My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 426

On the way home, Karen Daly had been thinking about the letters on the mug, but she couldn’t come up with any clues. In the end, she decided to ask for Kevin Kyle’s help. Kevin was really smart and had solved the impossible before. She would just ask him to solve the mystery for her, but she would not say that it was Amelia Gray’s prescription for the cure. That way, he wouldn’t be disappointed if he couldn’t solve it. After sending George Ken home, Karen Daly drove back to Secret Garden, Kevin Kyle called her before she could reach home. Karen Daly did not drive often, so she was not very skilled at driving. Whenever she was driving, she couldn’t be distracted. She was almost home, hence she did not pick up Kevin’s phone call She didn’t answer the call the first time. Kevin Kyle called again and again, and at the fourth call, Karen’s car had arrived at the entrance of the house. She handed the car to the security guard. When she was about to answer the phone call, she saw Kevin Kyle’s tall figure standing not far away from her. Kevin Kyle’s face was gloomy. He stood still by the door and said nothing. It seemed that he was angry with her. “I’m back.” Because she had secretly gone to look for Amelia Gray behind Kevin Kyle’s back, Karen Daly felt a little guilty so she tried her best to smile and look innocent. Kevin Kyle didn’t respond and still looked gloomy. Karen Daly couldn’t tell what was he thinking about Karen Daly walked over and hugged him. She rested her head against his chest and said, “Kevin, I.” Before she could finish her sentence, Kevin Kyle kissed her aggressively “Oo..” Hearing a soft moan from Karen Daly, Kevin Kyle held her slender waist closer and kissed her more. After a long time, he let her off and pinched her face hard. “If you do things that will worry me again, see what I will do to you.” “I’m sorry!” Karen Daly put her arms around his waist and apologized with a smile. She didn’t look remorseful at all. “Where did you go? Why didn’t you bring the driver and the bodyguard?” Kevin Kyle found out that she was not at home and did not ask for the bodyguard and driver to go along with her. He was so worried, and hence he kept calling her. If she had come back a few minutes later, he might have already deployed his men to search the whole city. Karen Daly looked at him and pinched his face. “Don’t put on that long face. Such a good-looking face will turn ugly if you keep doing that face.” Kevin Kyle responded with a straight face, “No matter how ugly I am, I am still your husband.” Karen Daly smiled mischievously and said, “I would mind if you look too ugly.” “I’m okay with you being ugly, so shouldn’t the condition be the same for me?” Kevin Kyle said. “Kevin, you’re implying that I’m ugly!” “Ugly and stupid. It’s the truth. Isn’t it?” “Then you’d better find a woman who is prettier and smarter than me, and she can make you happy!” Karen Daly glared at him and said angrily. “But I like that you’re so ugly.” Kevin Kyle held her in his arms and suddenly spoke very gently, “Karen, before we can find the kidnappers who kidnapped Mia, stay at home. If you must go out, remember to bring someone with you. If something happens, what am I going to do? What should we do with Little Karen?” “Yes, I will.” Kevin Kyle was worried, and Karen Daly felt really guilty. She leaned in towards him and said, “Kevin, I’m really sorry.” Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and said gently, “I want you to protect yourself, not to apologize to me.” “I will remember that, and I will be more careful in future.” Karen Daly looked up and smiled at him, then said, “By the way, I have some messy letters that I can’t make sense of. Can you help me?” Kevin Kyle joked, “If you want me to help you, don’t you have to make me happy first? If I’m happy, I would do anything.” Karen Daly opened her mouth and bit his chest through his thin shirt. “Bastard! You’re such a jerk! You’re bullying me!” Hearing her sweet voice, Kevin Kyle laughed heartily and said, “Well, what can I do for you? Tell me.” “It’s a mug. There are some really small and random letters on it, and there are some strange patterns too.” Karen Daly explained the design of the mug to Kevin Kyle carefully, including the randomized letters. Kevin Kyle listened to her description attentively. When he heard her description, he was visualizing it in his mind. After listening to Karen Daly’s description, Kevin Kyle rubbed her head and chuckled, “Mrs. Kyle, are you trying to profess your love to me?” Karen Daly rolled her eyes at him and said, “Kevin, be serious. I’m asking you to help me solve this riddle. What nonsense are you talking about?” Kevin Kyle’s laughed even more. “Okay, then I’ll explain it to you. Listen carefully.” Kevin Kyle’s voice was soft. Just as he was about to speak, he took a pause and said, “Karen, did you really write these for me?” He really couldn’t imagine that a shy Karen Daly would write these words for him. She was probably too embarrassed to profess her love for him, and so she wanted to use this method to do so. Fortunately, he was smart. If it were another person who was not that intelligent, he wouldn’t have understood this confession “I’ve already told you that it’s a friend’s gift. She couldn’t solve it. So she wanted me have a look at it.” Karen Daly’s face would turn red and her heart beat faster when she lied, To hide her panic, she added, “Can you help? If you don’t know, I’ll find someone else.” Kevin Kyle knew all of Karen Daly’s friends. Faye Reed was not in Chatterton Town, and besides Faye, she didn’t have other friends. Kevin Kyle was sure that this was her way of professing her love. Thinking of this, Kevin Kyle was in a good mood. He grabbed Karen Daly’s hand and said softly, “What you want to say to me is also what I want to say to you. I will never let go of your hand. We will grow old together.” “That’s what the letters on the mug say?” Karen Daly asked cautiously. “What else do you mean?” Kevin Kyle tried hard to recall the simple description just now. Did he miss any other meaning that she wanted to express? After listening to Kevin Kyle’s words, Karen Daly understood that the letters on the cup were Amelia Gray’s confession to Kevin Kyle, which was not the antidote for the HDR virus. Karen Daly’s heart dropped in an instant. She had come all this way to find some hope. The seed of hope had just sprouted, but it was trampled on immediately. “What’s wrong?” Kevin Kyle couldn’t see Karen Daly’s face, but he could sense her body language.

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