My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 396

 Karen Daly rolled her eyes at Kevin Kyle. “Bastard, I would be going through the pain, not you. I’m not even worried about the pain so what are you worrying about?” She thought silently. Little Karen was concentrating on eating her strawberries when she suddenly heard about little siblings. Auntie Lynn’s words rang in her ears again. “Daddy and your new mommy won’t love each you anymore when they have a younger baby boy…” As she remembered, she felt sad again. She raised her head with her small mouth pouted, looking as if she wanted to cry. “I don’t want a brother.” Karen Daly took Little Karen into her arms, and kissed her to comfort her, “Baby, there wouldn’t be any younger brother.” In the past, Little Karen was so afraid that if she has a little brother, daddy wouldn’t want her anymore. She cried loudly and even threw a tantrum towards her mom. Karen Daly remembered that moment and her heart ached for Little Karen too. It was a pity that she wasn’t around Little Karen for three years and didn’t get to watch her grow from a little baby “Karen, let me hug you.” Kevin Kyle took Little Karen from Karen Daly’s arms and said softly, “Little brother or not, we will still our love Little Karen.” “Even if there was a younger brother, mom and dad will still love me the same?” Little Karen blinked her big eyes and thought about her dad’s words seriously. If there was a younger brother and her parents would still love her the same, she could accept the child. “Are you worried about your mommy too, Little Karen?” Mama Kyle asked innocently Mama Kyle liked children very much. After giving birth to Kevin Kyle, Papa Kyle got a vasectomy because of Mama Kyle’s poor health and birth complications. This shattered her dreams of having another child. Now that she was getting older, she yearned for young children even more. Especially with the joyfulness and innocence of Little Karen around, she would definitely like to have a few more children at home. However, Kevin Kyle’s heart ached for Karen Daly. He did not want her to suffer any more. Mama Kyle naturally understood his intention as well. Since the couple was unwilling to have another child, she would not force them to. She smiled and said, “To celebrate Matthew’s recovery, I will whip up something delicious for us later.” “Mom, let me help you.” Karen Daly also got up and went to the kitchen with Mama Kyle, leaving the three of them in the living room As soon as Mama Kyle and Karen Daly left, Papa Kyle said, “I thought that you could see Warren Silas as soon as you recovered from the injuries. Who would’ve expected that he would be killed. Now, we can’t even question him on where your grandpa’s body is and how he died.” “Dad, I will deal with grandpa’s matter.” Although he couldn’t see clearly, Kevin Kyle did not step back from his work and responsibilities. When he was in the hospital, he had already asked for Nick Black to send someone to investigate. He was the grandfather who raised him since he was a child. He was the man who taught him that the men from the Kyle family should aim to be strong and independent. He firmly remembered his grandfather’s words, hence he was able to take care of Rovio Corporation Inc well over the years. Rovio stood high and tall in the business industry and he became well known. “A few days have passed, but there isn’t any update from Neil Brown. The murderer left some traces, but without any solid clues. It seems that the person was deliberately challenging Neil. He left traces for him, but Neil wasn’t able to move the case forward.” As he explained, Papa Kyle was worried. They all knew Neil Brown too well. If matters got too complex and he was pressured, he might explode. “It seems that this murderer knows uncle’s personality too well too.” Kevin Kyle put Little Karen down, closed his eyes and thought deeply for a moment. “Since the murderer’s purpose is to make him panic, then I’ll probably suggest that he should stop investigating at the moment.” Chasing the traces left behind by the murderer might not help him find anything. Instead, if they did not probe the matter further, they might be able to find something. Papa Kyle responded worriedly, “You know your uncle’s temper clearly. The murderer committed a crime in his territory. If you ask him to stop investigating, I’m afraid he won’t be able to do it.” Kevin Kyle smiled and said, “Dad, don’t worry, I’ll call him later and have a good chat with him.” “Grandpa, I want you to hug me.” Little Karen threw himself into Papa Kyle’s arms and made herself comfortable. “Well, Little Karen will be turning four years old in a twinkling of an eye.” Papa Kyle held Little Karen in his arms and rubbed her little head. “Matthew, now that Karen is back. Let’s hold a birthday party for Little Karen this year.” Little Karen’s birthday had always been the “death anniversary” for Karen Daly. In the past three years, no one was brave enough to mention about holding a birthday party for Little Karen, so the little fellow had not experienced any birthday celebrations before. “Okay, sure.” Kevin Kyle nodded and agreed without hesitation It was good to hold a birthday party for Little Karen and celebrate the return of Big Karen at the same time. In the kitchen, Mama Kyle and Karen Daly was discussing about Little Karen as well. It was now August 22nd. Little Karen’s birthday fell on the 28th. In a few days’ time, the little fellow would be four years old. Four years was a long enough suffering for the father daughter duo. These years felt like decades to Kevin Kyle. Mama Kyle watched him grieve over his wife, but she couldn’t do anything. She felt guilty. Mama Kyle said, “Matthew is a really stubborn child. He always insisted that you were still alive and has been sending people to look for you all these years. I felt so sorry for him.” “Mom..” Karen Daly took a deep breath and said, “I will take good care of him in the future. I will never make him sad again.” “Well, as long as you are with him, it is enough for him.” Matthew was just like his father, if he was determined to be with someone, he would be extremely committed to that person and remain loyal. Mama Kyle felt deeply grateful and continued speaking, “Matthew is really lucky. He married such a good wife like you and has such a lovely child like Little Karen.” Karen Daly smiled sweetly and responded, “Mom, it’s not Kevin’s good luck to be able to marry me. I am incredibly blessed to marry such a good husband.” “I’m so happy to see you two have such a good relationship.” Mama Kyle was chopping vegetables as she spoke, “Matthew was very quiet before, and I was worried that he wouldn’t know how to take care of his wife after he got married. It seems that as a mother, I do not know him well enough. And yet, he is so good at taking care of his sister and had a good father who took good care of his mother. I suppose he learned as he grew up.” Karen Daly replied, “And he inherited some good genes too.” When she first married Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly thought that they were going to treat each other courteously but distantly for the rest of their lives. She didn’t expect Kevin Kyle to change so much for her. Sometimes, Karen Daly hoped that he would be more selfish or as act as cold as before, so that he would not give in too much for her. He always sacrificed for her, but she could not do anything much for him. Every time she thought about this, she felt quite upset.

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