My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 406

 “Hehe.” The man sneered again, “What do you think I want to do to you?” As soon as he finished speaking, the knife in his hand moved again, and the tip of the sharp knife scratched through Mia Kyle’s abdomen. Another bloody wound was formed on Mia’s abdomen. The bright red blood dripped down her body onto the wet cement floor. Mia Kyle had always been adored by everyone ever since she was young. She had never been treated like this before. Anger, disappointment, confusion… All kinds of emotions were stirring in her heart. When the kidnappers were not paying attention, Mia gritted her teeth and rolled over. She used the chair that was tied to her body to hit the kidnappers. “Damn you, go to hell!” The kidnappers had never expected Mia Kyle to be so stubborn and strong. They had never expected her to continue resisting at this point. He had underestimated her and let his guard down, so when Mia Kyle attacked him, he was knocked to the ground. Her hands were injured, her abdomen was bleeding, and her entire body was strangled and tied up… Mia Kyle was so angry that her eyes turned red. She glared at the man who fell in front of her and yelled, “Yes, my grandfather hurt you. I’m willing to pay the price for him, but you’re enjoying it too damn much to the point of bullying me for your pleasure. I’m taking my revenge today.” If they really wanted to seek revenge, they could’ve just killed her off. She was ready to receive that punishment. But this person had gone too far, and she couldn’t take it any longer. “Is it too much for me to do these things? Huh?” The man stood up, spat out a mouthful of saliva, and approached Mia Kyle slowly. “Do you think I went too far, just after cutting you twice?” “Then let me try to cut you twice as well. Let’s see how you like it.” Mia Kyle yelled back. She was furious. The wound on her arms and abdomen were still bleeding. She didn’t stop the bleeding. She figured that the maniac would probably want her to slowly suffer to her death. The kidnapper grabbed her by her neck, picked her up with the chair, and threw her to the wall. Bang Mia Kyle hit the wall along with the chair and fell to the ground. She felt such immense pain that she thought her whole body was falling apart. “F**k! Just you wait, I’ll never forgive you for this.” Even if Mia Kyle’s eyes were getting blurry, she was still really stubborn. She refused to admit defeat, and she was still trying to flaunt her superiority and provoke the kidnapper even further. The kidnapper walked to Mia Kyle again. He stepped on her thigh to put pressure on it. Mia Kyle screamed in pain and her face turned pale. “Do you understand pain now?” The kidnapper squatted down in front of Mia Kyle. He took his knife and made another cut on her belly again. Now, there was yet another wound in her abdomen. It was so painful that Mia Kyle had no strength left to curse. She could only clench her fists tightly and console herself to hold on Usually, people would admit defeat and think about dying at a time like this. However, when faced with near death experiences, their instinct to survive would suddenly kick in as well. Mia Kyle told himself that if she wanted to survive, she must find a way to escape from this devil. Even if she wanted to admit defeat and die, she needed to be dignified. The kidnapper opened his mouth again. “Your grandfather cut the belly of others and took the child out of the person’s belly. He forced the mother and daughter to be separated for years. They were clearly reunited but they did not recognize each other. Compared to my doings, which one do you think is more cruel?” “Ha..” Mia Kyle sneered, “You think you’re a better person than my grandfather? If someone you care about sees what you are doing now, how you are torturing an unarmed and weak woman, what would they think of you?” Hearing Mia Kyle’s words, the kidnapper paused and replied, “I won’t let them see it. I can never let them see it, because in their eyes, I’m already dead.” Mia Kyle asked, “Who are you?” The kidnapper slashed her arm with his knife and showed a sinister smile. “I’m the one who’s here to take your life.” “F*ck!” Mia Kyle bit her lips and tried to keep calm. After a few seconds, she said, “Are you the one who killed my grandfather in the Military Region of Chatterton Town?” “Sort of.” The kidnapper shook his head and said with some pity, “It’s just that I didn’t expect him to be so weak. He died after taking a little dose of medicine.” She asked again, “Who are you?” The kidnappers scoffed, “It doesn’t matter who I am, you can’t escape from me. No one can find you here. Not Kevin Kyle, not even Neil Brown. You’re all alone.” “Where am 1?” “Don’t bother, even if you knew where this is, what could you do? I’ve thrown your cell phone away, and you are tied up and helpless. What could you possibly do?” “Are you scared of telling me where we are?” Mia Kyle taunted him “So what if I did tell you?” The kidnapper pointed to a distance. “Secret Garden is just a few meters away from us. Your adopted parents, brother and sister-in-law, are all so close to you, but for that exact reason, they’ll never guess that you’re here.” “It seems that you’ve been preparing this for many years.” “I prepared this place for that damned old man of the Kyle family. I was waiting to capture him and tear him into pieces one day.” Mia Kyle could hear the deep hatred in his voice. “But who would have thought that before I take any action, the Kyle family started the fight first? Ha ha ha… I didn’t expect that the old man had acted so well for so many years and finally gave in. He probably didn’t expect that Kevin would avenge for his real grandfather despite the many years of raising him. He must have never thought that he would die too. What a bad retribution that was.” Mia chuckled and asked, “What did my grandfather do to you? What made you plan his death for such a long time?” “He almost killed me. I was left alive, but my face was ruined.” The kidnapper pulled the veil off his face. A burnt and disfigured face appeared in front of Mia, which almost made her vomit in disgust. “There was a car accident. The car exploded after it fell off a cliff. There were three people in the car. Two of them were blown to pieces, and I was the only one left alive.” The more the kidnapper said, the more excited he became “I knew it wasn’t an accident. After I recovered, I went to find the truth. I found out the truth and knew who wanted to kill me, but I couldn’t get close to that person. He lived in the United States all year round and only came back once a year. Whenever he’s back, he was followed by plenty of bodyguards. I couldn’t even look at him from a distance, let alone get close to him.” He continued his rant, “For many years, I have been trying to get close to him, but I failed. Then I thought of this method… and when my plan was about to be completed, the Kyle family discovered his fake identity before I did!”.

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