My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 428

Kevin Kyle wanted to give Karen Daly an earful, but when he carried Karen back to the room, he became less angry. When he heard Karen Daly’s helpless whine, he knew that she deliberately provoked him earlier, but he was so angry that he lost his cool. “Karen…” He called her name out and reached out to touch her, but was pushed away by her. “I don’t want to talk to you, don’t touch me!” Karen Daly turned her head away Kevin Kyle shook his head helplessly and said, “I’ll send someone to get the clues left by Amelia. You just need to stay at home. “I’m going to find it myself.” That might be the only chance for Kevin Kyle to regain his eyesight. Karen Daly wouldn’t feel at ease to let anyone else do it. “I have already asked Nick to arrange for someone to do this. After finding the antidote, I will give it to the doctor first.” Kevin Kyle had always trusted those who worked for him. After all, only a few people like Amelia Gray would betray him. “Then you need to make sure that they are careful. After finding the antidote, have them take a photo and send it to us immediately. That way, if they lose it, we have backup.” Even though she so angry, but she knew she couldn’t ignore him especially when the matter was related to his eyesight. “Didn’t you say that you didn’t want to talk to me?” Kevin Kyle chuckled and said, “Alright then. Let’s talk nicely in future. Try not to fight with each other.” “Did we just fight?” Karen Daly began to act silly and pretended to forget that they had just argued. In Karen Daly’s memory, the two of them rarely fought over things. She remembered that even when they argued, she was the one who caused the trouble and he was the one who made concessions to her. Thinking of this, Karen Daly felt a little guilty and muttered, “Actually, I..I didn’t agree to Amelia’s unreasonable condition.” How could she agree to such an unreasonable request? Kevin Kyle misunderstood her because he didn’t understand how much she cared about this family and how much she cared about him and Little Karen. She wasn’t with Little Karen when she was younger. It took her such a long and hard process to be with Little Karen and Kevin Kyle again, so how could she give that up? “Alright, I know.” Kevin Kyle calmed down. “If you already know that, then why were you so loud at me?” Karen Daly raised her voice at him. “We just promised not to fight!” Kevin Kyle responded gently “It’s good to argue with each other occasionally, it will improve the relationship between a husband and wife.” Karen Daly still knew how to find a way for herself. Kevin Kyle looked at her and smiled gently. “Whatever floats your boat.” Uh.. What did he mean? She had a fair point, she wasn’t being unreasonable. The subordinate Nick Black sent to the chapel to find the antidote soon returned with the results. Amelia Gray had a private locker in the chapel, and there was a hand-written note with the prescription. After getting the antidote, they sent it to the doctor and asked them to formulate it. No one knew the legitimacy of the prescription. Kevin Kyle had to try it to find out. No matter what the result was, at least they had a glimpse of hope. Karen Daly felt slightly relieved. As Mia Kyle was seriously injured from the abduction, Neil Brown and Kevin Kyle sped up to look for the murderer of Warren Silas. At the same time, they were also looking everywhere for the kidnapper who abducted Mia Kyle. All kinds of clues showed that the person who kidnapped Mia Kyle should be the same person as the one who killed Warren Silas. The murderer killed Warren and then vented his anger on Mia. At present, they had too little information about the murderer, and it was even more difficult for them to know the specific whereabouts of the kidnapper. The Brown family and the Kyle family had the most authority and power in Chatterton Town. The mysterious man killed and abducted people in their territory, and he did it so flawlessly. It seemed that the kidnapper had been preparing for many years. The underground basement beneath Secret Garden was constructed and built in such a secluded manner, almost like an underground torture chamber from the olden days. This meant that the kidnapper had his intention for a long time already It was possible that the underground “prison” built by the kidnapper was prepared for Warren Silas, but he didn’t expect that Warren Silas would be brought to the military region of Chatterton Town. Neil Brown’s men continued to search further based on the clues, while Kevin Kyle’s men searched for a list of people who Warren Silas had offended or hurt before, In the list, there was a name that stood out. When Nick Black read out that name, Kevin Kyle’s eyes widened. Herbert Ken! When he thought of the list of people who Warren Silas had hurt before, Kevin Kyle thought of many people, except those who were close with him. Most of Mia Kyle’s injuries were on her abdomen. The kidnappers seemed to target her abdomen, just like how Warren Silas cut Karen Daly’s abdomen and took her child away few years ago. Wasn’t Herbert Ken dead? Was he still alive? Did he secretly kill Warren Silas to vent his anger, and then kidnapped Mia Kyle to avenge Karen Daly? Kevin Kyle connected all the dots together and became very vigilant The night of Mia’s abduction, Karen Daly received an anonymous phone call, but the person did not say a word. Later, his people found some clues again. The person who kidnapped Mia Kyle was the same person who called Karen Daly. With such speculation and analysis, the connection between every suspicious act was getting closer and closer. “Director Kevin, the list of the people who had been harmed by Warren Silas before is here. What else do you want me to do?” After Nick Black read through the list, he didn’t get a reply from Kevin Kyle for a long time. Kevin was still lost in thought and did not reply Nick. “Director Kevin…” Nick Black tried to call him again. Kevin Kyle came back to his senses. He looked at Nick Black coldly and said in a low voice, “Nick, continue to investigate further. You can’t let anyone know about the clues in the future. Most importantly, you can’t tell Neil about this. You must show them to me first.” “Yes.” Nick Black didn’t understand why Kevin Kyle said this, but he didn’t ask much and just nodded. Sitting in the office, Kevin Kyle squinted his eyes stressfully and tapped on the table with his slender fingers. If Herbert Ken was not dead, why didn’t he reconcile with his own children? Why did he hide in the dark and hurt others? Maybe he was jumping to conclusions. The murderer might not be Herbert Ken. After going through the list, Kevin Kyle excluded some names off. In the end, he thought that Herbert Ken was the most suspicious one. If it was really Herbert Ken… That was Karen Daly’s father. What should he do to prevent Karen Daly from getting hurt? At the thought of Karen, Kevin took a deep breath and clenched his fist No matter who the murderer was, he had to protect Karen Daly so that she would not be involved in any danger again or get hurt again. However, Kevin Kyle was still a little worried. He could not hide this from Karen Daly forever. What would Karen do if she knew?

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