My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 423

Mia Kyle had never been bullied this way before. She seized the opportunity to grab hold of Neil Brown’s neck and bit him back in a more aggressive way. She bit his lower lips so hard that she could taste blood, then she let go Mia Kyle wiped her blood-stained lips and said, “Bastard, do you think you can bully me?” Under her fierce gaze, Neil Brown touched his bloodied lips with his fingers. He suddenly smiled. “Well, I could bite you more.” “Pervert!” Mia Kyle gritted her teeth and glared at him. She pulled up the quilt and wrapped herself under his quilt without looking at him. Neil Brown pulled her quilt away and said, “Mia” Mia Kyle raised her foot and kicked him away, “Get out of here!” Neil Brown grabbed her foot and asked, “Are you trying to test my limits?” Mia Kyle tried hard to retract her foot, but Neil Brown’s strength was so strong that she couldn’t fight back. Instead, she felt that some of her wounds have been stretched. Mia Kyle was in pain and shouted, “Neil, you bastard, I’ll have to kill you today.” Seeing her expression changed, Neil Brown realized that he had caused harm. He quickly let go of her and hurriedly called the doctor. After the examination, the doctor wanted to scold them sternly, but because of their background, the doctor could only kindly say, “Captain Brown, there are some things that can only be done after she’s healed. Miss Kyle’s injury has not yet healed completely and she can’t do any vigorous movements for the time being. For her health, please restrain yourself.” The doctor spoke kindly with good intentions, but Mia Kyle burst into anger when she heard it. “Who the hell’s doing vigorous movements with him? Don’t accuse me, or I won’t let you go too.” “Miss Kyle, please calm down.” The doctor hurriedly left the room after. He was just doing his job, why did she have to be so angry when he gave a kind reminder? “Get out of my way. Don’t bother me.” After the doctor left, Mia Kyle vented her anger on Neil Brown What was this called? How should he describe this? Being accused for something that he didn’t do. They were both very innocent earlier. Nothing happened, but the doctor thought that they did some “vigorous exercises” together while she was still recovering. Mia Kyle was so triggered by the doctor’s accusations that she might as well just perform those “vigorous exercises anyway “Then you should rest up. ‘ll stay here with you,” said Neil Brown. “Get out!” Mia Kyle closed her eyes and didn’t want to talk to him anymore Neil Brown did not go away, but a smile arose from his face. He would be by her side regardless. No matter the circumstances, he would not let her be taken away by others. He would stay with her in future, and he would imprint his personal mark upon her so that she would never leave him too. The next day, the sun was shining bright and the weather was very good. Karen Daly drove to pick George Ken up from his place, and the two of them rushed to the military region of Chatterton Town together. Because of Neil Brown’s advanced orders, it was very easy for them to enter the military region to meet Amelia Gray. She was still locked up in the cell. “George, you will take the lead later.” Karen Daly was still a little worried that she could not get anything out of Amelia Gray George Ken said, “Let’s see how it goes. Perhaps my words won’t mean much to her, but she would listen to you instead.” “No matter what, I have to get the antidote for the HDR virus.” Karen Daly pursed her lips and said firmly. It seemed that Kevin Kyle had been caring for her for a long time. This time, it was her turn to do something for Kevin Kyle to help him ease his mind. George Ken patted her shoulder. “Don’t worry. If we can get it then we will. We’ll find another way if we can’t.” Karen Daly nodded. “I know.” They chatted while walking, and soon, they arrived at the place where Amelia Gray was detained. The room where Amelia Gray was locked up was very clean. It was a small room that had all the necessary facilities, but it looked like she had given up on herself. She looked dirty, and her hair was a mess. She looked like a madman. She looked very miserable. When Karen and George appeared in front of her, she was not surprised at all, because she knew she was the only person who knew how to restore Kevin Kyle’s sight. Who else could they find if they didn’t come to find her? Kevin Kyle would not sacrifice Karen Daly just so he could get his eyesight back. He cared too much about Karen Daly. He would never abandon his wife just because he wanted to see again. What about Karen? If she made the same proposition to her, would Karen agree? Amelia Gray guessed that if Karen Daly really loved Kevin Kyle that much, she would agree. “Amelia..” George Ken took the lead in speaking out. However, as soon as he opened his mouth, he was interrupted by her. “I know why you came to me, and I have also clearly told you that if you want Kevin to see again, have only one condition. As long as you promise me this, can share the method to restore his eye sight.” Amelia said. “Tell me, what is your condition?” George Ken could tell that this condition was not an easy one, but he was still curious. He wanted to know what kind of condition Amelia Gray wanted to offer. Amelia Gray did not answer George Ken’s question. She looked at Karen Daly and suddenly smiled coldly, “Karen, the person who can help Kevin regain his eye sight is not me, but you. You are the only one who can give him a chance to see this beautiful world again.” Karen Daly looked straight at Amelia Gray. Once she saw her in the eyes, she felt pity for her. Amelia Gray had been locked up here for so long, but it seemed that she was still very lost. After staring at Amelia Gray for a while, Karen Daly said slowly. “Amelia, you know why we came to you. If you have any conditions, just tell me. Don’t beat around the bush.” Amelia Gray gritted her teeth and said slowly, “Karen, I’ll ask you now. If you are the only one who can make Kevin see the beauty of this world again, are you willing to do it?” “Of course.” Karen Daly answered without hesitation. “Of course?” Amelia Gray laughed like crazy, “So if the condition is that you have to leave Kevin forever, are you willing to? Hearing Amelia Gray’s question, Karen Daly wanted to laugh out loud. Indeed, she regarded Amelia as a joke. She smiled and said, “Amelia, did you think I would agree to this condition?”

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