My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 424

“Didn’t you say that you loved Kevin very much? Didn’t you say that you are willing to do anything for him?” Amelia Gray stared at Karen Daly and moved closer to her. “Karen, this is the time to test your love for him.” Karen Daly stood straight and let out a subtle smile. She continued to looked at Amelia Gray. No matter what Amelia said, Karen just ignored her. Karen Daly didn’t show any reactions or expressions so Amelia Gray couldn’t figure out what she was thinking. After a pause, Amelia added, “There is the only chance for Kevin to regain his eyesight. The opportunity is right in front of you and this depends on you. You won’t be turning this down for the sake of your own interests, will you?” George Ken glanced at Karen Daly and responded to Amelia Gray, “Amelia, don’t try to provoke her. It’s useless.” “Hehe… You brought along an assistant…” Amelia Gray looked at Karen Daly sharply and sneered, “Yes, as soon as you leave Kevin Kyle, and when his eyes recover, he will definitely have other women in the future. At that time, you can only look helplessly at his new lover. Of course, you are not willing to let that happen.” “You’re right. Of course I won’t be willing to leave him.” Karen Daly pursed her lips and her smile widened. “Amelia, are you satisfied with this answer?” “In the end, you are just selfish. You only have yourself in your heart, not him.” The calmer Karen Daly responded, the crazier Amelia Gray was. She had been locked up for so long, and she was waiting for Karen Daly to come to her. She thought that she would definitely win the battle against Karen, but she didn’t expect that she would lose this terribly. Karen Daly loved Kevin Kyle, didn’t she? If she loved him, why didn’t she want to leave so that Kevin Kyle could regain his eyesight? Amelia Gray couldn’t understand her rationale, Karen Daly replied calmly, “I have him in my heart, that is why I know how important I am to him. The pain he would feel when I leave him is far more than the pain of losing his eyesight.” “You ugly woman, where did you get your confidence? How do you know that losing you will be painful than losing his eyesight? In the end, you are too selfish. You don’t want to do it for him. You just want to live well and protect your interests.” Amelia Gray knew that Karen Daly was speaking the truth deep down, but she was not still in denial. Karen Daly looked at George Ken and requested, “George, you can go out first.” George Ken said worriedly, “Karen.” Karen Daly responded, “I have something to say to her alone. Originally, she wanted George Ken to speak with Amelia Gray. Since Amelia was so stubborn, then Karen will just go merciless on her. She would play fire with fire. George Ken walked out. After a few steps, he looked back at Karen Daly and said, “I’ll wait for you outside. Call me if you need anything.” Karen Daly nodded. “Okay.” As soon as George Ken left, Amelia Gray changed her tone of speech, “Asking your brother to leave, are you going to show me your true colors?” “Yes. You’re right again.” Karen Daly smiled gently, and she sighed as she shook her head helplessly at Amelia Gray, “How can a smart person like you not know what’s going on?” Amelia Gray sneered and said, “Does it matter? I’m locked up here, and one day i’ll die here.” Karen Daly walked closer to her and continued to speak gently, “Amelia, you wouldn’t want to just die in here without seeing your mother, would you?” At the mention of her mother, Amelia Gray’s face changed slightly, but soon she returned to her usual expression. She said, “I don’t even know who my mother is. How would you know?” Karen Daly took out a list from her bag and shook it in front of Amelia Gray’s face. She said, “Amelia, although you have never contacted her, I know that you request for your money to be transferred into a certain account every month. Am 1 right?” “Karen, what on earth do you want to do?” Amelia Gray rushed towards her and she hit on the glass pane angrily. “If you dare lay your fingers on her, I won’t let you go off easy even when I’m dead.” “Amelia, you have people you care about, and I too have people I care about.” Karen Daly paused for a moment before she continued. She spoke slowly and stared right into Amelia’s eyes. “For him, there is nothing I won’t do. I don’t mind going to hell for him.” “You are crazy.” “Since you can be crazy, why can’t I be crazy? You can threaten me with the person I care about, so why can’t return the favour?” “You…” Amelia Gray tried to break free from the thick walls that stopped her from tearing Karen Daly into pieces. No matter how hard she tried to, she couldn’t. At this time, she realized that she was just a little bird locked up in the cage. Her fate depended on others. She yelled hysterically, “Karen! What do you want?” Karen Daly remained calm, “I want the antidote for the HDR virus.” Amelia Gray’s face turned red with anger. “I can give you that, but how can I be assured that my mother will be safe?” Karen Daly repeated her response, “I just want the antidote for HDR.” She only needed a cure for the HDR virus and she didn’t intend to hurt anyone else. However, if she was forced to hurt other people to get it, she would do it for Kevin Kyle. Amelia Gray stared at Karen Daly for a long time before replying, “In fact, the virus in his body is not purely the HDR. I added another drug in, so the effects of the drug have changed. Even if there’s a cure for the HDR virus, it can’t help him.” Karen Daly heard her out carefully while she retaining the smile on her face, but her hands were already clenched into fists. Anger was surging in her heart… Amelia Gray snorted, “If I did not add this medication, he would have died a long time ago. You should thank me.” Karen Daly raised her eyebrows. “I know you admired him and wanted to be with him. You’ve been with him for so many years. In the end, you were the one who betrayed him. Surely, you can’t blame him for treating you this way.” “Yes, I have always been by his side, and I was deeply trusted by him.. If I didn’t obey Warren Silas’ orders, and if I had revealed my secret identity to Kevin earlier, I would still be his most reliable assistant.” She had been arranged by Warren Silas to work for Kevin Kyle. Having been by Kevin Kyle’s side for so many years, she knew that he had never treated his employees badly. She had unknowingly begun to admire him, and she wanted to be always loyal to him…

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