My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 415

What Papa Kyle said made sense and Mama Kyle understood his words, but she wasn’t ready to let her guard down completely, yet. The reason for her concern was because she cared too much about Mia Kyle in the first place. She would be devastated if the child that she had been raising for the past decade suddenly turns her back on her. Mama Kyle arrived at the hospital, on edge, to find that Mia Kyle had fallen asleep again. She saw Neil Brown right by her side. Mia Kyle used to be a ball full of energy, but right now, she looked so weak and fragile like she was going to break into pieces any time soon. Mama Kyle couldn’t help but feel that her heart was being stabbed by a dagger. She felt a sharp pain in her chest, and she started tearing up. “Mia is okay. Don’t cry.” Papa Kyle put his arms around her shoulders as he comforted her. “I feel sorry for her.” Mama Kyle wiped her tears away. If she could endure all the suffering for Mia Kyle, she would “Mom, don’t be sad. I’m fine.” Mia Kyle’s frail voice suddenly came about in Mama Kyle’s ears. Hearing her voice, Mama Kyle held Mia Kyle’s hand in hers as she said, “Mia, thank you for still acknowledging me as your mother.” All of Mama Kyle’s worries had vanished the moment she heard Mia calling out for her. Maybe she was overthinking about everything Mia Kyle answered weakly, “Mom, I will always be your daughter for as long as you want me to.” Mia Kyle had never thought of putting the blame on Mame Kyle. From the bottom of her heart, Mama Kyle was undeniably her real mother and she knew that the death of her biological parents had nothing to do with Mama Kyle. “Of course, you will always be my daughter.” Mama Kyle reached her hand to touch Mia Kyle’s forehead, “You’ll always be my child, and a child of the Kyle family.” Mia Kyle felt emotional when she heard the words coming out of Mama’s Kyle mouth. All she felt in her heart was warmth and excitement. Mia Kyle finally burst into tears when she called for her mother again. She’s been in pain, because every wound on her body had been hurting ever since she woke up from her coma. However, no matter how painful the injuries were, she hadn’t shed a single tear. Physical pain was something she could handle, because she’d just grit her teeth and get it over with. However, what would really touch her deeply was the love that the Kyle Family has for her. It was the way they still treated her as their own child after everything that has happened. She would only allow herself to be fragile in the face of the people that she loves the most. “Mom.” Mia Kyle cried as she called out to Mama Kyle, sounding as capricious as a little child. If ever a child gets hurt, they would suck it up and face it if they were alone. But as soon as they returned to their mother’s side, all the strength that they had put on as a disguise would fall apart immediately. This was precisely the type of child that Mia Kyle was in front of Mama Kyle. “Mia..” Mama Kyle really wanted to give Mia Kyle a hug, but Mia was suffering from injuries all over her body. She could only make do with holding her hand for now, and her heart ached tremendously for her. “My dear child, you’ve suffered.” “Mom…” Mia Kyle was sobbing and more tears flowed down her face. Mama Kyle’s heart ached even more and her tears wouldn’t stop either. Everyone could hear the sound of these two women crying After crying for a while, Mama Kyle helped to wipe the tears on Mia Kyle’s face, “Mia, you must be in pain.” “Mom, I’m not in pain at all.” She was injured and her injuries hurt her a lot. But as long as she was by her parents’ side, her heart would feel warm and she will no longer be hurting anymore. “Mia…” “Mom, what’s wrong?” Mama Kyle held Mia Kyle’s hand in hers and said, “Mia, will you come home? Come back to the our house, come back to us.” “Mom, I..” Mia Kyle couldn’t reject Mama Kyle, so for a moment, she didn’t know how to give her a reply. She did not have enough dignity to return to the Kyle family. Whenever she thought about how her own grandfather had caused so much harm to the Kyle family. Mia wanted nothing more than to hide away from the limelight. It wasn’t the fact that she didn’t want to go back to the Kyle family, but it’s the fact that she really couldn’t bring herself to return to that beautiful place anymore. She knew of the despicable things that her own grandfather had done, and it even caused the loss of the grandfather that Kevin Kyle admired. He’d been respecting the “murder” as his own grandfather for so long… There’s no way for her to go back there and accept their love and care. Mama Kyle continued, her voice as light as a feather, “Mia, your dad, your brother, your sister-in-law, and Little Karen, would very much like it if you could come back.” “Mom, thank you, all of you!” Thank you for loving her as much as you did before, even after knowing the truth. Thank you for not abandoning her despite the relationship with her grandfather. “You silly girl, I am your mother. You don’t need to be so courteous with me.” Mama Kyle smiled as she caressed Mia Kyle’s face and said, “Mia, just take good care of yourself for now. We’ll talk about the rest when you feel better.” “Okay.” Mia Kyle nodded. She pressed her lips together, forming a sweet smile. How should she describe the feeling of having her loved ones by her bedside when she’s sick? It felt great! She felt like a prized treasure that her family still cares a lot about! “Brother-in-law, they’ve been in there for a while now, what do you think that they’re talking about?” Neil Brown, who had never been interested in emotional talks, was getting curious of the conversation between the two ladies. “Have you asked Mia yet? About the guy that kidnapped her?” Papa Kyle fully understood that there’s no way to intervene between his wife and his daughter’s conversation, so he struck up a conversation. Besides, he really wanted to know who hurt his daughter. “She just woke up, and her body hasn’t fully recovered yet. I thought that she might still be too traumatized…” Neil Brown paused a while, “Maybe we should wait until she’s much better and ask her then, or if she’s willing to tell us on her own terms.” Mia Kyle had gotten seriously injured when she was kidnapped, and it must’ve cast a huge shadow over her. So the best that they can do right now was to avoid bringing the matter up for as long as they can. Of course, Neil Brown could’ve brought the kidnapper to justice either way, with or without Mia Kyle’s help. No matter how well the person hid, or no matter how long it would take for him to find the person, he’d do it. Papa Kyle shared his concerns, “Matthew’s sent a lot of his men to investigate, but so far they’ve come up empty. The kidnapper couldn’t have picked a better timing, which was right before the typhoon hit. Any evidence that he’d left at the scene could already have been washed away by the rain, as if nothing ever happened in the first place.” “Regardless of how much evidence was destroyed, he won’t be able to escape for long.” Neil Brown clenched his fists at the thought of the kidnapper who hurt Mia Kyle so badly, and his gaze turned cold and fierce. Papa Kyle sighed, “Matthew’s still investigating the matter. He’ll be the first to inform you if he has any news.” “Please let him know to inform me whatever he’s found. I’d like to know which bastard was brave enough to kill civilians in Chatterton Town, in my territory, and he even kidnapped my woman.” It never ended well for those who’ve provoked Neil Brown in the past. And this bastard had taken away his precious Mia Kyle.

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