My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 405

Thinking of the pair of crystal shoes, Karen Daly went back to the room where the gifts were stacked and found the box of crystal shoes. She then looked carefully at the greeting card in the box. – Precious Little Karen, may you be happy forever! As her gut feeling guessed that Mia Kyle gave this gift, she didn’t think too much about it. But now as she carefully analyzed the note, the handwriting looked like a man’s writing. A gift from a man to Little Karen? Karen Daly thought deeply and thought of her brother, George, who was not in Chatterton Town. Did he secretly prepare a gift for Little Karen in advance? Karen Daly immediately called George Ken, but the signal was poor and the call only got through after several times. George Ken picked up the call, and Karen asked, “George, where are you now? George answered, “I’m still working on something in Beaford City. What’s wrong?” She asked, “Did you prepare any birthday present for Little Karen?” George raised his voice and said, “Hey, as her uncle, I would definitely pamper my little nice, but I’m really busy these days. I don’t have the time to prepare. I would make it up to Little Karen when I am back in Chatterton Town.” Karen Daly responded, “I see. Be careful when you’re out there alone.” George Ken continued, “Okay, let’s catch up another day. I have something to work on. See you soon.” After hanging up the phone, Karen Daly looked at the card and crystal shoes again. If the present was not by prepared George Ken, or Mia Kyle, so who could it be? It was impossible that it was from Faye Reed. Kevin Kyle was worried that Faye Reed would get involved in danger again so he transferred Sabastian Spencer to the United States for work temporarily, and Faye Reed accompanied him over. One day before Little Karen’s birthday, Karen Daly had a video chat with Faye Reed. Faye Reed did mention that the birthday gift she prepared for Little Karen had just been sent out and could only arrive after Little Karen’s birthday. If it was not from someone they knew, who else would spend so much time making a pair of beautiful crystal shoes for Little Karen? Karen Daly couldn’t think of anyone else. The more she thought about it, the more anxious she was. Mia Kyle woke up again. This time, someone woke her up by splashing water on her. She opened her eyes and vaguely saw a man standing in front of her. The man covered his face with a cloth and wore a pair of sunglasses. He was really cautious. Mia Kyle glanced at the man and wanted to scold him, but she was too weak to do so. She was dehydrated, and the kidnapper didn’t give her any water. Her throat was extremely dry. Damn it! What tough luck she had gone through these few days? She was just casually walking when she got kidnapped. Mia Kyle really wanted to curse the kidnapper to death. Forget about it. She was not ready to tarnish her image as an idol. Although she might not be able to get out of there alive, she still had a little hope. She hoped that the kidnapper would let her go off safely. She also hoped that Neil Brown could come and save her. Was that possible? If he knew that she was caught, and was almost tortured to death by the kidnappers, maybe Neil Brown would even celebrate with a bottle of champagne. The person who had been bothering him for so long was finally gone. No one would bother him anymore. She really couldn’t read through Neil Brown. Mia Kyle gritted her teeth. If she found out that Neil Brown celebrated over her disappearance and death, she would haunt him forever. The masked man saw that Mia remained silent for so long and he spoke up. “It’s just a little hot and you fainted over. You’re really a spoilt young lady.” “Just a little hot? Why don’t you try it out yourself?” She was almost dying already but this pervert made it sound like she was the weak one here. “Oh…” The man sneered and said, “It’s good to be young, young people like you are always energetic. Mia Kyle glared at him and said, “Who the hell are you? What on earth did I do to provoke you? Did I murder your entire family? Why are you torturing me like this?” The kidnapper suddenly came close to Mia Kyle and said gloomily, “You didn’t provoke me, but your grandfather did. He died so easily, so it’s you who should bear the consequences.” “Oh, so you kidnapped me because of my grandfather. Whatever then, you can do whatever you want.” Mia Kyle felt slightly relieved when she understood why she was kidnapped. Her grandfather owed the debt and she was asked to pay back. Well, she should. She was willing to. The man snorted coldly and said, “You are really one positive young lady.” Mia Kyle shrugged him off, “What else can I do? You tied me up in an unknown room, so what else can I do?” She was a smart person. If she couldn’t escape, then there was no point in struggling too. Death was not a terrible thing. Once she closed her eyes, the world would be quiet and everything would be gone. However, there were still many people in the world whom she’ll miss. Her parents, her brother and sister-in-law, Little Karen whom she loved dearly, and Neil Brown whom she would never forget. If she really left the world like this, they would be sad for her too. “Little girl, let’s see if you can be so positive later.” The man took a fruit knife and cut her arm. Mia Kyle was wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. Her skin was exposed in an attire like this. The man didn’t show any mercy at all. There was a deep wound on Mia Kyle’s fair arm, and blood was spurting out. “F**k!” Mia Kyle gritted her teeth in pain and wanted to raise her foot to kick the man, but because she was tied to the chair, her movement was limited. As she tried to forcefully raise her foot up, she fell to the ground with the chair. Mia Kyle scolded, “You’re a pervert. What do you want?” The man squatted down slowly in front of her. He lifted the lower hem of Mia Kyle’s clothes and said coldly, “Guess what I will do next.” “How dare you!” This pervert didn’t think of raping her before killing her, did he? Mia Kyle wanted to step back, but her chair was just against the wall, so she couldn’t move an inch. She could only watch helplessly as the pervert lift her clothes up. “Stop!” She glared at him angrily and said, “If you want to kill me, do it now!”.

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