My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 398

Little Karen took the necklace and looked at it again and again. She only thought that the triangular shaped pendant was so cute. She smiled sweetly and said, “Brother Lionel, go hide.” “Okay.” Lionel listened to her command and found a corner to hide Little Karen held her pendant close to her mouth and shouted in a crisp voice, “Brother Lionel, please come out!” Almost immediately, Lionel suddenly jumped out and said, “I’m here.” As Lionel reappeared in front of her, Little Karen smiled happily and said, “Brother Lionel, let’s play again.” “Okay.” Lionel played this game with Little Karen for about half an hour. They didn’t stop until the servants came to find her. Lionel rubbed Little Karen’s head and said softly, “Little Karen, remember to wear the necklace all the time so that you can find your Brother Lionel anytime.” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded vigorously. Although she was still young and did not understand the significance of this necklace, she firmly remembered that as long as she held the necklace close and called Brother Lionel out, he would show up. Lionel was worried that when Little Karen grows up and called out for him through her pendant, and if he does not show up, she would think that Brother Lionel was a big liar. “Little Karen…. Lionel shouted her name. He wanted to say something but stopped on second thought. “Brother Lionel?” Little Karen blinked her big and beautiful eyes at him. Lionel rubbed Little Karen’s tiny head again and picked her up. “Nothing. I will take you downstairs.” There were not many relatives from the Kyle family, and those who were invited to Little Karen’s birthday party were all close relatives. They had also arrived early. Although it was just a child’s birthday party, everyone did not take the celebration lightly. They all dressed up as if they were attending a grand ball. As it was blazing hot outside, they decided to have the celebration indoors. The big common space in the first floor was decorated as the party venue. The arrangement and decoration were done by Karen Daly, and her assistants, Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle. The theme of the party was set according to Little Karen’s preferences. In every corner of the party space, there were various cartoon characters and dolls that Little Karen liked. It was like a large cartoon house. Every guest that came brought along their gifts for Little Karen. Little Karen accepted all her gifts sensibly and asked Brother Lionel to keep them for her. Well, Brother Lionel had a lot to do! He played several roles all at once for the little girl. He could be a bodyguard, an attendant, a superhero, a big brother, or a butler. In short, for Little Karen, Brother Lionel was an omnipotent superman. “Our Karen Joy Kyle has grown much taller since the we last saw her, and she is getting more and more adorable.” Kevin Kyle’s Uncle Law and his wife walked over to wish Little Karen a happy birthday “Thank you, Grandpa Law! Thank you, Grandma Law!” Under the guidance of her grandpa and grandma, Little Karen greeted her guests very sensibly. “What a good girl.” Uncle Law stretched out his hand and wanted to touch Little Karen’s head, but she dodged it. Not everyone could touch her little head. Uncle Law did not mind since she was just a child. He looked at Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle and said happily, “Your family’s quite small, and both Matthew and Karen have such good genes. Why don’t they give birth to more children as lovely as Little Karen?” Uncle Law may come across as nosy, but he did not have ill intentions. Their family knew the Kyle family for many years now. The Law family had a lot of children in each generation, but the Kyle family seemed to only bear one child for each generation. They were concerned that having a single child would put too much pressure on that child. And given the large family business founded by the Kyles, this was not something to be taken lightly. Perhaps Little Karen would marry when she was old enough, and having her husband help her with Rovio would be possible. But would it be enough? Mama Kyle liked children very much, but she felt that Kevin and Karen’s choice on their number of children was rather a private matter. Hence, she decided not to discuss it with Uncle Law. Mama Kyle smiled and responded, “Law, children are the best gifts given to us by God. Of course, it’s a blessing that we have Little Karen, but we won’t force them for more kids too.” Uncle Law replied, “Your family is so open-minded.” Mama Kyle smiled gently and continued, “We can’t force matters, so just let nature take its course. It’s not that we’re open minded, but we believe in fate.” Uncle Law agreed to her words, “Your family sure has a good mentality.” Papa Kyle chimed in, “A good mentality is needed so you can live a long life. Brother Law, it’s time for you to leave the business to the younger generation. Take a rest and enjoy your retirement.” Uncle Law responded, “If my child is as capable as your Matthew, I will retire early like you. There is no need to worry about work every day. Well, let’s just say that I worry more about my child’s competency. ” “Brother Law, everyone will have their own strengths.” Papa Kyle continued. “Haha… You’re right..” Uncle Law laughed. While chatting, they simultaneously looked at Kevin Kyle and his wife, who were both busy greeting guests. Kevin Kyle was wearing a white shirt and a pair of black trousers. He had his classic pair of glasses with golden frame on as he stood tall and straight by the entrance. He looked elegant and sharp. Karen Daly, who was standing next to him, was wearing a white silk dress. She had her signature smile on as she greeted guests happily. Compared to Kevin Kyle, Karen Daly looked slim and small, but they seemed to be a perfect match. It was not the first time that Uncle Law saw how well they complement one another, yet, he was still amazed at their dynamics and chemistry. The first time he saw the couple was at a charity dinner in Rana Mountain. The collective shock from the public as they showed up together that night was still fresh in his memory. That night, as they were walking into the charity dinner setting, everyone had their eyes on them. Everyone was admiring them. The second time he saw them was at a dinner function hosted by the Kyle family many years ago. At that time, Kevin Kyle looked almost the same as he did now, besides being a little more mature. While Karen Daly looked the same, she appeared to be much more graceful and elegant with her movements and mannerisms. Standing with Kevin Kyle, he could only describe them as a perfect couple. Uncle Law smiled again at Papa Kyle and commented, “Brother Kyle, decades ago, you and your wife were the couple that amazed me. Decades later, your son and daughter-in-law amaze me again.” “Oh.” Mama Kyle agreed and sighed in relief. When she looked at her son and daughter-in-law, she was reminded of the past.

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