My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 409

Mia Kyle woke up again, but this time she was slightly unconscious. Her vision was blurred, so she couldn’t see anything clearly She could only hear the sound of water dripping. The dripping sound was rhythmic, echoing a clock’s movement. Mia Kyle felt that her life seemed to be slipping away with the sound of the water drops, like it was counting down to her death. She was thirsty and wanted to drink water, but she couldn’t move. She couldn’t open her eyes nor could she speak, so she just licked her lips. “What? You want to pretend to be dead? Do you think that I will let you go if you stay still?” The cold voice of the kidnapper could be heard again, but she had no strength left to argue with him. It didn’t matter anymore. She gave up. She didn’t want to hold on anymore, and had no strength left to fight. She could feel that the blood in her body was slowly flowing away, and her life was was getting drained away as well When she touched her blood, she could only feel the warmth of the blood turned cold. She was losing her consciousness. She wanted to just sleep everything off, so that she would no longer feel pain and the despair of death. However, just as she was about to fall asleep, the annoying kidnapper grew angry and kicked her in the abdomen again. Mia Kyle was so weak that she didn’t even have the strength to cry out in pain. The kick was rough and strong, but she couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t react nor could she resist. “I won’t let you die!” The kidnapper repeated the same words. He sounded gloomy and horrible, but Mia Kyle was already numb to them as she had heard too many threats. “You’d better let me die. Please don’t torture me anymore and just let me die quickly,” Mia Kyle wanted to say those words, but she was too weak to speak. She could die quickly if the kidnapper slash her one more time. She was at a state where she was fading away. Her body could not support her anymore. The pain in her throat was unbearable if she opens her mouth. She really didn’t know how long could she stay in such agony. Maybe it would be an hour, maybe ten minutes, maybe a little longer, maybe less… In short, Mia Kyle knew that she would die any time. She would disappear completely from this world and she would never see those people she loved. There were so many people who she loved… She still wanted to go back to her parents’ arms and be in their embrace. She wanted to pinch Little Karen’s face. She also wanted to fool around with her cold brother, and she wanted to ask her sister-in-law for relationship advices with Neil Brown… Neil Brown When she thought of this name, she regained some consciousness. But soon, she realized that she might never see him again in this life. Mia Kyle’s heart ached uncontrollably. She felt a sharp pain in her chest. Compared with her heartache, the injuries on her body were nothing. In this life, her dream was to marry him and raise a family with him. Now, she was going to die. The wish to marry Neil Brown had yet to be fulfilled, and now it is becoming impossible. As she thought more about him, the tears flow down from the corner of Mia Kyle’s eyes. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to see that person again. She wanted to have a chance to fight with him and be with him. Just as Mia Kyle consciousness was drifting away, someone suddenly lifted her up again and threw her into water. As she lay in cold water with her skin and injuries exposed, she felt incredible pain. “Lie down here. If you’re lucky, Neil Brown and the rest may find you before you die.” In a trance, she seemed to hear someone talking. The voice sounded weird and she could not recognize it. Mia Kyle tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids were heavy. She tried her best anyway, but she could only see a little. She saw a lonely figure gradually walk out of her sight. It seemed that the demon had finally left. Mia Kyle didn’t care who it was earlier. She was so thirsty that she didn’t mind the water and took two gulps. She gradually felt better and regained consciousness. Since no one bothered her anymore, she closed her eyes. She felt so dizzy that she was about to fall asleep. She had heard people say that you’ll need to remain awake if you’re injured and cannot fall asleep. Otherwise, you might not be able to wake up again. Mia Kyle tried very hard to keep herself awake, but she did not have any strength left in her. She really wanted to open her eyes and take a look at the world again. She wanted to see the man she had loved for ages. “Mia!” “Humph… Mia Kyle shrugged the voice off, “Do we hallucinate when we are about to die? Do I really get to see the person I want to see the most before I die?” “Wake up. Mia!” Along with Neil Brown’s demanding tone of voice, Mia Kyle felt that she fell into his warm and strong arms. This illusion was too real, as if Neil Brown was really holding her. She could feel the sharp lines of his muscles when she lay in his arms. “Neil, you know I can’t make it anymore. I’d like to thank you for being in my mind just to send me off,” Mia Kyle thanked him profusely in her mind. Besides thanking him, she also had a lot of things she wanted to say to him. Even if she was dead, she wanted him to remember her. “Neil, in our next lives, it’s your turn to go for me instead,” Mia Kyle said. “Neil, do you know why my stage name is Polaris?” she asked. “Mia, shut up!” Neil Brown yelled. “Haha,” Mia Kyle let out a soft laugh and she looked extremely sad. Her pale face still looked so beautiful as she tried hard to chuckle. “Neil, why do you have to be so fierce even in my dream? I’m dying, yet you still asked me to shut up. Who else could I speak to in the future?” she said. She whispered softly, and her voice radiated a sense of pain and hopelessness, just like her fight for Neil Brown’s love. There was a smile on her lips, but tears slipped down from the corners of her eyes onto Neil Brown’s hand. Neil Brown was not an illusion. As he felt his tears on his hand, he almost cried out in pain. He held Mia Kyle tighter and whispered in a gentle tone, “Shh, we can catch up later.” After that, he picked Mia Kyle up and rushed out. But Mia Kyle still had a lot of things to say. Even if she was dying, she still wanted to tell Neil Brown what was on her mind.

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