My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 403

It was the night of 28th August. There were strong winds, which was a sign of an impending storm, or even typhoon The weather forecast said that Chatterton Town would be hit by a typhoon soon. This will affect the entire city. Karen Daly had planned to look for Amelia Gray at the military region of Chatterton Town tomorrow, but she had to delay it due to the typhoon. The weather report also announced that everyone should avoid going out in the storm in the meantime. All schools had been ordered to close temporarily, and also for most companies. Chatterton Town would be hit by typhoons several times a year. Karen Daly had lived here for several years and had long gotten used to it. However, when she heard the strong howling sounds from the strong winds today, she still felt anxious and panicky. Little Karen insisted that Brother Lionel play building blocks with her. They were in her room having fun with Momo too. Kevin Kyle was still busy with his work in the office. Karen Daly tried to persuade him to take a rest, but he refused to. Kevin Kyle’s real grandfather had passed away and they didn’t even know what happened to him, nor give him a proper send off. He needed to work harder for Rovio to make his grandfather proud. Whereas, Papa Kyle was admiring the ancient painting that he had just bought a few days ago. Mama Kyle and Karen Daly were sitting in the living room and chatting. Mama Kyle looked out of the house from time to time. She seemed like she had something to say but held herself back “Mom, it’s so windy outside. Let me call Mia to check up on her.” Karen Daly was aware that Mama Kyle was missing Mia Kyle. Mama Kyle was so worried about Mia, but she did not want to call her. She was worried that Mia Kyle was still angry over what had happened. Hence, when Karen Daly offered to call Mia, Mama Kyle nodded like a child and said, “Karen, you have to remind her to stay at home and have her meals on time. She mustn’t eat only one meal a day. She can’t really take care of herself. I’m wondering if she’s going to stay safe during the storm?” Mama Kyle mumbled a lot in one breath, and Karen Daly kept all her words in mind. At the same time, she dialled Mia Kyle’s phone number. However, the call did not go through The phone speaker was turned on, so both Karen Daly and Mama Kyle heard the call dropped quickly. Looking at Mama Kyle’s worried eyes, Karen Daly immediately said, “Mom, don’t worry. I’ll call Jacky Ball instead.” Karen Daly quickly dialled Jacky Ball’s number. Jacky told her that Mia rushed to attend Little Karen’s birthday party at about three o’clock in the afternoon yesterday, and she hadn’t returned to her apartment ever since. If Mia Kyle intended to attend Little Karen’s birthday party, she wouldn’t be absent from the party… Karen Daly’s heart skipped a beat and said, “Mom, I’ll call Neil again.” Karen Daly quickly called Neil Brown. The call was immediately picked up, but it was very noisy on the other end. He was outside and the sound of the strong winds and rain were very disruptive. “What’s wrong?” Neil Brown raised his voice and asked several times. “Neil, is Mia with you?” Karen Daly asked in a hurry. “What?” Neil Brown could not hear clearly, so he raised his voice again. “Speak louder.” “Is Mia with you? We can’t get in touch with her, and Jacky doesn’t know where she is.” Karen Daly raised her voice and repeated. “Mia?” Neil Brown was stunned, “You cannot contact her?” Karen Daly quickly told Neil what had happened earlier. Neil Brown did not say another word and hung up the phone quickly The typhoon was coming, and they couldn’t get in touch with Mia Kyle. Mama Kyle was becoming anxious. “Sarabelle, please ask if Mr. Kyle cares more about his paintings or our family.” “I was just looking at my paintings for a while and now you’re angry.” Papa Kyle just arrived at the living room and responded to Mama Kyle immediately Mama Kyle replied angrily, “Hale Kyle, if something happened to Mia, you are doomed too.” Although Mama Kyle scolded him in front of their daughter in-law, but Papa Kyle still patiently coaxed his wife and asked, “What’s wrong, sweetie?” “Dad, we can’t get in touch with Mia.” Mama Kyle was so anxious that she couldn’t say anything at all. Karen Daly had to interrupt and told him what had happened. They had searched all the possible places where Mia Kyle could go and spoke to all possible people Mia Kyle might contact, but they still couldn’t find her. On the other side, as the family was crazily looking for Mia Kyle, Mia had finally woken up. She opened her eyes and looked around her. She was in a dark, small room. There were no windows in the room, and the only light source came from the small lightbulb by the door. She moved a little, only to realise that she was tied to a chair. Her hands and feet were tied too tightly that she could not move at all. Mia Kyle tried hard to recall what happened. She vaguely remembered that she was knocked out, but she didn’t know who knocked her out. If she knew who the culprit was, she would definitely tie him up and let him suffer. Which b*stard, how dare he kidnap me? “You’re finally awake.” A gloomy voice spoke up, which scared Mia Kyle for a bit. She quickly looked around. She looked around for a while before realizing that the voice came from the speaker at the door. Mia Kyle was getting nervous. She immediately asked, “Who are you? What do you want?” A mellow voice came from the speaker again, “What do you think?” “Money it is.” There weren’t many possible reasons of her being kidnapped. The kidnapper didn’t kill her immediately, so he must be looking for money. If all they want is money, then she should be safe. She thought she would be fine as long as they weren’t looking to kill her. As soon as Mia Kyle rationalized through and calmed down, she heard the voice again, “No, I don’t want money. I just want you dead!” “F**k you!” Mia Kyle was so angry and shocked at the same time that she swore out loud. If she could move, she would have beaten him up by now. “Ha ha ha…” A sudden laughter came from the speaker. Then, the room was lit up. The bright light shone on Mia, and the room was becoming hotter.

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