My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 413

It didn’t take long for the vet to arrive. After a thorough examination, the vet said that Momo was down with the flu due to the sudden change in weather and a change in her diet. Little Karen was ecstatic upon knowing that Momo was alright, but Kevin Kyle was the most relieved. Regardless of which Momo it was, they were both bearing witnesses of his marriage with Karen Daly, so he would not allow anything to happen to Momo. “Little Karen, you must take good care of your sister. If she’s not feeling well, you need to stay beside her, but don’t hug her too tight.” Karen Daly patiently explained the situation to Little Karen. “Okay, I will take good care of her” Little Karen nodded considerately. She will protect Momo well. Karen Daly looked up and saw Kevin Kyle letting out his sigh of relief. She held his hand and said gently, “Momo’s okay, don’t worry.” Kevin Kyle had told her about their previous Momo, and even she got emotionally affected just by hearing about Momo. Karen Daly couldn’t imagine what was it like for Kevin Kyle to witness the passing of Momo with his own eyes, but she could understand how painful of a memory it was. “Yeah.” Kevin Kyle nodded and said again, “I have to go handle some things at work. You’ve been busy for the whole day now, go get some rest.” “No. You have to rest too.” Karen Daly leaned onto Kevin Kyle, not allowing him to leave. She needed to keep an eye on him, because she didn’t want him to keep working even when he’s ill. She would watch him closely in the future and take good care of him. He needed to have some form of work-life balance and not work endlessly. The atmosphere was still pretty tense in the hospital, The doctors were kept on their toes while they performed routine examinations on Mia Kyle, and none of them dared to look at Neil Brown straight in the eye. One mistake, and they risked being thrown out of the window by the formidable Captain Brown. “Water” Just as the doctors were caught up in fear, Mia Kyle let out a weakly utter. Mia’s voice was soft, but it was enough for everyone to hear. She still sounded so sweet. When Neil Brown heard her voice, he was instantly alerted composed himself. His nearly withered heart had instantly came back to life. “Water!” Neil Brown shouted, and rushed towards her side immediately. He picked up the glass from the bedside table to feed her some water. The doctor immediately stopped him and reasoned, “Captain Brown, she’s not allowed to drink too much water in this condition, we need to start by just allowing water on her lips and tongue first.” Neil Brown glared at him and said, “Hurry up then, what are you waiting for?” The doctor was merely providing some helpful advise but he had frightened the doctor with his fierceness immediately They all thought, this guy was like a grenade, and h was just waiting to blow up anytime. Isn’t he worried that he might scare the beautiful lady lying on the hospital bed? “Water -” Mia Kyle repeated softly. The water on her lips wasn’t enough, and she was almost dying of thirst. Neil Brown snatched the cup and cotton swab from the doctor’s grip, dipping the latter into the former and moving it towards Mia Kyle’s lips. He had spent most of his time in the military zone, and if he had learned anything, it would be how speed transcends everything. He walked with the wind on his trail, so naturally, everything he did was at top speed. He reacted quickly, but that did not mean that he did not know how to be gentle. He had to pause significantly before approaching her, just as a reminder to be as soft as possible. Mia Kyle was like a fragile doll now. He understood that his loud voice would be enough to scare her to death. So he was trying his best to be as gentle as possible for Mia Kyle, it was an awkward yet adorable demeanour. “Come, I’ll dab the water onto your lips first before giving you water.” He was being as gentle as possible, but it probably wasn’t gentle enough. “Water – Mia Kyle was not satisfied. Her eyes remained close as she called out for more water. “She’s asking for water, but you said that all I can do is to keep her lips moist. Have you all gone deaf?” Neil Brown was venting all his worries for Mia Kyle by scolding the doctors. “Quiet!” Mia Kyle just wanted a drink of water, but now she was getting frustrated. “Okay, okay. Let’s get you some water.” Neil Brown didn’t mind that Mia Kyle was scolding him in front of everyone, and he continued to rub her temples gently. It was so nice that she had finally regained consciousness, that she was talking to him! Mia Kyle’s condition improved after having a few sips of water, and she blinked her eyes for a little while before slowly opening them. She scanned the room with her eyes, and her eyes were then fixed on Neil Brown Neil Brown! Was it really Neil Brown? She was confused, because she remembered that Neil Brown did not look that old, and neither would he grow out his facial hair and look so unkempt. Neil Brown may be an army guy, but he still paid attention to his personal hygiene. Mia Kyle was even more absolute that the person in front of her was not him. If he wasn’t Neil Brown, then who was this guy, leaning in so close to her? Mia Kyle looked at him with disdain in her eyes. She did not care much for this old, ugly, and messy-looking guy. Neil Brown caught on to Mia Kyle’s skeptical look and he panicked. Did Mia hate him so much that she was doubting him? Neil Brown took a deep breath in and moved to place his hand on her forehead. Then, he heard her say, “Hands off, don’t touch me!” Her voice sounded frail, but everyone heard it loud and clear. They looked at Neil Brown with sympathy, but he didn’t care to stop, and continued to touch her forehead. He cooed, “You just woke up, and you’re still feeling a little weak. Don’t talk so much.” Neil Brown? Why did the man sound so much like Neil Brown? Although, he was acting much gentler than Neil Brown Mia Kyle was getting increasingly confused and she asked directly, “You’re Neil Brown?” A lot of time had passed since she had regain consciousness, but apparently her mind was still in a daze. She couldn’t recognize him at all. She wasn’t just shutting him out, she just couldn’t tell that it was him. That made Neil Brown feel a little relieved. Just as Neil Brown breathed out a sigh of relief, he heard the agitation in Mia’s voice, “Neil, you’re dead too!” Oh, and he died looking so ugly. He must have been struck to death by lightning. He deserved that. He deserved that for all the times he used to treat her like nothing. This was great. She died with him right on her trail. He’d never be able to get rid of her now even in her afterlife. Neil Brown’s lips twitched a little when he heard what Mia Kyle said, then he answered seriously, “Don’t worry, we’re still alive. No one’s dead.” “Stop trying to make me feel better. It’s just death, what’s there to be afraid of?” She felt very happy to still be able to stay close to Neil Brown even when she had died. “You’re lucky. Hades was reluctant to take you in.” Neil replied. Although Mia Kyle’s voice was weak, but as long as she could respond to him, this probably meant that she was getting better.

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