My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 416

After the typhoon, the temperature of Chatterton Town also dropped and it was getting cold. Autumn was the best season in the year for Chatterton Town. Many families chose to travel to Chatterton Town during this season. After resting for a few days, Mia Kyle’s injuries had been recovering well. Yesterday, the doctor said that she would be discharged from the hospital in a week according to the progress she had made. Mama Kyle was very happy seeing that Mia Kyle was getting better. She even planned for a trip with the family as soon as she came back from the hospital. She thought that when Mia was fully recovered the whole family could go to the Ocean Behae Villa to stay for a few days. The vast sea and the breezy wind would unwind everybody Mama Kyle wasn’t sure if she had overworked herself or she just felt too relieved at Mia Kyle’s condition, but her previous condition worsened again, and she was lying on her bed for most time. While Mama Kyle was in bed, Karen Daly was in charge of delivering soup from the house to the hospital. Since Neil Brown was always in the hospital to take care of Mia Kyle, and Mia looked very happy about this, the Kyle family did not mention anything. They let him stay alongside Mia Kyle all the time. When Karen Daly arrived at the hospital, she saw Neil Brown on the phone in the corridor. As she was quite far away, she couldn’t hear what he said. She noticed the tensed expression from his face and wondered what had happened? Perhaps they still didn’t have any clues about the man who kidnapped Mia. Tha was why he looked so unhappy. Every time she thought about the kidnapper who kidnapped Mia, Karen Daly’s heart would skip a beat, and there was a premonition of something bad happening. When Mia Kyle was being abducted, two strange things happened to Karen Daly. The first was the pair of hand made crystal shoes Little Karen had received, and the other was the anonymous phone call she had received in the middle of the night. Karen Daly did not mention about the crystal shoes to Kevin Kyle. She did not want him to worry unnecessarily about Little Karen and her. As for the anonymous phone call, Kevin Kyle had asked someone to sort the matter out. He even found out the exact location of the person who called her, but there was no way to find out who the person was. They predicted that the person who kidnapped Mia Kyle was the same person who called Karen Daly, but at present, nobody could understand the connection between these two incidents. Kevin Kyle didn’t reveal a lot to Karen Daly regarding the kidnapper who kidnapped Mia, so she didn’t know much details. Karen Daly shook her head and told herself not to think too much. Kevin Kyle and Neil Brown would definitely catch that mystery person. Everything would be fine. She just needed to look after Little Karen carefully, take good care of the whole family, and lessen the burden on Kevin Kyle’s shoulders by handling the little things in the family. She just needed to make sure he had nothing else to worry about Karen Daly took a long breath, threw all her worries behind her, squeezed a smile on her face, and then stepped into the ward. “Sister-in-law, you’re here.” Mia Kyle smiled sweetly at Karen Daly. She looked behind Karen Daly and asked, “Mom didn’t come today?” Karen Daly put down the food and walked to Mia Kyle’s side. She helped her sit up, and then adjusted the over-bed tray in front of her. After that, Karen Daly rubbed Mia’s head and said, “Mom is a not feeling so well today. I’ll be here to keep you company. You don’t like me coming over?” “How could that be?” Mia Kyle took Karen Daly’s hand and held her close. “I like you the most.” “We all know that you are good at sweet-talking.” Karen Daly smiled and said, “Eat quickly, if not you’ll be hungry.” “Karen.” Mia blinked at her and blushed slightly. She said, ” don’t want to eat now. Can you chat with me for a while? I’ll eat when I’m hungry.” She wanted Neil Brown to feed her. She wanted to vent the resentment that she had been suppressing in her heart for so many years and seek for payback. “Okay, then you can eat when you’re hungry.” Mia Kyle was a precious child that everyone treasured. As her sister-in-Law, Karen Daly naturally doted on Mia as if she were a child. Although Karen Daly was only a few years older than Mia, she still regarded herself as a older sister who should take care of Mia. “Karen, how’s Little Karen doing these days? Why doesn’t she come to see me? Has she received my gift? Is she angry with me?” Lying on the hospital bed was boring. Mia Kyle hoped that Little Karen would come and keep her company. Karen Daly replied her gently, “Little Karen has been talking about you a lot. She told me that she hopes you will get well soon and could accompany her to play together.” Mia Kyle twitched her mouth and said sadly, “She just wants to play, she doesn’t really miss me then.” Karen Daly responded, “If she hears you saying that she will definitely be very sad, very sad.” “Then I’ll stop commenting about Little Karen.” Mia Kyle tugged at Karen Daly’s arms in a cute manner. She continued, “Hey, you must not tell Little Karen about this.” Karen Daly laughed a little, “I know that you like her so much. Of course, I will only tell her how much you love her.” “Thank you, sister-in-law!” Mia Kyle leaned over and held Karen Daly’s arm tightly again. “Where is my cold brother? What has he been busy with recently?” “He’s busy looking for the bad guy.” Karen Daly’s expression changed slightly and she continued, “That person was careful enough to not leave behind any clues for us. He had been looking everywhere for so many days, but there was no progress at all.” “It’s all my grandfather’s fault. After all, that person was also a victim.” When she was reminded about the kidnapper, Mia Kyle hated him so much that she wanted him to pay for all her sufferings. But when she woke up again and found that she was still alive, all her hatred seemed to be gone. Especially when she remembered that sad look in his eyes when he mentioned about his daughter, or the kind of remorseful look as he talked about how he could never go back to his daughter’s side although she was still alive. Taking a child away from a pregnant woman by cutting her belly was indeed cruel. Mia Kyle understood why the man wanted to avenge for his daughter. Taking a child away? By cutting her belly? When this sentence appeared in her mind, Mia Kyle suddenly thought of something. Looking at Karen Daly, she thought of everything that Karen Daly had experienced in the past. Wasn’t Little Karen born to this world in the same way that the kidnapper had described? She was being attacked by her grandfather? When she thought of this connection, Mia Kyle’s heart suddenly beat faster. Was the woman in the kidnapper’s story, the one that had gone through so much, none other than Karen Daly? No, no, no, no. Mia shook her head hard and tried to shake off the idea in her mind. It was impossible that this has something to do with her sister-in-law. Impossible. Karen Daly was concerned, “Mia, what’s wrong?” Mia Kyle’s face was pale. She shook her head and said, “Karen, there’s nothing wrong. I just feel a little dizzy. Let me rest for a while.”

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