My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 430

Karen Daly said in a gentle voice, “You’re quiet because you know that our child is more important than your work. Promise me you’ll rest more, alright?” Kevin Kyle chuckled, “Little Karen only has Brother Lionel in her heart now. She ignores me now!” When Little Karen got older, he must find a way to kick Lionel out. He would not allow other men to stay in his daughter’s heart. Of course, this playful idea was only in Kevin Kyle’s mind. He must not tell Karen Daly about it. Otherwise, she would certainly not agree. Karen Daly smiled and said, “Since Lionel loves her very much, obviously she would always be close to him. As a father, you should know better how this works. Otherwise, your daughter would be spoiled by others and run off with them in the future.” Kevin Kyle’s face turned gloomy, “If anyone takes my daughter away, I’ll break his legs.” Karen Daly rolled her eyes and said, “Daddy, please mind your words.” His daughter would grow up sooner or later, and soon, there would be a person who would love her and want to marry her. How could he, as her father, stop her? Kevin Kyle said seriously, “Mommy, you should mind your words too.” Hearing Kevin Kyle’s response, Karen Daly burst into laughter. What a simple interaction with a playful turn of words, yet it was so comforting. While they were talking, the driver had already reached the destination Looking at the villa in front of her, Karen Daly suddenly remembered that this was the place where Kevin Kyle introduced her to the public for the first time. Karen still remembered the blonde girl who didn’t speak good English in the villa, and the amazing dress – Butterfly Love! She remembered the world-renowned fashion designer Ivan! She had seen Ivan once when she was in Milan, but during that time, she did not remember her past or how they knew each other. Kevin said that he would give her a surprise, was he going to bring her to meet this genius she always idolized? Karen Daly looked at Kevin Kyle inquisitively. Before she could say anything, Kevin Kyle said, “Ivan’s in town. I want to bring you to him so that you can learn design from him.” During this period of time, there were too many issues going on. It had been a long time since Karen Daly had designed something. The position of chief designer in PM Corporation that she had previously held had already been delegated to someone else. What she didn’t know was that Kevin Kyle had bought over the shares of the company a long time ago, and now the biggest shareholder was Karen Daly. Ivan had always been the most genius designer in Karen Daly’s mind. It was her greatest wish to learn from him. However, after experiencing so many obstacles in life, she had almost forgotten that she once had such a dream. Now that Kevin Kyle brought it up again, Karen Daly was eager to learn from this world-renowned designer again. All their troubles could be set aside for a while. She was thinking about getting back into her designing career and soar to greater heights. “Ivan has never been close to other people. Is he willing to take me on?” As soon as Karen Daly spoke, she saw the door of the villa slowly opened The beautiful figure in her memory appeared in front of her. It was the blond haired girl they met a few years ago. After a few years, the girl had grown up and became more beautiful and attractive. She smiled and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Kyle, nice to meet you again! Ivan has been waiting for you.” Not only was she beautiful, she was well articulated. “Hello!” Karen Daly responded cheerfully and couldn’t resist staring at Julie Lyle. She looked so beautiful. “Follow me.” She turned around and lifted her long dress. The way she walked was as elegant as before. “Okay.” Karen Daly replied. Since Kevin Kyle could not see, she had to walk slower, and even wanted to help him into the house. However, Kevin Kyle held her hand and took her into the hall. He walked as confidently as before, like he had no difficulties at all. “Leo, it’s been a while!” Ivan appeared with his messy hair and ragged clothes. He was wearing a light blue top that was deliberately left unbuttoned, revealing his muscles. In addition, the subtle kiss marks and scratches on his chest attracted attention. He put his hands in his pocket and held a cigarette in his mouth. He looked so casual. After glancing at him briefly, Karen Daly blushed unknowingly. She couldn’t look at him anymore. “Yes, it’s been a while!” Kevin Kyle replied in a deep voice. “Asteria? Mrs. Kyle? Karen?” Ivan looked at Karen Daly calmly and he was smiling wide, “How should I address you?” “Nice to meet you, Ivan! Karen Daly said politely, “I’m Karen.” Asteria was the name given by Samuel Daly. Although the name was very beautiful, this name would remind Karen Daly of the years when she was forced to be separated from Kevin Kyle and her child, so she didn’t like it anymore. The salutation of Mrs. Kyle was only used when she was with Kevin Kyle as a sign of respect. Today, she came here as a humble designer, so it was appropriate for her to use her own name. “Karen, nice to meet you!” The charismatic Ivan greeted her warmly. It seemed that he was comfortable in her presence. He turned to look at Julie Lyle and said, “Baby, go prepare some snacks. We need to serve our two honoured guests.” Julie Lyle turned around and left to the kitchen cheerfully. “Didn’t you say that you want a good apprentice? I’ve brought someone to you today. How do you want to thank me?” Clearly, it was Kevin who was requesting for a favour, but instead, he made it sound like Ivan was the one who should be grateful! “I’ll drink with you.” It was clear that he was talking to Kevin Kyle, but Ivan was staring at Karen Daly.

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