My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 395

Neil Brown squinted his eyes and said, “In this case of murder, there are two key points to note. The first being the mysterious figure Warren Silas saw before his death, and the other being the DSQ drug. Hand over the evidence to the investigation team.” This DSQ drug should be easy to track. However, there were so many people in the military region of Chatterton Town. It would take a lot of effort to identity the mole amongst the crowd. The forensic doctor immediately said, “Captain, the report from our team has been prepared. We’ll hand it over in a while.” “Okay.” Neil Brown answered briefly, then turned around and left. “Wait a minute, Neil.” An attentive Mia Kyle stopped him in time and said, “Would that mysterious figure be a person whom Grandpa thought has already died?” Although Warren Silas was her own grandfather, Mia Kyle acknowledged what he had done before and the harm he caused For a person like Warren Silas who had done so many bad things, not much could frighten him. Hence, it was very likely that the person who could cause him to be in such a frightened state before he died was a person he thought had been dead for many years. “You are right, there is a possibility.” Neil Brown looked at Mia Kyle with appreciation in his eyes, but he still wouldn’t praise her directly. “Mia, you are not so stupid after all. Didn’t know you had some wits about you.” It was clear that Neil Brown was praising Mia Kyle, but in fact… What did he mean by having some wits about her? Mia Kyle did not understand his implicit meaning. She glared at Neil Brown and said, “Captain Brown, you are a flawed human after all. Please watch your language next time.” Neil Brown looked at Mia Kyle and suddenly wanted to hold her. Mia Kyle was scared and jumped back. Then, he smiled and said, “You are stupid anyway. Can’t we say that?” “You, b*stard!” Mia Kyle cursed angrily. Neil Brown had turned around and walked away from her. Looking at his back, Mia Kyle thought to herself, “Sooner or later, I will step on this stinky man-I will make you cry after defeating you!” Neil Brown suddenly stopped and turned around. “Mia, if you want to swear just swear in front of me, what’s the point of swearing behind people?” Mia Kyle said, “I’m just a girl, I can’t beat you anyway. Why can’t I curse behind your back?” “Come here.” Neil Brown waved his hand and called her over like a little pet. “Do you think I will come if you ask me to?” Mia Kyle raised her head proudly and said, “Do you think I’m your pug?” Neil Brown chuckled, “Isn’t that so?” Mia Kyle cried out, “F*ck you!” Mia Kyle stopped scolding him verbally. She grabbed a stick and threw it at Neil Brown. “Neil Brown, are you even a f*cking man?” No man ever acted as poorly as Neil Brown does towards Mia. He couldn’t give in even a little when arguing with her. No wonder he couldn’t find himself a wife at such an old age. If it weren’t for her, he would not have been able to find a woman in his life. He could only be single for life. “Captain, there is something new about Warren Silas’ case.” Young Zen, who was an assistant of Neil Brown, rushed over to report to him “What’s the situation?” Neil Brown became alert and focused on his words. “We found a box in the dining hall. There is some leftover medications in the box. The test result shows that it is DSQ. This may imply that the murderer might have poisoned Warren Silas’ food in advance from the kitchen. The soldier who sent the food to Warren Silas had nothing to do with this matter.” Young Zen explained seriously. “I already know this earlier from the forensic report. Can you tell me something I don’t know?” Neil Brown glared at Young Zen discontentedly. “Yes.” Poor Young Zen was clueless as he did not know the extent of Captain Brown’s known information. He thought he was doing Captain Brown a huge favor, but it turns out that he was still yelled at. Someone who had died and could frighten Warren Silas to death, who could that be? The first person that appeared in the mind of Neil Brown was the real Old Master of the Kyle family. At present, they only knew that Warren Silas killed the grandfather of the Kyle family, but they didn’t know how he killed him. Since they did not know the details, maybe it was possible that the real Old Master of the Kyle family had survived and hadn’t died? However, Neil Brown immediately brushed that suspicion aside. If the real Old Master of the Kyle family was not dead, it was impossible for him to hide in the military region secretly, and not reunite with the Kyle family. Hence, he would be moving on to other clues. Neil Brown though of a few other possible suspects, all of whom were harmed by Warren Silas before. But after thinking thoroughly, he cleared those suspicions too as well. Then who was the murderer who killed Warren Silas? In the blink of an eye, a week passed. The gunshot wounds on Kevin Kyle’s body were almost healed. He insisted on getting out of the hospital and returning to Secret Garden. His vision was getting worse, and everything he looked at appeared blur. However, as he did not want his parents and Karen Daly to worry about him, he did not show any sign of struggle. When he got up in the morning, he sat by the window and pretended to read the newspaper. Kevin Kyle knew Karen Daly’s meticulousness. Of course, he didn’t want Karen Daly to discover something that was out of his usual routine. He didn’t understand that the more he acted normal, the more worried Karen Day was. She clearly knew that he couldn’t see her, but she still pretended to not know anything. She watched him as he acted on his one man show. Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle didn’t know about Kevin Kyle’s real condition, and they were just so happy that Kevin Kyle was discharged from the hospital. The family sat around and chatted in the living room. Everyone avoided talking about unhappy things. They did not mention Grandpa Kyle or Warren Silas. They wanted to celebrate a good day by just talking about good things. Mama Kyle looked at Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle carefully. After a while, she commented with a smile. “Once Matthew recovers fully, you two should work harder and strive to give Little Karen a younger sibling.” Karen Daly really wanted to give Little Karen a younger brother and sister, but Kevin Kyle didn’t want to, and Little Karen probably wouldn’t want that either… So, this just remained a fantasy in her mind. But as she heard Mama Kyle mentioning it, Karen Daly’s eyes lit up. She quickly turned to look at Kevin Kyle, who was sitting next to her, then at Little Karen, who was eating strawberries attentively. “Mom, it’s difficult to give birth to a baby. Don’t bring it up anymore in future.” Kevin Kyle turned his mother down without hesitation.

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