My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 417

“Mia, I’ll call the doctor,” Karen Daly felt anxious too and she was about to call the doctor immediately. “Karen, I’m fine. I just want to have a rest… You can go back first.” Mia Kyle muttered while looking away from Karen. Karen Daly knew that Mia Kyle was hinting for her to leave her alone. She nodded and said, “Please have a good rest. I’ll go home first and i’ll come back later. Karen Daly did not understand why Mia Kyle suddenly drove her away. When she walked to the door, she stopped and looked back. She saw Mia Kyle also looking at her and her eyes appeared red. She looked like she was going to cry. Mia Kyle must be hiding something, but she didn’t want to tell her. Karen Daly did not want to probe further so she figured it’s best to leave her alone for now. After Karen Daly left, Neil Brown returned to her room and prepared the meal brought by Karen Daly. He was about to feed Mia Kyle, but when he saw that she looked sad and her eyes were red, his face changed and he asked sternly. “What’s wrong?” As soon as Neil Brown spoke, Mia Kyle burst into tears. She glared at Neil Brown and cried out, “Neil, I could’ve died if not for my luck. And now, you can’t even console me, yet you can raise your voice at me.” While she thought about how her kidnapper may have a connection with her favourite sister-in-law, Mia Kyle was thrown into a frenzy and didn’t know what to do. She almost wanted to ask Karen Daly if she knew the person who kidnapped her? However, if she asked her, she wasn’t ready to hear her answers nor could she bear the consequences after that. Mia Kyle was always throwing tantrums in the past, however, it’s rare to see her crying from her emotions like this. “What happened?” Neil Brown raised his eyebrows, “Did Karen tell you something?” When he went out, Mia Kyle was still fine. When he came back, she changed. The only person she was with while he was gone was Karen Daly. Naturally, he would think that Karen Daly did or said something Mia Kyle felt sad aga after hearing Karen Daly’s name. She grabbed the pillow and threw it at Neil Brown in anger. “Neil, you are not allowed to talk bad about my favourite sister-in law.” Every time she thought about how Karen Daly was taken hostage and had her baby removed from her, or that her memory had been wiped clean and she was on the verge of death, she already felt bad enough… In addition, she had to come to terms that her beloved grandfather was behind all these evil doings. Even after Karen Daly’s turn, she couldn’t reconcile with Kevin Kyle and Little Karen peaceful.. Mia Kyle was reminded of the hardships and pain gone through by her brother as well. In the past few years when Karen Daly was not around, she had witnessed how hard his life had been raising a child alone and mourning over Karen. Gradually, she thought about how her grandfather was the mastermind behind all their pain. A great sense of guilt was welling up inside Mia. This might be the reason somebody targeted her to exact revenge. She was not surprised at all, but she never expected that the person who kidnapped her would be related to Karen Daly. The man who kidnapped her, who claimed to avenge his daughter, and said that he was spared by the tragic car accident but burnt severely instead… was that Karen Daly’s father? Could that be the truth? “When did I talk bad about her?” Neil Brown grabbed Mia Kyle’s flailing hand and said, “Mia, don’t be too arrogant, or ‘ll punish you later.” “What? Say again?” This son of a b*tch had just been nice for a few days, and now he was back to being the jerk and revealing his true colors again! “Who was the arrogant one?” Neil Brown changed the topic, “It’s already afternoon. Let’s have lunch first. After lunch, I’ll go along with your antics.” “Bastard, yell at me again, and I’ll make you suffer.” Mia Kyle pouted her lips. This jerk was thankfully wise enough to take a step back. Neil Brown tidied up her place and was planning to leave. He couldn’t continue spoiling her the more he spoiled her, the more arrogant she became. She was getting carried away “Ouch… Mia Kyle was hugging her stomach and rolling on the bed frantically. If it was back then, Neil Brown would definitely think that she was pretending, but since her injuries had not yet healed up, so she might not be acting. Neil Brown hugged Mia Kyle immediately and asked, “What’s wrong? Where does it hurt? Hold on, I’ll call the doctor right away.” Neil Brown held Mia Kyle with one hand and pressed the emergency button on the bedside with his other hand. “It hurts! It hurts so much! Ouch!” Mia Kyle bit her lips. Her face was pale and her forehead was covered with cold sweat. “Mia, don’t be afraid. The doctor will come soon.” Neil Brown held her in his arms, but he didn’t dare to hold her too tightly as he was worried that it’ll create more pain. “Neil, if I die, remember to pray for me.” Tears were starting to roll down from her eyes as she spoke. Neil Brown shouted, “Mia, stop the nonsense!” Mia continued to act pitiful and said, “It doesn’t even cost anything for you to pray for me. Can’t you do that?” Neil Brown added, “As long as I’m here, you won’t die.” Mia Kyle snorted and said, “You little miser, I asked for prayers to that I could live well in the afterlife. When you join me in the future, you can enjoy a good life too.” “Hum, hum, hum…” Did he think he could get away with yelling at her? With threatening her? As long as she pulled on her acting skills, this man would be easily deceived. He deserved it. The doctor quickly rushed over and did not find anything unusual after doing a routine check on Mia Kyle. However, Mia Kyle was whining and groaning in pain a lot, she was very believable. Neil Brown held a higher status and power compared to Mia Kyle. However, Mia didn’t need any of that. All she needed to do was to hold Neil Brown by his rein. The doctors had been with the two of them for so many days, so they understood their dynamics. If Mia Kyle insisted that she was sick, then they would just prescribe some vitamins for her. Neil Brown asked, “What’s wrong with her?” The doctor explained, “Miss Kyle may have some blood clots in her stomach, so please don’t agitate her. Otherwise, her condition might get worse. I’ll give her some medicine to improve her situation. She will get better after having these for two days. Mia Kyle was delighted at the doctor’s cooperation in her act of fake illness. But Neil Brown was very smart. He would definitely see through her if there was a little mistake, so she had to be careful. Neil Brown said anxiously, “Check through thoroughly. We can’t neglect other signs and symptoms.” Seeing that Neil Brown was really worried about her, Mia Kyle felt loved and relieved, and also felt guilty. She couldn’t believe that a smart person like him would be deceived by the doctors that easily. This meant that he was really worried about her. Could she really let go of all her worries and be with him?

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