My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 432

Before they could eat the snacks prepared by Julie Lyle, Kevin Kyle received an important call and had to leave with Karen Daly in tow. Nick Black had called Kevin to report the situation of the Mystery Person. Kevin asked him to wait at Secret Garden and discuss this later. When Kevin and Karen returned home together, Nick had been waiting for them for a long time. As soon as they got home, Kevin went into the study room with Nick Black. Karen was excited about the notion that she could learn and work with Ivan in the future, so she did not notice anything unusual about Kevin’s demeanour. As soon as the door of the study room was closed, Nick hurriedly handed several photos to Kevin and said, “Director Kevin, we have found the temporary residence of the Mystery Person, but when we rushed there, it was already empty.” “You found his residence but let him run away?” Kevin Kyle raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Nick coldly. Kevin’s vision was impaired, but Nick still felt a chill ran down his spine from Kevin’s gaze. Nick Black hurriedly added, “The Mystery Person is too vigilant. If there is any sign of a disturbance, he will detect it in advance. But he had left in a hurry and didn’t even take away the things in the room. I took pictures of these things so you can have a look.” “What are they?” Kevin took the photos and glanced at them instinctively, but he couldn’t see clearly. Nick Black just realized that Director Kevin had not regained his vision completely, so he immediately explained, “There are photos of Mrs. Kyle and little Miss Karen in the room. The photos have indication of their birthdays and hobbies. There are also clothes and shoes suitable for little Miss Karen. The clothes and shoes are all hand made and they seem exquisite. Kevin didn’t stop him, so Nick continued, “Director Kevin, there are not many things in the room, but most of the things are items that women and children would loved. They are neatly placed, like priceless treasures.” There were many clues that seemed to prove the Mystery Person to be Herbert Ken. After listening to Nick, Kevin was almost certain that the Mystery Person was indeed the Herbert Ken, who had died long ago. Nick said worriedly, “Director Kevin, the Mystery Person has gotten so much information about Mrs. Kyle and little Miss Karen. Do you want us to send more people to protect them? We must not let him succeed again.” “There’s no need.” Kevin Kyle paused and said, “Take away some of the people around Karen and loosen their protection on her.” Herbert Ken was Karen Daly’s biological father. He had called her anonymously and followed her quietly. He probably wanted to see her more often. Once the Mystery Person noticed the reduced protection on Karen, he should find a way to get in touch with her. When the Mystery Person let down his guard and showed up, they would be able to grasp his whereabouts. Kevin would find a way to meet the Mystery Person first to see what Herbert Ken had been through for the past 20 years. Why didn’t he get back to his children when he was still alive? “Director Kevin, you are asking to remove the security protection for Mrs. Kyle?” Nick couldn’t believe what he had heard, or maybe Kevin had said it wrong. Everyone knew how much Kevin cared about Karen. How could he reduce Karen’s protection at such a critical moment? Kevin raised his eyebrows and asked, “What’s the problem?” Nick Black hurriedly answered, “Nothing.” Kevin added, “Don’t act rashly when you discover the Mystery Person and don’t hurt him. You must bring him to me. If he makes any request, inform me immediately, no matter what.” Nick didn’t know what Kevin wanted to do, but he didn’t ask further. His master would have his own reasons for doing so. After hearing news from Nick, Kevin rushed to the hospital to see Mia, intending to get some clues from her. Two days had passed, but Mia was still angry with Neil Brown. She was angry that he had caused her wound to tear apart, and angry at him for ruining her reputation. She didn’t do anything, but the doctor had misunderstood her of having intimate activity with Neil. Hearing the sound of door opening, Mia, who was sleeping with her head in her hands, thought that Neil had come back. Without looking, she grabbed the pillow on the bed and threw it towards the door. “Go away. Don’t let me see you, or I’ll hit you each time you show up.” Kevin tilted his head slightly and merely escaped Mia’s attack. He raised his eyebrows and said in a low voice, “What do you think you are doing? You should be resting.” Hearing that it was Kevin, Mia got up and said with a smile, “Brother, why are you here? I thought it was Neil.” “You can attack if it’s Neil?” In front of Mia, Kevin was always the serious elder brother. “He provoked me first. I’ve shown him mercy by sparing him.” No matter how things were before, as soon as the wound healed, Mia would forget about how painful it was. She was still the fearless Mia. Kevin said sternly, “Sit down. I have something to ask you.” “What’s the matter?” Mia pouted in protest, but she sat down anyway. She didn’t want to be punished by cold brother before she even recovered. Kevin said, “Do you have any impression of the person who kidnapped you that day?” “No.” Mia denied it without much thoughts. “No?” Kevin obviously did not believe Mia. Mia continued to make up a story. “I was knocked unconscious by him that time. I don’t remember him at all.” “Did he say anything to you?” Kevin pressed on “I was unconscious the whole time. Even if he had said something, I wouldn’t be able to hear him.” “Mia, we will find that person even if you don’t say, but it will only take us a longer time.” Kevin changed his strategy. “Actually… Brother, forget it. You don’t need to look for him.” Mia sighed gently and said, “The kidnapper caught me because of the sins my grandfather committed. I deserve it.” “You don’t want to say it because you know who the kidnapper is.” Kevin said with certainty. Mia had always been vengeful. There was only one reason why she could let go of it so easily and refuse to talk about the kidnapper. She had guessed who her kidnapper was! She had guessed his identity, but didn’t want to disclose him. He had to be Herbert Ken. “No matter what, I am the one who was kidnapped. I don’t want to pursue it anymore, so stop doing anything.” Mia had thought about it carefully for the past few days. She must not reveal the person who kidnapped her. Otherwise, she would become the culprit who destroys the harmony of the Kyle family again.

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