My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 410

 Mia Kyle knew that she did not have much time left, so she tried to seize every minute and second to tell him her deepest thoughts. Even if she died and disappeared from the world, she still wanted him to remember her. She did not want him to forget about her. Yes, she was such a wicked and selfish girl. She was going to die, but she still wanted to guilt trip Neil Brown. “Neil, do you know why my stage name is Polaris?” Mia Kyle smiled widely as she asked. She chose this stage name because Neil Brown always enjoyed watching the stars, and his favorite was the north star, Polaris. Neil Brown was just like her north star, who had always been her guide and direction… “Neil, you definitely don’t know that you are my north star, you are always my guide forward,” she said. After saying that, she smiled again, and tears continued to roll down from the corner of her eyes silently. He didn’t know this before. Now he did. She was about to leave this world and go to another world soon. In another world, her biological parents would be there. They had been apart for more than 20 years. It would be good to see them again! Mia Kyle’s arm was swaying downwards feebly. She gently closed her eyes and smiled lightly. Before she swallowed her last breath and pass on, the last person she saw was Neil Brown. She could hear him speaking anxiously when he was worried about her. How should she describe this feeling? It was very blissful! But at the same time, it was depressing. She felt blissful as she could see Neil Brown one last time before she leaves. That was her last wish. She felt depressed that this would be the last time she saw him and she would never see him again in the future. If there was really a next life, she hoped that she could meet Neil Brown again and she hoped that she could still pursue him passionately Ugh- Why was she so pathetic! “Mia, who allows you to die? I’ll kill anyone who dares to take you away without my permission!” Neil Brown held Mia Kyle tightly and shouted hysterically, However, Mia Kyle had fainted and could no longer hear him. She said that he was her north star and he was her guide. In fact, she had been his north star for so many years. Because of her, he knew how to live his life. But why? He had already found her and held her in his arms. She was finally in his embrace, but she still left him. “Mia, wake up! You cannot die. Do you hear me? Do you hear me?” Neil Brown held Mia Kyle very tight and he was yelling. His voice was so loud that you could feel the vibrations through the walls of the underground tunnel. It took him a lot of time to find the passage to the underground tunnel. When he found the entrance, he immediately rushed in. After turning through many corners, he saw a small room in front of him. There was a lamp hanging at the door, lighting up the entire room. When he opened the door, he saw Mia Kyle lying in a pool of blood. Her face was pale, and the white T-shirt on her body had been stained red. The red blood was in stark contrast with her pale, colourless face. She was covered in cuts and wounds and blood was still gushing out from her wounds. The whole room was filled with the smell of blood, and the water had turned red too… But she was still smiling. When she saw him, she smiled. She was still laughing and spoke with him affectionately even as she was dying. She said that she was worried that she wouldn’t have a chance to say her piece again in the future. “Mia! Mia Kyle! Wake up!” He shouted her name. He ran faster and faster like she was rushing against time. Finally, Neil Brown escaped from the dark basement with Mia Kyle in his arms. He rushed into the military car and said, “Save her immediately. We must bring her back to life!” “Yes,” The military doctor who followed Neil Brown immediately treated Mia Kyle. Her body was covered with many cuts and wounds, each of the cut was so deep that her bones could be seen. It took the doctor a long time just to stop the bleeding. Neil Brown stood next to him and he was clenching his fists. He looked like he came from hell and he was surrounded by rage. The typhoon was still hitting the city and storms were getting stronger. However, compared with the storm, Neil Brown was more terrifying. Although Neilwas always hostile towards Mia Kyle and treated her coldly, people around him knew that Mia Kyle was his one true love. If anything happened to Mia, their Captain Brown might really just blow up the base camp, as what Mia always claimed she would do. Mia Kyle was rescued successfully, but no one around her could let out a smile. Kevin Kyle used his status and money to recruit all the best medical doctors over to treat her. However, since she was severely injured and hurt, there was no sign that she would wake up soon. There were twelve cuts all over Mia Kyle’s body and she had lost too much blood. The doctor said it was a miracle that she didn’t die on the spot. “Miracle?” Neil Brown said. Sitting beside Mia Kyle’s bed, Neil Brown stared at her pale face and felt a fire burning in his heart. Mia Kyle was impatient, stubborn, and strong… Since she lived through a miracle, she could live through a second miracle again. She had such a strong personality, how could she be willing to die this early without fulfilling her wish to marry Neil Brown? “Wake up, Mia,” Neil Brown ushered. As long as she was willing to wake up, he would do everything for her. As long as she could wake up, he would really allow her to blow up his base camp at the military region. However, Mia Kyle was still unconscious and could not hear his voice. She was once a little annoying woman who could not shut up, and now she was lying on the bed, lifeless. It felt like she was really gone… Neil Brown reached out to hold her cold hands in his warm hands. He held her so tightly that she just wanted to revive her. “Uncle.” Little Karen’s voice suddenly disrupted Neil Brown’s thoughts. He turned around and saw her walking toward him slowly with her tiny legs. Neil Brown waited for her to come close and reached out to rub her head. “Baby, why are you here?” Little Karen blinked her big bright eyes and looked at her Little Aunt lying on the bed. She said softly, “I’m here to fix my Little Aunt up.”

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