My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 419

Under the pressure of Little Karen and Kevin Kyle, George Ken did not delay further. He opened the present for Little Karen immediately. He tore down layers and layers of wrapping paper. When he tore down two thick layers of wrapping paper, the size of the present had been reduced by half. “Little Karen, keep your eyes on it. I’m about to unveil your gift.” George Ken got excited as he saw the anticipatory looks from his niece. “Okay, hurry up!” Little Karen commented excitedly while in her father’s arms. “Look!” George Ken finally unveiled a box. It was a classic Barbie doll that was taller than Little Karen was. The Barbie doll had huge, round eyes, pretty facial features, and looked amazing. At first glance, she looked like an older version of Little Karen. Little Karen was really happy. She slid down from her father’s arms and ran over to hug the beautiful doll. George Ken thought that Little Karen was going to hug him, so he stretched out his hand and waited for her. However, Little Karen went for the doll, and his arms were left hanging awkwardly. He was slightly embarrassed. Just a while later, Little Karen approached him and smooched him on the face, leaving traces of saliva behind. Little Karen said softly, “Thank you, uncle!” George Ken lifted Little Karen up high and twirled around. “Do you like the gift that I gave you?” “Of course I do.” No matter what kind of gift her uncle gave her, she would like it. Besides, she really, really liked this gift to. George Ken held Little Karen in his arms and explained to her, “With Brother Lionel and your little sister, Momo by your side, I was thinking about what else do you still need? After thinking for a while, it looks like you lack a big sister, so that’s why I gave you this.” “Well, well… I like Brother Lionel, and my Mom, so I will like this big sister too then.” Little Karen felt very happy. In future, this doll will join Brother Lionel and Momo for playtime. “Matthew, your daughter likes the gift I gave her so much, do you have anything to say?” George Ken looked at Kevin Kyle and he was expecting some acknowledgement. After all, he had spent a lot of time and energy to procure this custom made doll “I’m happy she likes it.” Kevin Kyle could only imagine that George Ken had given her a doll, although he had no idea how it looked like. He had nothing more to say about it, for as long as Little Karen loved it, he would be happy. “You are really spoiling her!” George Ken thought about how much Kevin Kyle was spoiling Little Karen rotten. If she wanted the moon, he’d find a way to get the moon for her. “Isn’t it the happiest thing in the world to love a daughter unconditionally?” Kevin Kyle cherished Little Karen, because she was the product of his and Karen’s love for each other. Karen Daly hadn’t been by his side for more than three years. If Little Karen hadn’t been by his side all this time, he wouldn’t have been able to go through life. Little Karen was God’s gift to them. She was also the embodiment of their love. Who else would spoil Little Karen with love if it’s not him? George Ken grumbled, “Please stop showing off the pretty side of having a family to a single man like me. I would rather not visit you guys in the future anymore.” “Why don’t you be a sister-in-law as soon as possible? You deserve happiness.” Karen Daly interjected the conversation as she just arrived home. George Ken smiled widely as he noticed Karen Daly’s presence, “Karen, you’re way too young. Only people from the older generation should be pestering me, not you.” Karen Daly rolled her eyes and said, “Are you a stranger to me? You are my brother. If I don’t care about you, who will? I don’t care about others.” “Okay fine, I’m sorry. My lady, do let me off the hook this time. I’ve brought Little Karen something nice for her birthday.” George Ken responded cheekily to Karen Daly. Karen replied, “If you want me to forgive you, you have to promise me one thing.” George asked, “And what’s that?” Karen Daly said, “I haven’t thought about it yet. But consider this promise done. I’ll let you know once I have any ideas.” George protested, “This is not fair.” Karen raised her eyebrows. “You don’t want to?” “Okay, fine.” He valued Karen Daly as his long lost sister a lot. He would do whatever his sister said. “Mom, I’ll take my big sister to play with Brother Lionel.” Little Karen’s voice suddenly interrupted them. She had been neglected once the adults started their conversation. She would rather spend time with Brother Lionel. Brother Lionel didn’t really talk to others. She was the only person that he wanted to talk to. When they were together, she felt appreciated. “Karen, you can stay with George. I have something else to do.” The siblings hardly had any time together, so Kevin Kyle thought that they could spend some quality time together. After that, Kevin walked away with Little Karen. Karen Daly watched him walk away, looking as charming and elegant as ever. He walked slow and steady as always. However, Karen Daly’s heart ached so much that she was feeling a bit of panic. She had to try her best to control her emotions so that her tears wouldn’t fall. “Karen, what’s wrong? Did Matthew hurt you?” Although he knew that Kevin Kyle would treat Karen like a queen, but he had to be assured. “Kevin..” “What happened to him?” “You’ve been with him for a while. Have you noticed anything unusual? “Let me be frank, Matthew is absolutely loyal to you, everybody can see that. There is no way he would have an extra-marital affair. I know they say that men are trash, but Matthew is different. He won’t mess around and cheat on you like most men do. I can bet my name on this.” “Can your words be trusted? Karen scoffed. “Don’t be so harsh.” George said. “You’re thinking too much. I know Kevin better than anybody else.” Karen Daly retracted her gaze and then suddenly looked at George Ken sadly. “He’s going blind.” “He’s going blind?” George Ken was shocked. Realizing that his voice was too loud, he immediately lowered his tone and asked, “Didn’t the doctor say that his eyes are all right? What’s going on?”

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