My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 401

“Little Karen, do you want to give them a try?” “Yes.” The little girl replied. “Okay, I’ll put them on for you.” Karen Daly put on the shoes for Little Karen. Then, she lifted her small foot up and looked at them again. “Well baby, you look so pretty now.” “Mom, I would want daddy and Brother Lionel to have a look too.” Little Karen sat on the floor and shook her feet. She liked them so much. Karen Daly rubbed Little Karen’s head and said gently, “Daddy is still busy with work. Why don’t you find Brother Lionel and let him have a look first?” “Okay.” Little Karen hugged and kissed her mother, then she left As she watched Little Karen running away, Karen Daly suddenly felt sad. It was supposed to be a joyous family reunion today with so many people celebrating Little Karen’s birthday together. But she wasn’t happy, because all she thought of was Kevin Kyle’s diminishing vision. What if.. She started to tremble with fear whenever she thought about these possibilities.. She told herself not to think of it, but she couldn’t control herself. Karen Daly packed the gifts that were scattered across the room, and she was about to look for Kevin Kyle in the study room. Then, her phone suddenly rang. The phone only displayed the words “Unknown Private Number” Karen Daly was a little shocked. Why was there a private number calling? Who could it be? She hesitated before she finally decided to answer the phone call, “Hello!” No one answered her on the other side of the phone. She asked again, “Who are you?” Still no one answered. If there was a phone number displayed, she would have hung up the phone call by now. But, since it was a private number, she became more more curious. She would very much like to know who the person on the other side of the phone was. “Who are you? Why are you calling me?” Karen Daly repeated. Many bad events were happening lately, Warren Silas was even murdered in the military region of Chatterton Town, so Karen Daly could not let her guard down. She was afraid that someone might want to hurt her family, thus she would need to know who was on the phone. However, no matter how she asked, the person did not utter a word. “Who the hell are you? What do you want from me?” Karen Daly was getting very anxious. After waiting for a while, there was still no answer from the other side. The only sound that came through was the sound of electric saws working. Karen Daly ran out with her mobile phone and rushed to Little Karen and Kevin Kyle immediately. As soon as she rushed out of the door, she saw Lionel holding Little Karen’s hand walking along the corridor. They were chatting happily. “Mom, Brother Lionel said the shoes were pretty Little Karen said happily “Well, go have some fun then.” Karen Daly calmed herself down and smiled at them. She walked past them and went to Kevin Kyle’s study room in a hurry. She dashed into the room without knocking. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Kevin Kyle sitting at the desk. “What’s wrong?” Kevin looked up at her. “No, nothing.” Karen walked to his desk and saw that he was having a video conference with his colleagues. He couldn’t see anything, but he still could listen to them reporting their work. He was always worried about his work. “Is everything really alright?” Kevin asked seriously. She wouldn’t have barged in so recklessly if nothing happened. “I’m really fine.” Perhaps she was overthinking about the phone call. Kevin Kyle lowered his head and spoke towards the microphone, “That’s all for today’s meeting. Please work on what we have discussed.” He then shut his computer down, got up and held Karen Daly’s hand. “Are you thinking about something again?” “Kevin.” Karen Daly suddenly hugged him tightly. She was hesitant to tell the truth, but she thought that she should tell him what she was worrying about anyway. If someone was really trying to hurt them, at least they could prepare in advance. “Tell me!” Kevin Kyle’s chin rested on her head and he was playing with her long hair. Karen looked up at him and said, “I just answered a phone call from a private number. No one spoke a word. It doesn’t look like it was a wrong number. I’m very worried.” Kevin touched her face and smiled, “Don’t worry. I’ll ask someone to check it out right now. As long as I’m here, no one can hurt you.” “I’m worried about you.” She was so nervous, but this man was still so relaxed. She didn’t know if he heard what she said clearly Kevin Kyle immediately picked up his mobile phone and dialled Nick Black’s number, “Check out the call records for Karen’s mobile phone earlier. The sooner, the better.” After that, Kevin Kyle hung up the phone. Karen Daly was still a little worried. “Is it possible to trace the number?” “We never know until we try.” Kevin Kyle held her and said, “Karen, Warren is dead. Everything has passed, and everything will be fine from now on. Don’t worry.” “But..” Before Karen Daly could finish her words, Kevin Kyle lowered his head and kissed her to stop her from saying anything. She tried to pull herself away, but he pulled her body closer towards him instead. Their bodies were close with each other. Kevin Kyle held her waist tightly and kissed her passionately. After a long time, and when she was running out of breath, he finally let go of her. Kevin stared at her. He could imagine that Karen must be blushing after their kiss. Thinking of her pitiful expression, Kevin couldn’t resist chuckling. Instead, she punched Kevin Kyle’s body. However, it was so weak that he probably did not feel anything. She blushed and said angrily, “Mr. Kyle, we are talking about something important now, how could you be messing around? Kevin stopped laughing and said seriously, “Kissing is helpful to strengthen the relationship between couples. I am working hard to improve the relationship between us. How can you see it as a joke?” While his words may be a tease, but Kevin Kyle said them seriously. This was the Kevin Kyle that she knew. He always spoke in a serious manner and tone, although what he said and did earlier were improper and indecent. “It’s still early. Come with me.” “Where are we going?” She asked. “Follow me.” He said. “Okay.” With him leading the way, they went to the end of the corridor and head up to the top floor in the elevator. Holding her along the way, they walked swiftly and sturdily. No one would have realised that his eyes were going blind. The top floor was empty. She did not understand why he brought her here. He held her hand and said, “There are too many people at home. Let’s look at the stars together.” “Okay. Look at the Big Dipper over there, and… Karen nodded lightly and snuggled up beside him. She pointed at the starry night sky and described the stars and constellations to him in the most gentlest way.

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