My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 429

Karen Daly’s mind was not focused on the kidnappers who kidnapped Mia Kyle. What she cared about most was the antidote handed over by Amelia Gray. After receiving the prescription, the doctor called her in and explained about it. There were a total of 21 ingredients in it, two of which were highly toxic drugs that could kill a person in a few seconds. The two highly toxic ingredients would react with the other medication and thus causing a chemical action that could dissolve the remaining toxicity in his body, but it could also cause harm. Every medicine had its side effects. They had to test the drug a few times before they could allow Kevin Kyle to take it. As soon as she came out of the doctor’s lab, her phone rang. She took it out and looked at it. It was yet another unknown number. Seeing the display on the screen of the mobile phone, Karen Daly’s heart skipped a beat. Her hand holding the phone trembled slightly. She took a deep breath and answered, “Hello!” The other end of the phone was still as silent as the last time. Karen Daly tried to listen to the surroundings around the caller, but it was so quiet that she couldn’t even hear anything. Karen stood at the gate of the hospital and looked around. There were a lot of people walking around. The traffic was heavy as she was facing a main street. She couldn’t find anyone suspicious. She gulped nervously and asked, “Who are you? You’ve called me so many times, what do you want? If you have something to do with me, why don’t you say it directly? If you hide behind the phone like this, who do you think you are?” “Karen..” The person on the other end of the phone finally spoke, and the voice sounded a little off. She couldn’t even tell if the person on the other end was a man or a woman. “Who the hell are you?” Karen Daly glanced at the pedestrians passing by her again, but she still did not find any suspicious figure. “I just want to hear your voice. I won’t hurt you. The person spoke out “Who the hell are you?” Karen Daly repeated. “Hey miss, this bunch of flowers is for you.” When Karen Daly looked around, a little boy rushed to her with a bunch of roses in his arms and forcefully stuffed it into her hands. He smiled at her and said, “I hope you like it.” “What..” Karen Daly wanted to ask for more, but the little boy turned around and rushed into the crowd. After a while, he disappeared from her sight. “Karen, I hope you like it!” A low voice came from the phone again. “Who are you?” Karen Daly asked the same question, but the other party had already hung up. Looking at the bunch of bright red roses in her hand, Karen Daly felt as if she was holding a hot potato. She wanted to throw it away, but she also wanted to find some clues from the bouquet. It was just an ordinary bunch of roses. There was a line of words on the card: “I hope you will be happy all the time!” A simple wish, there was no indication of the sender. Karen Daly did not dare to hold the bunch of flowers. She was worried that there was a bug or something else in it, so she turned around and threw it into the trash can on her side. As soon as she threw the bouquet into the trash can, the phone in Karen Daly’s hand suddenly rang again. She was so alarmed that her phone almost fell to the ground. It was not until she saw the two words “Kevin Kyle” on the phone screen that Karen Daly felt a little relieved. When she answered the phone, she heard Kevin Kyle spoke, “I’m going home. I’m going to fetch you on the way. Where are you?” Karen Daly looked up and saw that Kevin Kyle’s car wash parked at the entrance of the hospital. She quickly walked over and said, “I can see you.” “Okay.” Kevin Kyle hung up the phone Karen Daly walked over and got into the car. She sat at the back seat with Kevin Kyle. She carefully snuggled up beside him and whispered, “Give me a hug.” No matter how uneasy she was, when she saw Kevin Kyle, half of her anxiety was gone. Karen Daly leaned against him comfortably. Kevin Kyle stretched out his hand to hold her and comforted her softly, “We got the prescription for the antidote for HDR already. There are so many good doctors with us, and they will send the antidote to me soon. Don’t worry.” Kevin Kyle felt Karen Daly’s restlessness and instinctively thought that she was worried about his eyes. “Kevin..” Karen Daly snuggled in his arms like a kitten and muttered, “The mystery person just called me again, and he talked to me. “The mystery person called you again?” Kevin Kyle unconsciously increased his strength as he held Karen Daly in his arms, “What did he say to you?” “He said he wouldn’t hurt me, and he also asked a little boy to pass me a bunch of flowers. He also said that he hoped that I liked it.” Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle in his eyes but she couldn’t read his expressions. She would not hurt Karen Daly and asked someone to send flowers to her. She also said that she hoped that she would like them From the signs above, Kevin Kyle confirmed his suspicion. The mysterious figure was likely to be Herbert Ken, who was presumed to be dead for many years. At that time, Warren Silas had asked Samuel Daly to stage a car accident. The car exploded and the car was destroyed. Even the body of the deceased was blown to pieces… Samuel Daly and others couldn’t identify the body of the deceased, so Herbert Ken was very likely to escape from death Kevin Kyle suddenly fell silent, which made Karen Daly very worried. She asked worriedly, “Kevin, is there any problem?” “Nothing.” Kevin Kyle patted her shoulder and lowered his head to kiss her. “I want to take you somewhere.” “Where are we going?” “You’ll know when you get there. I’ll have to keep it a secret, so that I can give you a surprise.” “Are you sure you’re not scaring me?” The thing that Kevin Kyle was terrible at the most was romance, so Karen Daly didn’t believe that he could give her romantic surprises. “Don’t look down on me!” Having successfully distracted Karen Daly’s attention, Kevin Kyle felt much more relaxed. “Little Karen told me that you’re always so busy with your work, you barely spend time with her.” Karen Daly didn’t intend to comment badly about him, but she really was getting annoyed by how much Kevin Kyle poured himself in his work. He was going blind, yet he was still working. At the mention of Little Karen, Kevin Kyle felt warm in his heart. He raised the newborn child alone until she was near four years old. Looking at her as she grew a little everyday, the feeling of accomplishment was more satisfying than taking on any business project. And the greatest credit for having such a lovely child was because of the woman sitting next to him. To thank her for giving him such a beautiful child, he vowed to please her for the rest of his life. He would be with her forever and dote on her for eternity!

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