My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 424

She wanted to be by Kevin Kyle’s side forever. She wanted to continue to work with him in his business empire, or even just listen to him talk about his life experiences. She had planned to grow old with him. Her wish was supposed to come true, but now that she had betrayed him, there was no way she could stay by his side. She wanted the best for him, but why did she betray him? Perhaps she had followed through with Warren Silas’ orders, because her disappointing husband kept asking for more money, and coincidentally, Karen Daly, who had died”, had come back. In order to find Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle was going crazy… For Karen Daly, he sacrificed so much in his life. The comparison between how Kevin Kyle’s sacrificed everythings for his wife, against how her own useless husband’s treated her, brought a sense of injustice in her heart. Oh, Kevin Kyle! That was the man who was as perfect as God in her heart. She watched him grow so much, but she never thought of harbouring any romantic feelings towards him. This man was larger than life, but he all loved was such an average woman. She hated Karen Daly so much. She hated her for taking away all of Kevin Kyle’s attention. As long as Karen Daly was alive, there was no one else in his eyes. Jealousy blinded Amelia Gray, which made her impulsive, and she ended up hurting the person she didn’t want to hurt the most. Therefore, she had no way to return to Kevin Kyle’s side like before. “I never thought of harming him at all.” Recalling the past, Amelia Gray smiled, then she gradually broke down in tears. “Karen, you don’t understand. You will never understand what he means to me.” Karen Daly seized the opportunity to say, “I admit that I can’t understand you entirely. Since he is very important to you, why don’t you help him for once? Don’t you want him to see the world again?” “Hehe.. In fact, I have already left the prescription for the antidote with him, but he never noticed my comings and goings, so he probably didn’t notice the prescription too.” Amelia Gray laughed out loud while crying. If you were the one who sent him the gift, he should have noticed it long ago.” Karen Daly asked, “What gift? Where is it?” Amelia Gray wiped her tears and laughed out loud. “Karen, do you really think you can get what you want from my mouth so easily?” Karen Daly took a deep breath and said, “Amelia, what do you want?” “I want..” Amelia Gray shook her head and continued laughing, “What do I want? I don’t know either!” “Amelia, you-“Before Karen Daly could finish her sentence, Amelia Gray interrupted her and said, “Rovio’s headquarters in Chatterton Town, in his office. Go and search for a gift that I had given him. The prescription for the cure is in it.” “What gift is it?” Karen Daly looked at Amelia Gray as she calmed down. Amelia looked back at Karen straight in the eye, this meant that she wasn’t lying. Amelia Gray chuckled, “Find out yourself. That’s all I can tell you.” “Thank you!” Karen Daly said politely. She turned around and was about to leave when she heard Amelia Gray calling out for her. “My mother…” “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt her. I’ll continue to transfer her the money in your name every month.” She wasn’t moved by Amelia Gray’s actions, but seeing that old woman reminded Karen of her own mother. She would be kind to anyone’s mother, hoping that in the after world, others could be kind to her own mother too. After leaving the military region of Chatterton Town, Karen Daly drove George Ken straight to the Rovio headquarters On the way over, she asked George Ken to contact Nick Black, and he too arrived at Kevin Kyle’s office quickly. Kevin Kyle’s office was located at the highest level of the Rovio skyscraper. It was spacious and brightly lit. Standing in front of the tall windows, you could enjoy the majestic view of Chatterton Town. However, they did not admire the view for long. After entering Kevin Kyle’s office, Karen Daly ordered George Ken to look for the gift.. She said, “George, what do you think Amelia would have gifted Kevin?” While rummaging through his things, George Ken said, “I think you would know better about this. Since Amelia Gray did not want to share more, they could only rummage through Kevin Kyle’s office and hoped that they would be lucky enough to find Amelia Gray’s gift as soon as possible. After struggling for a while, they still couldn’t find it. Karen Daly was getting a little anxious. She was worried that Kevin Kyle might throw the gift away into the trash can casually. She raised her head and looked around. She suddenly noticed a mug on a shelf. The mug was placed on a high shelf, and there were a multitude of small letters inscribed on the mug. Karen Daly walked over and took the mug. Amelia Gray’s name was engraved at the bottom of the mug, so she was sure that this was a gift from Amelia to Kevin Kyle. Now that she had found the gift, where was the prescription for the cure? Was it the small and messy letters scribbled across the mug? Karen Daly tried to make sense of the letters by stringing them together into words, but she still had no clue. Did Amelia Gray lie to her? Karen Daly sat down and thought deeply. If Amelia Gray wanted to lie to her, she could come up with many other reasons. “Karen, did you find it?” George Ken came over and asked. Karen Daly nodded and said, “There is Amelia’s name at the bottom of the mug. It should be this. I guess the antidote is somewhere in these letters, but I can’t string them together.” George Ken said, “Don’t worry. As long as we have something, we can work on our next step. Let me see if I can figure out anything.” George Ken took the mug over and analyse the letters thoroughly, but he couldn’t find any clues too. He sighed, “It’s a pity that your super- intelligent Kevin can’t see things clearly now. If he could, he can probably crack this code.” Karen Daly said, “Let’s go back first and think about it later. What does Amelia want to tell us with these random letters? The letters were clumped together in a mess. They would need quite a lot of time to analyse the letters thoroughly and try to form words out of them. George Ken asked, “So you want to go home and ask Kevin for help? Karen Daly shook her head and said, “Let’s try on our own first. Karen Daly did not intend to tell Kevin Kyle about the matter of getting the antidote, because she was worried that Kevin would be disappointed if this was fake lead.

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