My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 399

When they were in the prime of their youths, she met Hale Kyle in a garden of cherry blossoms on Rana Mountain. They recalled that they both knew that they wanted to marry each other at that moment. Fate was just so wonderful. They met each other by chance on that mountain, and then they became inseparable partners ever since. Mama Kyle and Papa Kyle looked at each other at the same time and smiled at each other. No words were needed between them to understand one another. Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly were busy greeting the guests. They looked as gorgeous as figures in a beautiful painting, but in reality, Karen was actually very worried. Today, there were a lot of changes in their house. There were too many people and decorations. Karen Daly was afraid that Kevin Kyle would bump into something, so she followed him everywhere he went. She was ready to help him whenever needed, However, Kevin Kyle was not nervous at all. He was able to recognize the guests by their voices and greeted them politely. No one noticed that he almost couldn’t see anything. This year was Little Karen’s first birthday celebration. He could not see how happy his little princess was, nor could he see how beautiful she was dressed. As Little Karen’s father, he felt somewhat regretful. But it didn’t matter. If he could not see things clearly for this year’s celebration, he would wait for next year’s, or even the year after. He would hold a birthday party for Little Karen every year. “Kevin.” Karen Daly tugged his sleeve gently and said in a low voice, “I think we greeted most of them already. Go in and take a rest for a while.” Kevin Kyle patted her back and smiled as usual. “Don’t worry.” How could she not be worried, what if… “Little Karen, your uncle hasn’t arrived yet. How can your birthday party start?” Karen Daly wanted to say something, but the voice of Neil Brown suddenly came from outside the house. When everyone looked over, he had already stepped into the house. Neil Brown was not married, and he had no girlfriend. He was the bachelor of dreams for many young ladies in Chatterton Town. He was the rarest diamond among the pool of diamonds, admired by many young ladies from the upper class in the city. There were so many women who wanted to be with him. However, as he was in the military region all year round and he did not have much family members, he rarely attended such occasions. Many people wanted to approach him, but they didn’t know how to. Therefore, as soon as Neil Brown appeared, many pairs of eyes were fixed on him. The young ladies wanted to get close with him, and the older ones wanted to fix their daughters up with him. Due to his single status, Neil Brown’s popularity won over Kevin Kyle’s. “Why are you all looking at me? Do I look funny?” Neil Brown said rudely If Kevin Kyle exuded timeless elegance, then Neil Brown had the perfect bad-boy persona. He was the commander of the Military Region, and he appeared to be ruthless. Those who didn’t know who he was would think of him as a gang member who would scare children off. “Uncle!” Although Neil Brown could definitely frighten a kid, but Little Karen liked him very much Maybe she was influenced by her aunt, but every time she saw her uncle, she always wanted to stick with him. “Well, Little Karen!” Neil Brown picked Little Karen up and raised her above his head. He turned around and said, “Little girl, I didn’t bring you any gift. Can I still hug you?” “Then give me a hundred dollars for a hug.” Little Karen’s reaction was so fast that even her uncle was not able to keep up. “Money-minded Baby!” Neil Brown put her down, took out a box from his pocket and opened it. “Look, this is for you.” “Look at you, you are already an adult. I have already made peace that you may not want to settle down, but now you give a toy gun to a little girl as a gift?” Mama Kyle immediately commented. She really didn’t know how to help her brother. These years, he never had a girlfriend. She really couldn’t figure out what he was looking for her. “My beloved sister, who says that I can’t give a toy gun to a girl?” Neil Brown put the toy gun in Little Karen’s hand and pinched her pink face. “Little Karen, this is a realistic toy gun that uncle spent a lot of time to find. You have to like it.” “Of course I like it.” Little Karen nodded heavily. As long as it was given by someone she liked, she would like the gift no matter what. “Good girl! Let’s go. I’ll bring you out to play.” Neil Brown carried Little Karen on his shoulder and walked her out without her family members’ consent. They walked out to the yard in Secret Garden and noticed that the flowers were blooming beautifully. The scent from the flowers and the beautiful scenery in front of them were extremely breathtaking. In the middle of the garden, there was a small pavilion surrounded by plants. It was a good place for to relax. Neil Brown sighed, “Little Karen, your stinky father is really good at enjoying his life, huh? How can any mortal deserve Secret Garden? It’s much more beautiful than heaven I suppose.” “Daddy isn’t stinky. He smells good.” Little Karen pouted while defending her father. “Ha.. you little girl, you really love your father very much. They say that every daughter had been her father’s lover in his past life. Looking at your father’s love for you all these years, I am starting to believe in that saying.” Neil Brown said while pinching Little Karen’s face. He was a person who had been living in the military region all year round. The people around him were all tough and ruthless men. Usually, they were people who handled real guns and explosives. He accidentally pinched Little Karen’s face a bit too hard, which caused a red spot on her face. “Ouch!” Little Karen turned her face away and cried out in grievance “Little darling, I’m sorry!” When Neil Brown was talking, he suddenly felt that there was a cold gaze staring at him from behind. He turned around and saw a thin and tall figure from not far away The boy’s eyes were fixed on him, as if he was looking at Neil Brown like an enemy. They looked into each other’s eyes seriously. “Brother Lionel ” “Oh, it’s Brother Lionel.” Neil Brown smiled and nodded to Lionel He heard that Little Karen had saved an injured boy before, but he had never met him. Now, it seemed that this boy was not a simple boy at all. Seeing a stranger carrying Little Karen away, Lionel followed him silently. When he saw that Little Karen was fine, he quietly retreated to a corner. “Little girl, let me teach you how to play with guns.” Neil Brown did not play by gender rules or stereotypes. He would always see or treat little children like boys when he played with them, and Mia Kyle was raised by him this way.

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