My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 397

 After dinner, Kevin Kyle went to his study room alone as he had some affairs to settle. Karen Daly was worried, but she couldn’t monitor him constantly. She went to the bedroom with Little Karen instead. Today, the family had a discussion to host a birthday party for Little Karen on the 28th. They would invite all their relatives over to their house for a gathering. The purpose was to let everyone know that Kevin Kyle’s wife, Karen Daly had come back, and also to tell everyone about what happened to Grandpa Kyle. When Little Karen heard that the family was going to plan a birthday party for her, she was so excited that she asked her Brother Lionel to carry her and run around the yard. Lionel treated Little Karen really well. No matter what she asked from him, he would play along willingly. Little Karen did not have siblings. Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly would eventually get old. If Little Karen had a big brother like Lionel by her side, Karen Daly felt more reassured. “Mom, I want to take a bath.” Little Karen tugged at Karen Daly’s clothes and looked up at her. “Okay, I’ll clean you up.” Karen Daly walked Little Karen to the bathroom. She tested the temperature of the water as she filled up the bathtub, and then carried her into the bathtub carefully. “Little Karen, do you like having older brothers and sisters?” Little Karen didn’t like younger siblings, but she liked Brother Lionel very much. Karen Daly thought, perhaps they could adopt several older children as older siblings for Little Karen instead. As long as there were a few more playmates with her, she would not be so lonely growing up. “Yes I do,” Little Karen replied softly Brother Lionel was good-looking and treated her the best. He would play with her and chase away bad guys for her. Hence, she definitely liked having Brother Lionel around. Karen Daly pinched Little Karen’s chubby face and said with a gentle smile, “Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.” After taking a shower for Little Karen, Karen Daly held her and went back to the room to put her to bed. As soon as Little Karen was asleep, Kevin Kyle finally went back to his room after completing his work. He walked very slowly, but every step he took appeared steady. If she didn’t know the truth, Karen Daly absolutely couldn’t tell that Kevin Kyle was almost blind. She just watched him walk slowly towards her… Karen’s heart ached a little bit with every step he took He didn’t want her to worry, so she pretended not to know anything. However, every time she saw him struggle, she felt sad. “Is Little Karen asleep?” Since his eyes could not see clearly, Kevin Kyle could not see Karen Daly’s expression at all, so he did not notice anything unusual. “What’s wrong?” Karen Daly did not answer. Kevin Kyle looked at her vague figure and blinked his eyes. He wanted to see her clearly, but she still looked as vague as ever in his eyes. “Kevin.” Calling out his name, Karen Daly rushed over and hugged him with her arms tightly wrapped around his thin waist. “What’s wrong? Are you going to hold me tight to act like a spoiled child like Little Karen?” Kevin rubbed her head and chuckled. “Kevin, stop pretending. I know you can’t see clearly.” Karen Daly really wanted to say that, but she swallowed her words back. She didn’t know whether she should tell him or just pretend that she didn’t know. “Kevin, do you have anything to tell me?” After thinking for a while, Karen Daly wanted to test his waters. “Well? What do you want to hear?” Kevin Kyle lifted her chin up and looked at her affectionately, He thought that he hid it well, but he felt tears dripping onto his hand, he suddenly understood Karen Daly’s implied meaning behind her question. It turned out that no matter how well he tried to disguise himself, he would not be able to escape her sharp eyes. Kevin Kyle held her head up and he lowered his head to kiss her gently. “I can’t see things clearly for the time being. It’s not like I won’t be able to see clearly for the rest of my life. If Little Karen sees you crying like this, she’ll think that I’m bullying you.” “Kevin-” “Hmm?” “Let me be your eyes.” She wanted to tell him that even if he couldn’t see, she was still willing to stay with him. If he couldn’t see clearly, she could act as his eyes and guide him through everything in life. “Okay.” Kevin Kyle held her tightly in his arms and responded in a soft voice. As long as she was with him, even if the world collapsed, he could still be calm and confident. “Kevin “Kevin-” Kevin Kyle interrupted Karen Daly and said, “Karen, don’t worry. As long as you and Little Karen are with me, and we have our mom and dad, there is nothing I can’t overcome.” “Okay. Karen Daly nodded heavily and snuggled up in Kevin’s arms, listening to his heartbeat quietly. As long as you’re here, we would get through everything. The few days went by quickly It was August 28th, which was Little Karen’s birthday. In the early morning, the Kyle family and the servants at home were starting to get busy. Little Karen was wearing a pink princess dress and a crown on her head, which made her look extremely adorable. Karen Daly had her daughter dressed up beautifully. She felt a sense of accomplishment as she saw her pretty daughter. Karen Daly held her little princess in her arms and kissed her repeatedly. “Little Karen, are you happy?” “Super happy. Little Karen turned around happily and threw herself into her mother’s arms, giving her mother a kiss. Karen Daly carried Little Karen and said, “Okay, let’s go out and let daddy, grandpa, grandma and Brother Lionel see how beautiful you are.” “I’m the most beautiful one.” “Yes, you really are the most beautiful one.” As soon as they went out of the room, they bumped into Lionel who had been waiting outside the room for a long time. He stood stiff with no facial expression. When he saw them coming out, he didn’t say anything either. Little Karen waved her small hand at him and said, “I want Brother Lionel to hug me. As he saw Little Karen, he suddenly relaxed himself. He smiled gently at Little Karen and took her from Karen Daly’s arm. “Little Karen, you can play with Brother Lionel. I will go out to greet the guests first.” After looking at them, Karen Daly left without a worry. Lionel took Little Karen back to her room. He took out a necklace and shook it in front of Little Karen’s eyes. “Little Karen, do you like the present that I’m about to give you?” The necklace had a silver chain, and there was a triangular pendant on it. The pendant was engraved with some totem motifs. “I like it. Especially since you gave it to me, I really like it.” Little Karen did not recognize the special totem motifs engraved on the necklace at all. She only knew that it was a gift from Brother Lionel, so she cherished it very much. “Well, I’ll help you put it on.” Brother Lionel gently helped Little Karen wear the necklace on her neck and said, “Little Karen, you must keep the necklace well. If you think of me in the future, you can shout at the pendant, “Brother Lionel, please come out”. No matter where I am, I will appear by your side instantly.”

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