My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 421

Kevin Kyle’s voice was still as seductive as ever. Karen Daly’s heart fluttered at his words. She blushed and asked, “Kevin, how are you so shameless?” He clearly knew she had no other intentions but he just wanted to tease her. She would definitely beat him up if he wasn’t ill. “Why?” Kevin Kyle cleared his throat and said seriously. “If the woman sitting in my arms at this moment is not my wife, then I will watch my words. But you are my wife. How can I not tease my wife?” Karen Daly,… She was impressed! This man was persistent in driving her crazy. It seemed that this Mr. Kyle, the powerful leader of a big corporation, was actually a simple, playful man deep down. Kevin Kyle leaned forward and kissed her cheek. He smiled and said, “So my words were right, yes?” Karen Daly touched her flushed face and responded, “Yes, Mr. Kyle. You are the big boss. Whatever you say.” Kevin Kyle smiled and said, “I’m just telling the truth.” Karen Daly glared at him. “Mr. Kyle, didn’t your mother teach you that you must always admit defeat when arguing with a woman? Otherwise, no woman will like you. You’ll be single.” “Mrs. Kyle, are you threatening me?” Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and replied, “As long as a man has great qualities, girls will like him naturally. If he doesn’t, no matter how much he gives in, girls may not like him back.” “Mr. Kyle, are you trying to tell me that you are above me because you are excellent and there are plenty of women after you?” Karen Daly really wanted to speak her mind. She never knew that he thought so highly of himself. Judging from her tone, Kevin Kyle knew that she took his words personally. He smiled gently and said, “What I really want to say is that I already have you. I only need you in my life and I don’t need to win over other women.” Karen Daly was ready to refute Kevin Kyle’s words, but his last sentence warmed her heart. Just as she was in a daze, Kevin Kyle leaned in for a kiss and they kissed each other passionately. They shared a sweet moment Karen Daly knew that they were on the same page. They would live and grow old together! They were meant to be together forever. It was not until she was rescued that Master Perth knew about Mia Kyle’s kidnapping, and it was his little master who told him about it. Meanwhile, his men were still waiting by her apartment stupidly as they obediently followed through orders. Mia Kyle was in the hospital and she was under Neil Brown’s watch. There were soldiers guarding the ward. People would think that the patient in the ward was a high-ranking official. Since Master Perth was an outsider, he was not allowed in the ward. Therefore, he had been driven away twice when Mia Kyle was still in coma. After Mia Kyle’s situation got better, the security was still tight, but Neil Brown was more relaxed. Neil was in a good mood so his men were felt more relaxed too. They were more lenient with security. Master Perth’s earlier attempts at arriving at the ward was unsuccessful as he was denied entry even before he could speak Today’s situation was very different. Master Perth spoke with one of the guard, “Sir, I am Mia Kyle’s friend. Can you ask if she is willing to see me?” The guard shook his head and said in a friendly tone, “Hey buddy, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but you look like a man.” “What do you mean?” Master Perth questioned. He was a man. The soldier leaned close to Master Perth and whispered, “Our commander is very petty. He won’t let anyone who might steal Mia Kyle away get close to her.” Master Perth understood these words. If he was a threat to Neil Brown, it meant that Neil acknowledged him as a competitor. “Captain Brown has outstanding military achievements at such a young age. He is the Prince Charming for many women. No one can easily take away his place in Miss Kyle’s heart.” Master Perth responded with a smile. However, he knew he was an exception. “You want to see Mia?” Neil Brown abruptly spoke out. The soldiers felt chills down their spine. They quickly readjusted their standing posture, raised their heads high and looked straight ahead. Master Perth turned around and looked at Neil Brown. He smiled and said, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, Captain Brown. I didn’t expect to see you here. What a coincidence.” Neil Brown looked at Master Perth arrogantly, “Do you think everyone is as ignorant as you?” Master Perth still wanted to maintain a courteous conversation with Neil Brown, but he didn’t expect this. Master Perth was also a man of temper. He had never been bullied by anyone else. His smile faded off as he continued speaking “Since you’re so frank, then I won’t beat around the bush. I’m here to see my fiancee.” “Ah…” Neil Brown sneered silently and waved his hand. “If Master Perth wants to see his fiancee, you can send him his way. Hearing the commands from Neil Brown, the guards immediately surrounded Master Perth. Master Perth stared coldly at Neil Brown. He wanted to scold out loud, but that was not his territory. If they did argue or fight, he would be at a disadvantage. Neil Brown said again, “Send Master Perth out. If I see him again in future, you all will be punished.” “Yes.” The soldiers answered in unison. “Neill get your men out of here.” When they surrounded Master Perth, they heard a clear and loud voice. Mia Kyle then appeared in front of everyone.

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