My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 422

Neil Brown raised his eyebrows and said, “Mia, go back to the ward and lie down. It’s none of your business.” “What do you mean it’s none of my business?” Mia Kyle rushed over to defend Master Perth. She looked at Neil Brown provocatively and said, “You want to harm my fiance yet you say this has nothing to do with me?” “When did this guy become your fiance?” Neil Brown’s face turned extremely grim and he glared coldly at Master Perth. “Kid, get out of here immediately. Don’t provoke me.” He couldn’t do anything to Mia Kyle who hadn’t recovered yet. Instead, Neil Brown turned to warn Master Perth. Mia Kyle stood in front of Master Perth and warned Neil Brown, “Neil Brown, he’s my man. Don’t you f*cking touch even a strand of his hair. Just wait and see what I’ll do.” The veinson Neil Brown’s forehead throbbed. He reprimanded, “This guy looks disgusting. He is not worthy of you. What’s wrong with your eyes? Stop messing around and return to your ward. I’ll handle things here.” “There was something wrong with my eyes, but that was in the past. Now, my eyes are well. I trust my decisions.” Mia Kyle didn’t want to speak much with Neil Brown, so she took Master Perth to her ward. Master Perth turned back to give Neil Brown a sneaky look, it was like he wanted to say, “Captain Brown, she said that I am her fiancee.” Neil Brown was boiling with anger, but he couldn’t do anything because he was the one who kept asking her to find other men. She listened to him and found herself a boyfriend, and his boyfriend cooperated well and approached her. A soldier stepped forward and asked, “Captain, do you want us to take him out?” Neil Brown glanced at them and scolded, “Go ahead! Take Perth out! I told you guys to keep an eye on her. Now you all failed and caused me more trouble.” At this time, if he got rid of Perth, Mia Kyle would definitely fight him to death. Since she was still recovering, he did not want to provoke her. In the ward, the atmosphere was completely different from the tensed atmosphere earlier. They seemed comfortable with each other. Mia Kyle was sitting on the hospital bed, and Master Perth was sitting beside her bed. He was cutting some fruits while he spoke, “Mia, when you recover, let’s go back to Country A together.” Mia Kyle ate the fruits that Master Perth prepared. She nodded and said vaguely, “I’l listen to you. You can do whatever you want.” Master Perth rubbed her head. “Okay, then you can rest up first. I’ll arrange for the rest. When you are recovered and discharged from the hospital, we can go back to our country together.” Mia Kyle looked at him with a sweet smile and said, “Honey, although I was born in Country A, I have never lived there. worried that I won’t get used to living there.” Master Perth patted his chest and promised her, “Don’t worry. With me around, I will teach you everything you need to know.” Mia Kyle smiled and said, “Well, as long as you’re here, I won’t worry about anything.” Neil Brown came in and sat on the couch opposite the hospital bed. His cold eyes stared at them fiercely, and he called someone on his phone as he ignored the couples. “It’s me, Neil. Gather some men for a real life shooting game. I haven’t touched guns for a long time. Those bastards really think that I am easy to deal with.” Neil Brown said those words deliberately to remind Master Perth of his capabilities. Without Mia Kyle’s protection, he would be in big trouble. However, Master Perth and Mia Kyle were still talking happily. It seemed that they had not been paying attention to Neil Brown from the beginning. Master Perth said lovingly, “Mia, I have already called my parents. They were very happy to hear that I found you here. If I hadn’t stopped them, they would have flown over to see you.” “Thank your parents for me. When I’m well, I’ll go back with you to see them.” After that, Mia Kyle leaned closely towards Master Perth. “Mia…” Master Perth said. “Hmm?” Mia Kyle replied. “Can I kiss you?” Master Perth asked. Mia Kyle nodded shyly and gently closed her eyes. Getting Mia Kyle’s approval, Master Perth reached out his hand to hold Mia Kyle’s waist and bent over to kiss her. Neil Brown had enough. He suddenly stood up and separated Mia Kyle and Master Perth like a gust of wind. He stretched out his hand and pulled Master Perth away. “F*ck, do you both think of me as dead?” “When did you come in, Neil?” Mia Kyle blinked her clear and innocent eyes. It seemed that they did not notice that Neil Brown was sitting opposite them. “Captain Brown, you have the tendency to mind others’ businesses.” Master Perth spoke calmly. “Perth, don’t f*cking play this game with me.” Neil Brown bellowed, “Zen, see Master Perth off. Watch him carefully. Don’t let him get hurt on his way out.” “Neil, I’ll get even with you sooner or later.” As the saying goes, hares may pull dead lions by the beard. During this period of time in Chatterton Town, Master Perth had experienced enough. Although his status in Country A was not as high and powerful as his master’s, he was also very influential. No one could challenge him easily. However, in Chatterton Town, if Neil Brown wanted to drive him away, he couldn’t fight back. Mia watched helplessly as Master Perth was dragged away. It all happened so fast that she did not have any time to react. She was supposed to protect him. When she regained her senses, Master Perth had already left. “Whatever, that was just act act. I’ve achieved my purpose. The real drama has just begun.” Mia Kyle thought. Mia Kyle stretched her body gently and didn’t even look at Neil Brown. She said, “Neil, you should also leave. I want to rest.” Neil Brown sat down beside her with a gloomy face, “Take a rest? Didn’t you ask someone to kiss you earlier? Can you rest well without a kiss?” “You drove my fiancé away, and no one else will be kissing me, so I want to sleep. When I fall asleep, I won’t think much about it.” Mia Kyle said. Before Mia Kyle could finish her sentence, Neil Brown grabbed the back of her head and leaned forward. He lowered his head and kissed her fiercely… Oh, no… He was not kissing her, but he was biting her instead. Neil Brown was a strong person. He bit Mia Kyle’s lips like a fierce lion with his prey.

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