My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 414

Mia Kyle let out a soft sigh. “Neil Brown, just admit that you’re dead. Since you’re dead anyway, so just live with the truth. Why are you putting yourself through all the trouble?” The fact was, she could understand where Neil Brown was coming from. He was the almighty military commander of the Chatterton Town military region, only in his thirties, and there was a lot for him to live for… Unfortunately he had died a sudden death, and being struck by lightning, no one would be delighted to take his place either Mia Kyle really wanted to give him a pat on the shoulders and hug him. But she might’ve stretched just a little bit too much and pulled on her own stitches, which made her wince. She was in suddenly pain and couldn’t console Neil Brown anymore. All she wanted was to smack somebody now. “Damn it!” Wasn’t she already dead? But why was she still in so much pain? What unfortunate luck she had as she still felt pain and now she had to face the ugly version of Neil Brown. Someone must have assumed that she was easy to trick just because she had a pretty face. She threw another stone cold glare at Neil Brown! “Fine, you’re right. We’re all dead.” If Mia Kyle were to speak nonsense in the past, Neil Brown would’ve been the first to turn on his heels and leave. But today, he chose to just play along with her. If this girl was going to play dumb, he would play dumb with her. He would do anything to help her recover quickly “Neil, were you actually struck by lightning? She looked at his stubble face with his messy do. How else could he have died if he wasn’t struck by lightning? Mia was slowly running out of ideas to explain his shabby appearance. “Yes, I was struck by lightning.” Neil Brown was blatantly playing along and agreeing to whatever she said. “Good for you!” Mia Kyle looked at him and said, “God knew the bad things you’ve done to be struck by lightning.” Mia Kyle might have said that on the outside, but she felt sad for him on the inside. At this rate, they would never be able to get rid of each other. Just when she was made up her mind to give up on him, they were reunited again. It seemed that he would be bothering her a lot in the future… When the thought crossed her mind, Mia Kyle started checking Neil Brown out properly. This version of Neil Brown looked absolutely hideous. His beard wasn’t shaved, and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked as if he had aged in decades overnight. She felt disgusted at his face. He looked so ugly that no other ghosts would probably even take him in. But if he was begging her to keep him, she might do it. Neil could tell that Mia probably had millions of nonsensical thoughts running in her head again. However, this absurd little girl was the real Mia Kyle. He rubbed her temples and gave her a light massage. As gentle as he can, he said, “Go ahead and tell the doctors where it hurts, they’ll help you.” “Everywhere hurts.” Had the man gone blind? Couldn’t he see that she was wounded everywhere? She didn’t think that there would be doctors treating her in the afterlife, even more so in a deluxe suite. In terms of treatment, it was really not that different with the level of care she’d been receiving when she was alive. Neil Brown’s face turned gloomy as he continued to endure her nonsense. Everyone knew that she was probably just readjusting after waking up from her coma, so he figured that he should be kinder to her. The doctors who were right beside them were completely left in the dark as the two of them were conversing. The doctors seemed embarrassed as well. They just stood still until one of them was pushed to speak up. “Captain Brown, since Miss Kyle has awoken from her coma, it means that the worst is over. In the mean time, we just have to make sure that none of her wounds get infected and she’ll be just fine.” Mia Kyle immediately asked, “Why will my wound still get infected if I’m dead?” The doctor smiled and said, “Miss Kyle, you must be joking. You have Captain Brown with you throughout this journey, so how would you have died?” The doctors there would never be able to forget the image of Neil Brown rushing towards the ambulance, holding Mia Kyle in his arms. That was a Neil Brown who had been overwhelmed by rage. He left an impression that as long as Mia Kyle was hurt, he would destroy the world. “Am I really not dead?” Mia Kyle was so excited that she accidentally stretched her stitches and cried out in pain. “Don’t move.” Neil Brown growled. He reached out to hold her down but he accidentally exerted too much strength and her face turned pale from the immense pain. “Neil Brown, do you wish to murder me?” Was she still on his bad books? Neil Brown knew that it was his fault since he underestimated his strength so he released her immediately. He wanted to apologize, but he couldn’t bring himself to say the words. “Miss Kyle, your wounds are not fully healed so you might not want to move around that much. You wouldn’t want to go through surgery again if you accidentally stretched a little too much.” The doctor came forward to take a look at her wounds, and he was relieved to see that the wounds looked alright. “Okay.” Mia Kyle snorted. She ran out of the little energy, so all she could do was stare at Neil Brown with a sad expression on her face, She was so badly injured that she felt like dying. Yet, Neil Brown acted so mercilessly towards her earlier. She was pissed. “Everyone else can leave now.” Seeing that Mia Kyle was all right, Neil Brown ushered for the rest to leave. He wanted to be the only one by her side. He’d stay by her side no matter what would happen in future. To go through thick and thin with her, and to never let her suffer like this ever again. Mama Kyle was ecstatic when she heard that Mia Kyle had woken up from her coma. She went to the kitchen to make some food immediately. Then, she invited Papa Kyle to go to the hospital with her to bring the meal to Mia Kyle. However, Mama Kyle still had her concerns. She was worried that Mia Kyle would still blame her for what happened to her biological parents. Mama Kyle asked Papa Kyle on the way to the hospital, “Hale, do you think Mia will be willing to see me? Do you think that she’s mad at me? Do you think she will ignore me?” “Foolish.” Papa Kyle gently held Mama Kyle in his arms and assured her, “We raised Mia. Don’t you know what kind of a person she is?” Mama Kyle was still worried, “But, I…” Papa Kyle patted her head gently as he interrupted her and said, “Mia has always been a considerate child. She may lose her way momentarily, but she’ll figure it out what matters in the end. She always does. Besides, I reckon that after her battle with life and death this time, she’s probably worked it all out already.” They were the ones who raised Mia, and they had always loved and doted on her as if she was their own child. They showered the child with so much love over the years. Papa Kyle would be lying if he said he could understand Mia Kyle fully, but he did understand her personality to some degree. Mia Kyle may look strong-willed at times, but she was actually very sentimental, especially when she was with her family. The death of her biological parents would’ve definitely left a huge dent in Mia Kyle’s heart, but all she needed was a little more time, and the knot in her heart would be unraveled soon enough.

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