My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 400

“Okay.” Little Karen answered excitedly. Little Karen had been curious since she was a baby. She wanted to play with any novel toys that she had not played before. “Little Karen, hold the gun in you hand, and I will teach you how to shoot.” Neil Brown let Little Karen hold the toy gun, and he held Little Karen’s hand. “Little Karen, look at the middle of the pavilion, and aim at the flower in the middle. Get ready to shoot.” “Mia didn’t come with you?” When Neil Brown was about to practise shooting with Little Karen, Kevin Kyle’s deep and strong voice suddenly came from behind them. Little Karen turned around and smiled sweetly. “Daddy.” Kevin Kyle nodded towards his daughter, “My girl.” Neil Brown turned around and said angrily, “When did you start walking like a cat? Did you want to scare me to death?” Kevin Kyle took a few steps forward, and smiled at him and said, “You’re the commander of the military in Chatterton Town. How can you be easily scared?” Neil Brown shouted, “Kevin, why are you always provoking me?” As soon as he heard the word “commander”, Neil Brown was triggered. Someone had killed a person in his jurisdiction Nearly half a month had passed, but he could not move the case forward. Kevin Kyle picked Little Karen up and said, “I’m just here to ask you about Mia. Isn’t Mia with you all the time? Why didn’t you bring her here?” When he thought of Mia Kyle, Neil Brown was even angrier. He was so angry that he wanted to bite himself, just like how she had bitten him out of anger previously. In the past, Mia stuck by him all day long. When she saw him, she would stick so close to him as if she was glued to him. However, in the past 2 weeks, besides talking about the murderer, no matter how much he provoked her, she ignored him. Neil clenched his fists, and his knuckles clattered. You know her temper. If she doesn’t want to come, do you think 1 can bring her here?” Kevin responded, “It’s not like you’ve never done such a thing before.” Neil replied, “I’m here to attend Little Karen’s birthday party today. Don’t provoke me. If you do, i’ll beat you up.” Little Karen replied, “Uncle, i’ll protect my daddy.” “Little Karen, I’m just joking.” Neil Brown quickly softened his tone, but in silence, he thought, “Being single is really hard! No one loves me. There is not even a person who can help me.” He didn’t know how Kevin Kyle could have such a lucky life. Not only did he marry a considerate and beautiful wife, but he also had Little Karen, who was such a lovely daughter. Kevin Kyle put Little Karen down, touched her head, and whispered, “Little Karen, go play with Brother Lionel for a while. I will come to you later.” “Okay.” Little Karen answered softly and rushed to find Brother Lionel. As Little Karen went away, Kevin Kyle looked at Neil Brown. Although he couldn’t see him clearly, he still stared at him. He said, “Let’s not investigate the murderer for the time being.” Neil Brown raised his eyebrows and asked, “Have you found any clues?” Kevin Kyle said, “There are no clues, I’m guessing that the clues you have now are deliberately left by the murderer actually. In fact, they might lead you to the wrong direction. That’s why you can’t find him.” Hearing Kevin’s words, Neil Brown slapped his thighs hard and said, “F*ck, why didn’t I think of it?” The murderer deliberately left misleading clues, and his men followed the trail. It turns out that they had fallen into the murderer’s trap. Of course, that’s why they couldn’t find the real murderer Kevin Kyle continued, “Perhaps the murderer knew you too well. He knew that you couldn’t find the murderer, you wouldn’t stop. So he left some clues to provoke you. If you are really angry with him, you will lose.” Neil Brown nodded and said, “I’ll ask someone to re-organize the clues when I go back. We’ll look into it in another direction.” “Maybe if you stop investigating and ignore everything, the murderer will expose himself.” After he said this, Kevin suddenly changed the topic. “Mia really didn’t come with you?” Neil Brown said, “You know how she is. She won’t come back to the Kyle family if she can’t find closure.” Kevin Kyle knew Mia Kyle too well, he knew that Mia loved Little Karen very much. Today was Little Karen’s fourth birthday, and it was her first birthday celebration. As Little Karen’s aunt, Mia would definitely show up. Perhaps Mia Kyle was just standing outside the Secret Garden, but she didn’t want to come in. Perhaps she still felt that she couldn’t face the Kyle family. In fact, everyone in the Kyle family was worried about her. When they got up in the morning, Papa and Mama Kyle were looking forward to meeting Mia Kyle. They had been looking forward to seeing her for almost a whole day, but they hadn’t seen her yet. They were starting to be disappointed. However, besides Mia Kyle, George Ken, Little Karen’s loving uncle, didn’t show up as well. Two days ago, Karen Daly had called him to invite him over. He said that he was not in Chatterton Town and would not be home for a while. He promised to make up for Little Karen’s birthday present when he returns. The birthday party began at six o’clock in the evening. Karen Daly hired a baker to bake a four-tiered tall cake to symbolize Little Karen’s age. There were four candles on the top of the cake. After singing the birthday song together, Little Karen blew out the candles accompanied by her parents. “Little Karen, happy birthday!” Everyone shouted in unison in a lively setting. Karen Daly and Kevin Kyle kissed Little Karen’s cheeks together. “Little Karen, darling, happy birthday!” Little Karen gave her mother a kiss, and then gave her father a kiss too. She smiled and thanked everyone! Today, she felt like a real princess. She had her parents, grandparents, Brother Lionel and her uncle with her… Many people were celebrating her birthday She scratched her little head and felt that there was still someone missing. However, she didn’t know what it was, Everyone was so envious of this little sweet family The family had a good husband, a beautiful wife, and a lovely child. They just wanted to live a simple life together. After the party ended and the guests left, Karen Daly and Little Karen unboxed the gifts in her room together. Each gift was nicely wrapped and had thoughtful wishes on them. Among the gifts, a particularly delicate box attracted Karen Daly’s attention. She took it and opened it together with Little Karen. Inside the box was a pair of very beautiful shoes. The shoes were inlaid with crystals and each crystal was hand-sewn and shone brightly. It looked so sophisticated and beautiful. What a thoughtful gift, but there was no name on it. There was a card in the box, however, which wrote, “Precious Little Karen, may you be happy forever!” The other gifts were all labelled with names, but this gift was not. Moreover, it was such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. It was easy to guess that it must be given by Mia Kyle. “Mom, I like these beautiful crystal shoes very much.” Even Little Karen, who had seen countless precious presents, was attracted to the lovely pair of shoes in front of her.

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