My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 412

As long as Kevin Kyle would get rid of Karen Daly, and he remained single, they could start over. She would remain by his side without anybody else except for Nick Black, just like old times. She was content with just that. She would no longer think about Warren Silas and Assistant Hart. She would stay with Kevin Kyle and be his most loyal guardian. Amelia Gray looked at Kevin Kyle expectantly. She Was salivating in her mouth and her chest was beating very fast while she anxiously waited for his answer. She thought that Kevin Kyle would rather have his eyesight restored than to keep Karen Daly around. After all, she was just another woman in his life. He would have opted to give Karen Daly up! But the reply that Amelia Gray received from Kevin Kyle was a chuckle. It was subtle, yet enough to send warnings over. “You’ve been by my side for many years, you should know me better.” Kevin Kyle looked at her as he smiled sarcastically, like she was nothing but a clown making a fool of herself. Asking him to get rid of Karen Daly, what a joke! If there were people in the world that could take Karen Daly away from him in this lifetime, he’d rather be dead. “Kevin, I’m trying to help you. Don’t sacrifice the opportunity to restore your eyesight for a woman.” Amelia Gray was still calling out for him as he turned his back, but he kept walking forward. He wanted to seal that mad woman’s mouth shut badly, so that she could no longer call his name for the rest of her life. Kevin Kyle rushed to the hospital to see Mia Kyle after leaving the Chatterton Town military region. She was yet to have awaken from her coma, but her vitals had become relatively stable He took Karen Daly and Little Karen home, and left Neil Brown to look after Mia Kyle. He was hoping that this would serve as a wake up call for him to realize how important Mia was in his life. Besides, Neil Brown needed to reflect on his past behaviors and actions so Mia would not get hurt anymore. Upon returning home, Little Karen couldn’t wait to go play with Brother Lionel Karen Daly was making her way to the kitchen to prepare Kevin Kyle’s medications. As soon as she turned around, she was held by Kevin Kyle. He gave her a light massage and whispered, “Why haven’t you said anything today?” “Stop it!” Karen Daly snapped at Kevin Kyle as she was still very worried over Mia Kyle’s condition. “I want to hear you call my name.” He needed to get rid of the memories of Amelia Gray calling his name badly. It was hard to imagine a cold and aloof man like Kevin Kyle suddenly requesting for some love and affection. It left Karen Daly a little stunned as she asked nervously, “What’s wrong? Are you feeling alright?” She quickly reached her hand out to touch his forehead, and she compared the body temperature with her own. “You’re not having a fever. Are you hurt?” “I’m fine.” Kevin Kyle grabbed her frantic hands and said, “Say my name, I want to hear your voice calling for me.” “Kevin, how old are you?” He might seem fine on the outside, but he was acting so unusual that she was feeling uneasy. “Just a few more times.” “Come on.” “Go away.” “Are you going to say my name now, or do you want to say it tonight?” What a shameless man! “Kevin, Kevin, Kevin.” Karen Daly called his name a few times in a row, then glared softly at him, “Happy now?” “No.” Kevin Kyle maintained his grip on Karen Daly, unwilling to let her go. “Kevin, did something happen?” She couldn’t take anymore bad news. “No, it’s okay now.” Kevin Kyle smiled as he was satisfied. He enjoyed hearing Karen Daly calling out for him, even if she was angry, it was still music to his ears. “Are you sure you’re alright?” The man was acting strange ever since he reached the hospital. He kept bugging her and stuck close with her, like glue to paper, “I just like to hear you call out for me.” He liked to hear her calling out for him intimately, gently, angrily… The man was terrible at romance, but his gesture made Karen Daly blush anyway, “You are so annoying!” “Yes, I get it now.” “What do you mean?” She was just joking earlier and she didn’t mean it. “Karen..” Kevin Kyle hugged her as tightly as he could and gently rested his chin against the top of her head, “It feels so good to have you by my side!” “I will stay with you forever, and no one can separate us from each other ever again.” She reached out to hold him and snuggled up in his warm embrace. As long as she had him by her side, no matter how great the problem was, she would not be afraid, and instead, she would have the confidence to deal with it calmly. She was not asking for much. She just wanted for the both of them, and their Little Karen, to be safe and sound and to live a peaceful life, now and forever. “Karen..” Kevin Kyle gently lifted her chin up. He wanted to see her face clearly, but she was still a blurred image in his eyes The biggest downside about him being blind was that he couldn’t decipher all the lovely expressions on her face. “Kevin, have you found any leads on the person who hurt Mia?” Karen Daly was still very concerned about Mia Kyle. At the same time, she was worried that since the culprit escaped, he was still at large, and they would never know when he was going to attack. That made it harder for them to find him. “Don’t worry about it. You have me.” That was not enough. Being partially blind, it meant that he’s one of the victims as well. What if he was the killer’s next target? What would happen then? As long as the murderer was not in custody, Karen Daly would have to be on high alert at all times. She did not even have the courage to drop Little Karen off at the kindergarten The doctors had yet to come up with a cure for Kevin Kyle’s eyes, and that worried her even more. She had so many things to be worried about right now, such as Mama Kyle’s health, Mia Kyle’s injury… All the worries, but she could only bury them deep in her heart. She did not want Kevin Kyle to worry about her. “Mommy, sister Momo is sick.” Little Karen rushed over with Momo in her arms. However, she ran too fast and accidentally slipped, then she fell to the ground with Momo still in her arms. They fell at the same time, and Little Karen accidentally landed on Momo and the dog whined in pain. Little Karen instantly burst into tears because she felt very sorry. “Baby, it’s okay. Can I check on Momo?” Karen Daly quickly helped Little Karen and Momo up. “Boohoo.” “Sarabelle, call the veterinarian.” Before Karen Daly could even get a hold of Momo’s condition, Kevin Kyle had already informed the housekeeper to call for the vet. A few years ago, when Karen Daly left, the previous Momo went on a hunger strike and eventually the dog passed away. Kevin Kyle couldn’t save her and it remained as a thorn in his heart. Despite having another Pomeranian that looked almost identical to their previous Momo, Kevin Kyle had yet to recover from the the image of Momo swallowing her last breath in front of him. The previous Momo had thought that her owner had left the world, so she went on a hunger strike to end her own life too.

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