My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 408

While Neil Brown was looking for Mia Kyle outside, Kevin Kyle was listening to Nick Black’s report. The mysterious caller had given them a new clue. When the person called Karen Daly, the signal was sent from somewhere near Secret Garden. If the person who called Karen Daly was related to the kidnappers, then this meant that the kidnapper made a phone call after kidnapping Mia Kyle. They kidnapped Mia Kyle and called Karen Daly, but did not ask Karen for ransom. Moreover, they were making phone calls near Secret Garden. What was their intention of doing so? They suspected that maybe part of the gang brought Mia Kyle away while some stayed behind near Secret Garden to check if anyone’s noticed Mia Kyle’s disappearance. Perhaps they had been near Secret Garden all this time and did not take Mia Kyle away, so Neil Brown could not find any clues of the kidnappers beyond Secret Garden. Thinking of this, Kevin Kyle suddenly stood up. The second speculation was very likely to be correct. Mia Kyle must be near Secret Garden. After coming to this conclusion, Kevin Kyle quickly called Neil Brown. Neil Brown also received reports from his team that Mia Kyle shouldn’t be too far away after returning from the garbage disposal station. As long as they narrowed down the range of search for Mia, as well as sealing the boundaries of Seaview Bay, they would definitely find the person they were looking for. As he hung up the phone, Kevin Kyle massaged his temples. He had a gut feeling that the HDR virus seemed to be spreading throughout his body. If he didn’t seek treatment soon, it would be very difficult for his eyes to recover completely in the future. He can’t worry about this now. The most important thing for him was to find Mia Kyle and get her back in one piece. If anything happened to her, her mother couldn’t bear the consequences. “Kevin, it’s time to take your medicine.” Karen Daly reminded him and handed him his medicine. “This medicine doesn’t help me, and it’s very bitter. Can I not eat it?” Kevin Kyle hated taking medicines ever since he was a child. In order to improve his immunity and to prevent getting sick, he was very particular about his food intake and kept exercising since he was very young. That was why he had such a good physique now. Karen Daly handed him the pills anyway, “Mr. Kyle, do you need me to ask Little Karen to feed you your medications?” Little Karen knew that when one gets sick, one has to take medicine obediently to recover. However, her father surprisingly did not understand this sentiment. At the mention of Little Karen, Kevin Kyle had no way out. So he took the pills and ate them obediently. “Look, I’ve finished it.” Good boy.” Karen Daly smiled and rubbed up and left quickly. “Woof, woof his hea She got When Karen Daly came out of the study room, she saw that Momo was standing on the balcony of the second floor. She was looking at the direction of Secret Gardens outdoor swimming pool and barked non-stop. Momo was a very good dog. She was mostly quiet, but today she seemed to behave a little odd. Momo didn’t attract Karen Daly’s attention initially. Karen Daly then paid attention after a while. As Karen Daly approached Momo, Momo kept barking and circling around. She seemed to have something to say “Baby Momo, what’s wrong?” Karen Daly squatted down and picked her up. She tried to understand Momo’s intentions. “Woof, woof-” She still shook her head and wagged her tail. Momo was trying hard to tell Karen Daly something. “Momo, do you want me to go there and have a look?” Karen Daly pointed to the swimming pool and asked gently. “Woof, woof, woof…” She answered Karen Daly’s question with a loud bark. Momo wanted Karen Daly to head over to the swimming pool outside, “Okay. I’ll go and have a look.” Karen Daly put Momo down and rubbed its head. “Baby, go and play with Little Karen.” Although it was raining heavily outside, Karen Daly still held an umbrella and went out to see what was going on. She knew that the little dog was very intelligent. If Momo found some clues about Mia’s disappearance and she didn’t follow up, she would feel sorry for the rest of her life. The rainstorm was getting heavier. How could an ordinary umbrella withstand it? As soon as she walked out of the door, the umbrella in her hand was blown away and she was soaked in rain. Karen Daly was shivering, but she didn’t retreat. Instead, she continued to move forward in the strong wind and rain towards the swimming pool. As Karen Daly was walking, she couldn’t see much due to the strong wind disrupting her vision. She continued to walk forward anyway It took her quite a while to get to the swimming pool through the storm. She walked around the pool and did not notice anything odd. Momo wouldn’t have barked so fiercely if there wasn’t a problem. Karen Daly continued to search the place thoroughly, but didn’t find anything unusual. How could this be? Karen Daly still didn’t give up. She carefully looked the surroundings despite the wind and rain, but still didn’t find anything odd. “Did I misunderstand Momo?” Karen Daly couldn’t find anything, so she decided to go back. On the way back, she was shivering so much. She sneezed several times as soon as she entered the house. When she looked up, she saw Kevin Kyle standing near her and staring at her. Karen Daly secretly stuck out her tongue as she knew that he couldn’t see clearly. Otherwise, he would definitely be angry if he knew she was drenched. “Kevin, the wind…” Before Karen finished her sentence, she was interrupted by Kevin Kyle. “Karen, do you think you are still a child?” “Why are you so fierce? What did I do?” Karen Daly argued as she noticed how stern Kevin Kyle was. Hearing Karen Daly’s question, Kevin Kyle’s tone became even colder. “Don’t you know that you can’t go out on a rainy day? Where’s your common sense? How old are you? Don’t you know that you should take good care of yourself?” Kevin Kyle’s tone was very serious, just like a disciplinarian. He did not give Karen Daly any chance for rebuttal. She glanced at him and turned away to leave. She knew he meant well, so she did not want to argue further. She was just about to walk away and Kevin Kyle stopped her. He pulled her into his arms strongly. “Let me go.” Karen was angry and pushed him away. However, Kevin Kyle grabbed her by her waist and brought her upstairs. It was as if she weighed nothing at all. Karen Daly was starting to doubt if Kevin Kyle managed to get his vision back. “Kevin, what are you doing?” “I’m going to teach you a lesson!” Kevin Kyle was mad that she rushed out in the storm, neglecting her health and safety. Did she not remember that she was a mother and a wife?

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