My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 418

After coming out of the ward, Karen Daly rushed out to the entrance of the hospital as she had requested for the driver to wait for her there. At this moment, the murderer who killed Warren Silas had not yet been caught, nor had they found the one who kidnapped Mia Kyle. There were too much uncertainty out there so she could not let her guard down. Just as she was about to exit the hospital, she bumped into someone. She did not know the person, but the other person was very familiar with who she was, it was Master Perth. “Mrs. Kyle, can I have a word with you in private?” Master Perth rushed up to stop Karen Daly from walking further. “No!” Karen Daly refused without hesitation. The hospital was full of people. If this person were to do something fishy, she could definitely escape. But if she went somewhere quiet with him, her safety would be compromised. Master Perth did not give up, “Okay fine, then let’s just talk here. I’ll be quick. Karen Daly looked at him carefully. She stepped back slightly and asked, “Who are you? What do you want from me?” “You can call me Perth, and I am from Country A. I know Assistant Hart, who was killed by you. But Mrs. Kyle, you have nothing to worry about it’s not like I was in good terms with him when he was still alive. This has nothing to do with his death.” His identity was not a secret. In order to gain Karen Daly’s trust, he had to tell her the truth. Karen Daly smiled lightly. She seemed slightly relaxed, but she was still looking at him carefully. “Mr. Perth, if you’re not here to bother me, then are you here to thank me for helping you to get rid of a rival?” If so, he definitely wouldn’t just hastily stop her in the middle of a crowd. Mrs. Kyle, you think too much. Master Perth shook his head helplessly. In fact, he just wanted to help her. His master had asked him to find a way to get the antidote of HDR from the military of Country A, but there wasn’t any antidote developed yet. Just when he was feeling dejected, he received a message that someone knew a way to help Kevin Kyle to restore his eyesight. His task was to help Kevin Kyle restore his eyesight. As for how, he did not look too much into the details. Knowing that Amelia Gray had a solution, he wanted to disclose these news to Kevin Kyle’s people. Originally, he was going to tell Mia Kyle about this when he was coming to visit her. Who would have thought that he would bump into Karen Daly first? It would be much more helpful to tell Karen anyway. Karen Daly smiled and said, “You’re right, I do think a bit too much.” There were too many bad things she had encountered these days. If she was not careful, she could fall into another trap. People learn as they grow. She used to think that the world was full of good people, then she reached a point where she thought the world was full of bad people. But now, she could read people by their intentions better. Master Perth added, “I want to tell you that there is a way to restore Director Kevin’s eyesight.” “Really?” Karen Daly got excited real quick, but she slowly turned skeptical. She frowned and asked, “You know someone that can help Kevin? And you’re telling me?” She was not familiar with this person. He came out of nowhere and said that he was willing to help her. How could she not be skeptical? Master Perth added, “Actually, this was not my doing. I’m just following orders. I’m helping someone else inform you.” “Following orders?” Karen Daly repeated. The man’s words made her even more suspicious. He’s working for someone… Who was this person? Seeing Karen Daly’s expression, Master Perth knew that he had said too much. He just wanted to reveal the person who could help Kevin Kyle restore his eyesight, he shouldn’t have said more. She really cared about Kevin Kyle, so she would take any chances seriously. She would find out more and research properly. “I heard that Amelia Gray, who was locked up in the military region of Chatterton Town, has a solution. It is up to you if you’d want to believe me, Mrs. Kyle,” Master Perth turned around and left. He would just say this and leave her be. It was pointless to spend a long time to explain his stance. “Amelia Gray has a way to restore Kevin Kyle’s eyesight?” Karen Daly had wanted to visit Amelia Gray for a long time now, but every time she wanted to visit her, something would get in her way. Their meeting had been long delayed. It seemed that she had to come up with a good plan. How could she extract the information out of Amelia? Karen Daly thought of George Ken. He was a psychology export, so it would be easier for her to succeed if she asked him to help interrogate Amelia Gray. George Ken had returned to Chatterton Town and was now in Secret Garden He had left Chatterton Town for nearly a month, and now returned with a big gift for Little Karen. It was not just any typical gift; it was really big. The huge gift box was as tall as George Ken was. Little Karen wouldn’t even reach that height in her entire lifetime. Looking at the really tall present, Little Karen was very excited. She jumped around her present and asked, “Uncle, want to see the gift. George Ken squatted beside Little Karen, then he pointed at his cheek, “Give me a kiss here, and i’ll open the gift for you.” “No, I don’t want to.” Little Karen placed her hands on her waist. “Since you’re not being nice to me, I don’t want to kiss you.” George continued speaking as he unwrapped the gift, “Alright, I’m unwrapping the gift now, so could I get a kiss later?” Little Karen shook her little head and said, “I still don’t want to.” George reached out to pinch her chubby little face. He asked, “But why can’t I kiss your little face?” “You need to pay me a lot of money to kiss me.” Little Karen had always remembered her promise to her father that people would need to give her money to hug her or kiss her. Only special people could be exempted. After hearing Little Karen’s explanation, George Ken turned to face Kevin Kyle, “Tell me, Matthew, are you that desperate for money? What do you teach your child” Kiss you? I think the best thing you can get is a beating,” Kevin Kyle stepped forward and carried Little Karen up. Little Karen, if your uncle doesn’t want to open the gift for you, I will give you a bigger present, alright?” Who says I don’t want to open the gift? Who else can I give this gigantic present to?” George Ken raised his voice. This father-daughter duo went too far. Kevin Kyle smiled and said, “Then why don’t you open it and et her see it? If she likes it, she may hug you.” Yes, yes, uncle, open it.” Little Karen seemed to be happy bullying her uncle with her father.

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