My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 427

Karen Daly bit her lips hard to distract her from her emotional pain. “Karen?” Kevin Kyle held her trembling shoulder and asked, “What happened? Tell me, I can handle it.” “Why am I so useless? Why can’t I even do just one thing right? Why can’t I help you when you are hurt?” Karen Daly was beating herself up for failing at this task. Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly in his arms and patted her back gently. He comforted her and said, “Karen, don’t worry, Share your concerns with me.” Perhaps they had misunderstood each other earlier. Karen Daly asked again tearfully, “Kevin, is there any other meaning from the letters on the mug? Kevin Kyle said, “Describe it to me again. I’ll use another method to see if I can interpret another meaning.” Substitution cipher was one of the methods to decipher codes in cryptography. There were also several types for substitution cipher which consist of simple substitution, homophonic substitution, polygram substitution and so on. When he listened to Karen Daly describe it the first time, Kevin Kyle used the homophonic substitution method. Using that method, the code sounded like a love letter for the decoder. Kevin Kyle thought that Karen Daly wrote it for him, so he was excited and might have been a little careless. He forgot that it could be possible to be decoded in two different methods, and the results of each decoding method would be different “You didn’t interpret them thoroughly, then you spoke so confidently. You disappointed me!” The little flame of hope that extinguished earlier had rekindled in Karen Daly’s heart. “Tell me more.” Kevin Kyle thought about his eyesight had badly affected his quality of life. He needed to ask Nick Black to rush those doctors for a cure soon. Karen Daly described about the letters and the patterns on the mug again. Kevin Kyle listened carefully and focused on those letters. After listening to them again, he quickly concluded, “Francesca… chapel… Francesca Chapel. Is there such a chapel in Chatterton Town?” This kind of simple replacement method was often used by Kevin Kyle, Nick Black and others at work. When he heard Karen Daly’s descriptions again, he analysed carefully and found the correct answer. “Francesca Chapel?” Karen Daly did not know how Kevin Kyle deciphered that, but she immediately took out her mobile phone and opened the map application. “There is indeed such a chapel in the western suburbs of Chatterton Town.” Karen Daly guessed that Amelia Gray must have hidden antidote for HDR in the chapel. After getting the clue, Karen Daly was so excited that she turned around and was about to run away. She forgotten that Kevin Kyle was still by her side until he pulled her back. Kevin Kyle asked in a low voice, “Karen, who gave you this mug?” Karen Daly smiled perfunctorily. “It’s a friend of mine. She’s playing a game with me. She asked me to find out what she’s hiding.” “Did you go meet Amelia again?” At first, Kevin Kyle just thought that Karen Daly came up with some tricks to make him happy, but as soon as he solved the mystery on the mug, he thought of Amelia Gray. They often used this kind of substitution ciphers at work. The one who knew this method and passed the mystery to Karen must be Amelia Gray. Kevin Kyle was right but Karen Daly felt guilty. She lowered her head and did not speak. “Karen, what did you promise her?” Kevin Kyle held Karen Daly’s shoulder tightly. He was so worried about Amelia Gray’s request for Karen Daly to leave him that he may have held Karen a little too tight. “What do you think I can promise her?” She was not a fool. Would she accept all of Amelia Gray’s requests? Kevin Kyle responded seriously, “If you do something silly, won’t let you go.” “This mug was a gift from Amelia to you. She said that if we could find this gift, we can get the antidote for HDR.” Karen Daly figured there was no point in hiding the truth anymore. He had gone to ask Amelia Gray for the antidote. Amelia Gray wanted him to agree to an unreasonable condition, so he refused her and he didn’t get the information out of her. Amelia Gray hated Karen Daly so much but Karen still went to meet her. Kevin Kyle thought to himself, if Amelia Gray gave Karen Daly the antidote, Karen must have agreed to Amelia’s unreasonable request. “Hm..” Kevin Kyle chuckled. “Didn’t she ask for you to leave me before she gave you the antidote?” “She brought it up, but I didn’t agree to.” Karen Daly responded angrily. “You didn’t agree to that, but she still gave you the antidote?” Kevin Kyle replied even more angrily. “Kevin, when have I ever lied to you?” She knew he was very worried that she would promise Amelia Gray, but she was so disappointed that he didn’t believe in her. Karen Daly shook off his hand and said, “Kevin, I won’t fight with you. Anyway, let’s go to the chapel and find the antidote first. “Karen, I asked you a question. Answer me.” Despite Karen Daly’s request, he needed a clear answer. “Yes, I have agreed to her unreasonable request. Are you satisfied now?” He was really annoying. Why did he not believe in her? “You-“Kevin Kyle was so angry that he clenched his fists. “Don’t push me!” After saying that, Karen Daly turned around and left. After a few steps, Kevin Kyle caught up with her again. He pulled her back by grabbing her by her waist. “I’ll send someone to look for the chapel. Stay at home and don’t go anywhere.” If she really agreed to Amelia Gray’s request, he would lock her up. “Kevin, you dare lock me up?” Karen Daly was also very angry at him. “You can try me!” If she really agreed to leave him, he would not let her go. “Kevin, let me go! Don’t push me to a cliff!” Karen Daly struggled hard. However, Kevin Kyle’s strength was so strong that she couldn’t fight him off. “Daddy, don’t bully Mommy!” Little Karen suddenly jumped out of nowhere with her hands on her hips, looking like a protector. “Karen, Mommy is playing with me. Go ahead and play with Brother Lionel.” No matter how angry he was, Kevin Kyle was still very patient when he talked to Little Karen. Karen Daly reassured her child too, “Little Karen, I’m fine. You can go and play.” Even if they were arguing, they wouldn’t affect the child. Looking at her father carrying her mother in his arms, Little Karen scratched her head. She was very puzzled. Were they really not fighting? She looked at Brother Lionel who was behind her. She blinked her innocent eyes and asked softly, “Brother Lionel, weren’t they fighting?” “Little Karen, adults have their way of getting along. Kids wouldn’t understand. When you grow up in the future, you will understand.” Lionel picked Little Karen up and gently rubbed her head. “How old? Old like you?” Little Karen asked back. Brother Lionel was so tall. When could she grow as tall as Brother Lionel was?

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