My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 404

The temperature in the room was increasing like an oven. Mia Kyle was trapped inside and could not move at all. Who was the one who kidnapped her? She did not offend many people in her life. Even if she did, it wouldn’t be that bad until someone wants her dead. And this kidnapper wanted her life. It was alright if she had to give up her money, but she only had one life. She can’t afford to lose it. She hadn’t found love yet, hadn’t been able to repay her parents, and had a long bucket list to accomplish. She cannot die now. No, she must find a way to save herself. “Hey, let’s talk about it. Violence can’t solve the problem. How much do you want? I’ll give you all of my savings.” “Hey, speak up. If I suffer to death you won’t even get a penny” “I haven’t seen you yet. I’ll give you the money and you can let me go. I won’t be able to tell who you are so I can’t find you anyway, it’s a win-win situation. What do you think?” “Think about Mother Theresa’s teaching about saving lives. It’s good for you to spare my life, isn’t it?” “You are also human. You must have a wife and children too. You should do more good things and have good karma in return. Then all of you will live happily in the future.” “Shut up!” Mia Kyle spoke for a long time that the man who kidnapped her finally had enough. Maybe she spoke too much, or maybe her words triggered him. “Why are you so fierce? I’m just being truthful.” Mia pursed her lips in grievance. After all, she was the best actress, so it was not difficult for her to act like a poor girl. Her acting skills were good, and she was beautiful. The kidnapper might be softened by her looks too. However, it turned out that she was being too optimistic. The kidnapper did not pay much attention to her, and the temperature in the room was still rising. Mia Kyle was so angry that she cursed in her heart. “This bastard.” The temperature in the room was getting higher and higher, and Mia Kyle was sweating a lot. “Ouch Mia Kyle thought about how she’d die ugly if she remain in this hot room… then she suddenly shivered. “I’ll be too ugly. I can’t let that happen. Let me go!” Even if she was going to die, couldn’t he let her die in a beautiful way? However, the kidnapper wasn’t planning to stop at all. The temperature in the room was getting higher and higher. Mia Kyle felt that she was going to die of dehydration “Bastard, you better not show yourself to me. Or else I won’t be merciful at all.” She didn’t know how much time has passed, but Mia Kyle felt that she was going to pass out soon. When Neil Brown received a call from Karen Daly, he was personally leading a rescue expedition. When he heard that Mia Kyle went missing, he was so surprised and worried. Neil Brown immediately handed over the work to his partner and returned to the military region as soon as possible. He needed to recruit some people to help him look for Mia Kyle. The last person Mia Kyle saw was Jacky Ball, and her last known appearance was between Seaview Bay and Secret Garden Kevin Kyle helped Neil Brown to locate some surveillance records and it showed that Mia Kyle was knocked out by a man dressed like a cleaner, and then he placed her into the garbage truck and drove her away. After the garbage truck went to the garbage disposal station, the man changed his clothes and left with another big gunny sack. The kidnapper was extremely smart that he avoided all cameras and his face was not shown on any of them. Neil Brown was trying to track more clues down but his efforts were futile. If the kidnapper was asking for money, then he would definitely find a way to contact her family and ask for ransom. However, 24 hours had passed, and there was still no news from the kidnapper. This meant that the kidnapper was not looking for money. If it was not for money, and Mia Kyle had not offended or hurt anyone before, then who would want her dead? Gradually, Neil Brown suddenly thought of Warren Silas. Warren Silas had been killed off for a few weeks now, and the murderer had not been found yet. Could it be possible that Mia Kyle had been kidnapped by the murderer? The thought of this possibility pierced through Neil Brown’s heart. He was scared. If the person who kidnapped Mia Kyle was really the murderer of Warren Silas, then it was clear that the murderer wanted to kill the last remaining member of the Silas family. Warren Silas had done too many bad things when he was alive. He offended too many people, so it was difficult to find out who killed him, or who kidnapped Mia Kyle. Neil Brown appeared tense as he ordered his team, “Continue to look for them. They need to be found no matter what.” Mia Kyle’s sudden disappearance has gotten the entire Kyle family anxious. Mama Kyle was so worried that she was physically weak, and Papa Kyle was busy taking care of her. Kevin Kyle’s eyes had not recovered yet, so it was still inconvenient for him to move around. Fortunately, Nick Black was there to help him. Neil Brown’s team, Kevin Kyle’s team as well as the police force of Chatterton Town searched the entire town, but still could not find any traces of Mia Kyle’s kidnapping. As he continued to investigate, his intuition that the kidnapper and murderer must be the same person got stronger. “Kevin, could it possible that the person who kidnapped Mia was also the one who called me yesterday?” Karen Daly still felt that there was something wrong with the anonymous phone call. “Nick is still investigating. We will definitely find some clues.” Kevin Kyle reached out and hugged Karen Daly. “You can accompany Little Karen Neil Brown and I will take care of Mia Kyle’s matter.” “Kevin. we must not let anything happen to Mia.” Mia Kyle went missing during the typhoon. Even if the kidnapper left clues, they had been destroyed by the typhoon. This made it harder to locate her. She suddenly thought of another thing. Jacky Ball said that the birthday gift prepared by Mia Kyle for Little Karen was a limited edition of the classic Elsa doll, so this meant that the exquisite crystal shoes were not from Mia. If it had not been gifted by Mia, who could it be?

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