My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 431

Just as Ivan was staring at Karen, Kevin Kyle suddenly slapped him on the shoulder. With just a slight force, one could hear the sound of bones cracking. Kevin moved closer to Ivan. He nodded slightly and whispered in his ear, “Watch where you’re looking if you still want your eyes intact!” “You clearly know who I like…” Ivan showed an ambiguous smile and suddenly raised his voice. “Leo, how dare I think about your woman.” Ivan was a fashion designer Karen Daly admired very much. She knew his personality and demeanour. She was not surprised when he stared at her for a while. However, Ivan’s smile to Kevin just now made her a little uncomfortable. However, Karen was not in the mood to think about them. Her mind was occupied with matters related to fashion design. Kevin bellowed, “Before you talk and do things, you should think twice first.” The reason why Kevin had brought Karen here to learn from Ivan was because he had noticed that she was always worried lately. Karen Daly was so worried about him, Mia, and also the Mysterious Person that she couldn’t eat properly. She woke up frequently at night. In just over half a month, she had lost a lot of weight. If he didn’t find something to distract her, and let her worry about everything every day, she would continue to lose so much weight that he probably would not even recognize her in another half a month. “Leo, are you warning me or giving me a hint?” While speaking, Ivan reached out his hand to try to hook Kevin’s neck, but Kevin took a step back in time to avoid him. “Ivan!” Kevin roared in a deep voice. He was obviously angry. “Please come in!” Ivan stopped the teasing, he knew that he should not overdo a joke. Ivan had known the famous Leo Kevin Kyle from many years ago. He was clear at how ruthless Leo could be. Especially in front of his woman, if someone dared to trespass him, that person would be disabled before tomorrow. Even though they had been good friends for many years, if he were Leo Kyle’s best friend, there was no exception The two were in a heated argument. On the other hand, Karen Daly was in the mood to have a good look at the house, at the piles of exquisite fabric scattered everywhere. She wanted to see how the world’s top fashion designer worked. “My atelier is on the third floor. If Mrs. Kyle, you are interested, you may go and have a look.” Ivan had read her mind. She was talented in fashion design, but due to series of unfortunate events these years, she was unable to pursue this career further. Although she had designed a popular collection of lingerie with her talent, and won an award for best upcoming designer, but due to her lack of new collections, and her lack of exposure in the fashion circle, many had forgotten about her. “May I?” Karen was extremely surprised. She had long heard about designers like Ivan who would not allow people to enter their ateliers. Firstly, they believed that others would disrupt their inspiration, and secondly, they were afraid that others would steal their designs, “Go ahead.” Kevin patted Karen’s hand and smiled gently at her. “Take a good look. Just do whatever you want. I’ll wait for you downstairs.” “Okay.” Karen smiled brightly at Kevin. She gave Kevin a hug and kiss, then she turned around and ran upstairs. After Karen Daly left, Kevin Kyle raised his hand slowly and gently touched the place where she had just kissed him. Seeing Karen’s happy look, Kevin felt that it was worthwhile to do anything for her. Karen had been passionate about designing. He had tied her up at home for the sake of his personal interests, so she could not continue to pursue her own dream. Moving forward, he had to learn to let go appropriately and let her do the things she liked. As soon as she entered the studio, Karen was attracted by the messy manuscripts all around. The whole third floor was Ivan’s studio. Crumpled paper balls littered the floor, and design manuscripts were pinned everywhere on the walls. Walking around in his atelier, Karen felt as if she had walked into a museum of design, every piece of draft was precious and rare. Seeing all these, Karen felt a passionate fire burning in her heart. Her dream of becoming the world’s top designer, was re ignited by this fire. As long as she worked hard, one day she would become an excellent designer like Ivan was, and she would design all kinds of beautiful collections. Karen clenched her fists and cheered herself up. She could do it! In a pile of manuscripts, she saw a hand-drawn draft similar to that of the butterfly love dress. It was a semi- finished product. The picture was very close to the “Butterfly Love” design, but it was also different in some details, there seemed to be something missing, but she could not pinpoint it at the moment. “Do you know why you and Leo were separated for more than three years?” Just as Karen was engrossed in the manuscript, a light-hearted male voice came from behind her. Karen turned and looked at Ivan, her crystal clear eyes were full of questions. “In our small town, there is a story of the butterflies love, always together in pairs, be it in life or death…” After a pause, Ivan said, “The butterflies were on your dress, but they were torn apart. It was not a good omen.” “I thought that we’re in a scientific world now, I didn’t expect that you’d believe in such superstitions.” Karen chuckled. She didn’t believe that if Charlie Gook had not made a fuss at that charity party years ago, and Kevin had not gotten angry with her, then Warren Silas would not have cut her belly and snatched her daughter away. Warren Silas had killed her biological father and replaced the real Grandpa Kyle almost 20 years ago. At that time, she hadn’t met Kevin, let alone worn the “Butterfly Love” dress. All of this might have been destined long ago, but Karen was not superstitious. “I am just bored. So I’m just joking with you, Mrs. Kyle.” Ivan leaned against the door, still looking unruly. “I’ve accepted you as my apprentice. I don’t need a big compensation, just ask Kevin to give me a house from Rovio.” That was too much! Mr. Kyle was capable in doing so. Mrs. Kyle wanted Ivan to be her mentor. Kevin loved Karen so much that he was definitely willing to give him a whole estate, let alone a house. “Well, it’s a deal. I’ll ask someone to hand over the keys to you tomorrow. Whenever Karen wants to learn design in future, you have to teach at any time.” It was Mr. Kyle who spoke these words. In order to make his wife happy, he was willing to do anything!

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