. They were now allies, not enemies. Mia Kyle let herself loose and wanted to resume her usual capricious self. Neil Brown noticed the difference in Mia Kyle’s attitude, so he held her hand tighter that Mia Kyle screamed out in pain. “Neil Brown…” Mia Kyle cried out in pain while she shook off Neil Brown’s hand. “Are you trying to kill me?” Mia Kyle glared at him. She could never expect Neil Brown to be attentive and gentle. She could never expect him to be a good husband… Didn’t she say that she would not like him anymore? Why was she thinking about marrying him, or even considering him as a husband? “Mia Kyle, aren’t you a woman? Do you know how to be gentle? Can you speak and act more like a woman?” Neil Brown asked. He understood that it would never be possible for Mia Kyle to act sweetly and gently, However, he couldn’t blame anyone else for it. He was the reason why Mia Kyle became so fearless, and the reason why she was neither virtuous nor gentle like how a typical woman would be. “Isn’t it easy to get women who are gentle and obedient? There are many appealing women in Chatterton Town. As long as you are willing to spend on them, you could get the most gentle woman to serve you well.” Mia Kyle responded confidently. “Of course I know that. Which man wouldn’t know how to find a woman that serves them well?” Neil Brown asked. Neil Brown, the bastard. He looked sanctimonious most of them time, and he did not even touch her even though she was naked before him. She thought that he did not like women. She had never expected that he enjoyed hunting for women, just like many other men Mia Kyle thought that she was way prettier than most women out there anyway. However, Neil Brown preferred gentle women more than a pretty one. Mia Kyle was displeased and disgusted as she imagined how Neil Brown can hold many women in his arms. “You know that there are many gentler women out there, but do you know that there are many more attractive and kinder men out there? So many men out there who could make a woman happy. ” Mia continued. Her tone had a hint of flirtation, and her eyes seemed to be sparkling brightly especially when she spoke about other attractive men.

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