My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 411

Little Karen was very concerned when she heard that her Little Aunt had gotten injured. She had band-aids in the backpack that she carries around, along with some tapes and small toys to give Little Aunt a quick fix. She hoped that she could get better soon so they can play together again. She sat on the edge of the bed as she held Mia Kyle’s hand and blew on it, “Little Aunt, I’m gonna blow on your injuries so that it won’t hurt anymore.” Mia Kyle used to blow and kiss on her injuries when she got hurt, and she would instantly feel better. She could only hope that if she did the same, her Little Aunt will get better soon. Neil Brown held her in his arms and gently caressed her back, “Little Karen, tell Little Aunt that you miss her very much and you want her to wake up soon.” Of course, I do miss her very much.” Little Karen said innocently. She was wondering why hasn’t her Little Aunt woken up yet. Little Karen frowned and was about to cry when she saw the many bandages on Little Aunt’s body. Little Aunt must be in a lot of pain “I’m sure Little Aunt will get better soon, since she knows now that Little Karen misses her so much.” Neil Brown patted lightly on Little Karen’s head and silently took a deep breath.. Perhaps Mia Kyle was disappointed and had completely given up on the world. Maybe there’s nothing else that she could live for, and that’s why she’s refusing to wake up. She had been the one pursuing him for years, and he was always the one who acted coldly. Perhaps she had finally lost hope on him. Just thinking about it made Neil Brown’s heart ache so much that it hurt physically. What would he do if she was gone? Kevin Kyle’s parents and Karen Daly were outside the ward. Kevin Kyle was absent, because he was with Nick Black to locate the kidnapper. Neil Brown had been in a state of panic ever since Mia Kyle’s kidnapping incident. At this rate, if Mia still did not recover, he was not going to be able to get anything done. So the responsibility of looking for the perpetrator fell naturally on Kevin Kyle’s shoulders. The kidnapper had already fled by the time Neil Brown found Mia Kyle yesterday evening. There weren’t any clues that were left behind. “Another case without any leads, the same modus operandi as Warren Silas’ murder at the military prison.” Kevin Kyle squinted his eyes as he crossed his legs, his slender fingers tapping on the leather couch rhythmically. His gaze looked calm, but he hid his frustrations well. No one had ever dared to test his limits or cross his line. Nick Black stood obediently by a corner and looked like he has something to say, but he chose not to in the end. After a lot of thinking, Kevin Kyle spoke steadily, “Nick, get someone to investigate Warren Silas’ rap sheet, including everyone he’s ever hurt before, then run a background check on them. The murderer held Mia Kyle captive, but he didn’t take her life. So clearly it wasn’t because he was pressed for time, but he must have some other reason. “Yes.” Nick Black heard his instructions, but he didn’t leave immediately. With a stutter in his voice, he said, “Director Kevin, there’s one more thing.” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows as he looked at Nick Black seriously. “When have you learnt to beat around the bush?” Kevin Kyle may be partially blind, but Neil Black could still sense the anger behind his look. To which he replied hastily, “It’s Amelia Gray. Captain Brown’s men mentioned that she may be going insane, as she has been rambling in the prison cell every day. So I thought that since I know her better, i’d go and have a listen, just to see if I can get any useful information from her.” After listening to Nick Black, Kevin Kyle said, “To pay her another visit. Warren Silas was dead, so was Hart, so Amelia Gray’s the only one left and she’s locked up in Chatterton Town’s military region. Warren Silas’ murder could be coming after her next, so how could she not go insane? She was probably acting mad to attract attention, so she would be able to meet up with the people she wanted to meet. He could pay her another visit to see if there’s anything else that she would like to say to him. Kevin Kyle had always been a man of his word. He said that he’ll pay Amelia Gray a visit, and he did. Amelia Gray rushed over like a maniac to try to grab a hold of Kevin Kyle when she saw him at the window of her prison cell. Kevin Kyle just took a step back, and Amelia Gray was obstructed by the steel bars. “Kevin…Amelia Gray no longer addressed him as Director Kevin, but she called out his name instead, “Are you here to see me?” Kevin Kyle couldn’t see the expression on Amelia Gray’s face clearly, but he frowned just by hearing her voice. Not a lot of people would call him that. His parents and the other older relatives called him Matthew, while everyone else addressed him as Director Kevin or Mr. Kyle, Karen Daly was one of the few people who would directly addressed him by “Kevin”. Every time that Karen Daly had gently called out his name, he felt as if it was the sweetest- sounding music in the world. However, as the word “Kevin” came out of Amelia Gray’s mouth, Kevin Kyle felt extremely disgusted. He raised his eyebrows and took another step back. He wanted to be even further away from the woman. “Kevin, you’re here to see me, I know that. I know you must be here to see me, right?” Amelia Gray gradually let out a crooked smile, like a little girl who’s finally meeting her long-lost love. He finally understood what Nick Black meant by “gone mad”. Kevin Kyle didn’t bother to stay any longer as he turned around and wanted to leave, but Amelia Gray spoke quickly, “Director Kevin, I have the cure for your eyes.” Kevin Kyle stopped and turned around as he responded coldly, “Tell me.” “I didn’t just drug you with the HDR virus, there was another drug.” As she was speaking, Amelia Gray began smiling like a mad person, “Even if the scientists could come up with the antidote for the HDR virus, they still won’t be able to get rid of all the toxins in your body. You don’t have much time left, and with every gradual delay, you could lose your eyesight forever.” Kevin Kyle still acted coldly, “You are disclosing all these just for me to have you released?” Amelia Gray shook her head and said, “No, I just want to go back to being by your side, to continue being your assistant, to continue running errands for you. You’ll still be my boss and I’m just your employee. I won’t harbour any inappropriate feelings for you.” “Are these your only conditions?” Kevin Kyle smiled faintly Although he looked so handsome when he smiled, but at the same time, he looked so intimidating that you could feel chills down your spine. There’s no way that Amelia Gray would only have these conditions, there had to be something else. “Of course, there is one other condition.” Amelia Gray stared at Kevin Kyle, and she continued speaking slowly, “You’ll need get rid of Karen Daly, and never ever let her return to your side.”

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