My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 407

 “He almost took your life, and you wanted his life in return. Now that he’s dead, you two should be even, right?” Mia Kyle gritted her teeth and endured the pain surging through her body. She continued, “Then why did you kidnap me?” “Why did I kidnap you?” The man laughed sullenly, and his laughter echoed in this closed room. “1 kidnapped you, of course, to have my revenge.” “You..” more and more of her blood was flowing out, and her body was getting weaker and weaker. Mia Kyle was about to lose the strength to deal with this maniac. But she still gritted her teeth and struggled to stay up… No matter what, she had to find a way to live, The world was dangerous, but it was also very beautiful There were still many good people in the world. In such a wonderful world, she still had a lot of uncompleted wishes, so she had to try her best to live. However, because of the high temperature of the room, Mia Kyle felt extremely dizzy and out of strength. It’s almost as if her soul was sucked dry. At this moment, her body had been cut plenty of times too and she kept bleeding. Her body was about to give up on her. She opened her mouth and tried to say something, but she heard the kidnapper’s dark voice, “Do you want to know why I want to seek revenge on you? Isn’t it because she is related to her grandfather? Or was there any other reason? “Because four years ago, on the 28th of August, my daughter nearly died in his hands. He cut her belly and snatched her child away, and they were separated from one another… She experienced the biggest despair of her life..” He elaborated while clenching his fists, and his full was full of anger. He could not do anything as he watched his daughter get mercilessly harmed by that beast. He sobbed and continued, “For so many years, I lived worse than a beast. I lived in darkness and didn’t dare to expose myself. I wanted to hear my child’s voice, but I could only do that by pretending to make a wrong call.” At this point, the painful expression of the kidnapper changed, and then he became extremely fierce. He said, “Don’t you think what your kind grandfather did was evil? Do you think I should use the same method on his favourite grandchild? As he was finishing his sentence, he immediately slashed through Mia Kyle’s abdomen again. In an instant, there was another bloody wound on Mia’s abdomen. A single cut was not enough, and he slashed again. In a blink of an eye, there were several knife cuts on Mia’s abdomen. “He cut her belly and took her child. The mother and child were separated… Mia Kyle repeated the kidnapper’s words silently. She seemed to be familiar with the situation, but she couldn’t recall anything. In a calmer time, his words might have made sense, but at this time, her head was dizzy and she could not think straight. She was suffering and she felt that she had to give up soon. “Don’t worry, I won’t let you die so easily. I’ve prepared many of your grandfather’s classic moves. He died too fast, and I didn’t have time to enjoy using them on him, so you’ll just have to bear with me.” The kidnapper’s voice was cold and frightening, but Mia Kyle only felt that his voice was getting more and more distanced. She still had a lot of questions and wanted to ask him more questions, but because she was out of energy, she fainted again. Mia Kyle had been missing for a long time, but Neil Brown could not find any clues yet. Everyone only found that Mia Kyle had been kidnapped the second day after she had gone missing. Since a day had passed, and with the bad storm, there weren’t much traces or clues left behind. In the evening, the typhoon storm would be back. The weather report was announcing warning signs, and many companies chose to close down temporarily to prepare for the storm. They were even more disheartened to look for Mia Kyle. The more time passed, the more danger Mia’s life would be in. The perpetrator had kidnapped her but did not send out any ransom message. This meant that they did not want money, but might be after her life. At this time, Neil Brown was like a time bomb. No one could approach him, fearing that he would explode at any slight bit of annoyance. The three parties searched the surrounding area from the place where Mia disappeared. They had been looking for a long time, but there was no clue at all. Neil Brown watched the surveillance footage again. He kept repeating the clips as he tried to find other clues from the surveillance, but he couldn’t find anything. Mia Kyle was knocked down and she fainted. She was then put into a garbage bag and dragged to the garbage disposal station. The person who knocked her down carried another big black bag from the garbage disposal station and left… Neil Brown finally realized something. The clue may lie on the black bag that the kidnapper carried on his shoulder. If there was a person in the bag, he would not be so bold as to carry her away, and he would definitely use a garbage truck to hide. The black bag that the kidnapper carried away was probably only filled with some garbage. The reason why he did so was to confuse the people who were looking for Mia. Naturally, since everyone was worried about Mia Kyle, everyone would have assumed that the kidnapper carried her away in the big black garbage bag, Once again, they fell into the trap set by the kidnapper, similar to the case of Warren Silas’ death. Having figured out this important piece of information, Neil Brown rushed out and said, “Come to the garbage disposal station with me.” Judging from the surveillance video, he was very sure that Mia Kyle had been dragged into the garbage disposal station. However, he was not sure if Mia Kyle managed to escape. At this time, a soldier came forward and reported, “Captain, the information from Miss Kyle’s mobile phone has been analysed. She didn’t contact anyone before and after she disappeared. Neil Brown did not respond. He took his men and rushed to the garbage disposal station first. Even if Mia Kyle was not hidden in the garbage bag, there had to be clues in the garbage disposal station. “Find it. Do not miss anything. We must find clues.” Neil Brown instructed angrily. “Yes.” His men answered in unison. They were very cooperative to help Neil Brown with his mission, even if it was a personal affair. A big storm was coming. There were strong winds and it was beginning to drizzle. However, Neil Brown did not give up looking for Mia Kyle. No matter where Mia was, he had to find her. He couldn’t let anything happen to her.

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