My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 402

Listening to her gentle voice describing the night sky… Kevin Kyle looked at her tenderly. He could not see her clearly, but he could feel her expression from every word she said. Because every movement and smile of hers had been deeply engraved into his heart and mind, forever. Kevin Kyle put his arm around her shoulder and asked softly, “Karen, if my eyes are always going to be like this, will you.” “If the role was reversed, would you abandon me?” Before Kevin\could finish his words, Karen interrupted him. Both of them had experienced through many ups and downs together. If those could not stop them from being with each other, what else could possibly stop them? At the same time, she swore to find the antidote that could eliminate the HDR virus as soon as possible. Now that Warren Silas was dead, his assistant Hart was also murdered, there was only Amelia Gray left. Amelia was the one that poisoned Kevin Kyle. Could she possibly get some information from Amelia? “Karen” Kevin Kyle’s deep voice disrupted her train of thoughts, and she looked up at him and asked, “Hmm?” “I..” When he was about to speak, his mobile phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He frowned slightly and answered, “What’s the matter?” Nick Black replied, “We have tracked down the unknown number. This number was activated many years ago, and the phone bill is paid every month. However, there is very limited record of calling or messaging. The phone number is not formally registered too, so it is very difficult for us to find out who the person is.” The phone number was activated a few years ago. The bill was paid monthly, but it was rarely used for communication, and there was no formal registration… Kevin Kyle calmly remembered these key points in his mind as he didn’t want Karen Daly to worry. He responded, “Alright,” before hanging up the call. Nick had worked for Kevin for so many years, so he knew what to do next without Kevin’s explicit instructions. Karen Daly asked as soon as she saw Kevin Kyle put his phone down, “Is it about the anonymous phone call just now?” Kevin nodded and said, “Yes, they tracked it. The person behind the number is an ordinary citizen. He must have made a wrong call.” “Is that so?” Karen was still worried, and she could feel that something bad would happen. “What else could it be then?” Kevin Kyle smiled and said, “Close your eyes. I have a gift for you.” “A gift for me?” Karen Daly retorted and she closed her eyes obediently. “It’s Little Karen’s birthday, not mine.” Kevin Kyle said, “You’re the most hardworking person today” Today was not her birthday, but the person who had gone through the most was Karen Daly. She almost died on the operating table four years ago. If she hadn’t survived, today wouldn’t just be Little Karen’s birthday, as it will also be Karen Daly’s death anniversary. On August 28th, for the past three years, Kevin Kyle would take Little Karen to the cemetery early in the morning to visit Karen Daly’s tombstone, and would stay there for almost half a day. He always had this thought in his mind that he would be willing to cut his life short if that means he could exchange for Karen Daly to live longer. After 3 years, Karen finally returned. He had not waited in vain. “What gift are you going to give me?” After closing her eyes and waiting for a long time, Karen tried to open her eyes to take a peek. “Give me your hand, Kevin said. She followed his instructions. She closed her eyes and stretched out her arms. Kevin Kyle placed her arms around his waist. He spoke in a deep voice and with a cheeky smile, “Well, you can open your eyes now.” Karen Daly opened her eyes and saw Kevin Kyle’s face in front of her. She slightly turned her head to the side and ignored his kiss. She asked, “Didn’t you say you’re going to give me a present? Where is it?” “The gift is in your arms.” Kevin Kyle’s voice still sounded so seductive even when he’s acting cheekily, “Do you like it?” It turned out that he was presenting himself as a gift! She liked this valuable and special gift very much, but could she really accept such a gift? Kevin asked again, “Do you like it? Karen responded, “Yes, I like it.” He asked, “How much do you like it?” She responded patiently, “Very much.” He continued, “How much is very much?” Karen replied, “Very much… so much.” She realized that the very thought of losing him would be the death of her. Kevin Kyle echoed off her answers, “Me too.” Was that true? Did he say that he liked her very much too? Little Karen’s birthday party was loud and lively, and almost all intimate relatives and friends of the Kyle family were gathered there. It was probably their liveliest reunion. Mia Kyle was Little Karen’s aunt, and she watched Little Karen grow up since young. Naturally, she loved Little Karen very much. For Little Karen’s birthday for the past three years, Mia Kyle always secretly bought a small cake to celebrate with Little Karen behind her father’s back. Today was her fourth birthday. Since her mother came back alive, this day was no longer a sad day for her father. The family had held the first birthday party for Little Karen in four years. When Mia Kyle had not known her real identity a month ago, she had already secretly prepared a birthday present for Little Karen. Little Karen liked Princess Elsa, very much. She had a lot of Princess Elsa related merchandise, however, she did not have a classic Princess Elsa doll. It took Mia a lot of time and effort to get that for her. Although it was not expensive, it showed her love and care for Little Karen Mia thought that she was not supposed to be at the Kyle’s family party, but she still asked Jacky Ball to drive her to Seaview Bay anyway, and she’ll walk into Secret Garden. She wanted to give the gift to Little Karen and wish her personally However, before she even reached Secret Garden, someone suddenly assaulted her from the back. She looked back and wanted to catch her assailant, but before she could do so, she blacked out and fell to the ground. Shortly before she lost her consciousness, Mia still couldn’t figure out what was going on. She was just thinking about ways to seek revenge if she managed to find out who attacked her.

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