My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 433

Her grandfather had killed the real Grandpa Kyle, and the Kyle family couldn’t even find his body, Her grandfather hurt Karen Daly, as a result little Karen did not have a mother when she was born, and the family was separated for a few years. Now, the little bit of injury she had suffered was really insignificant compared to theirs. She was willing to bear with it. Let bygones be bygones. She only hoped that the Kyle family would live a happy life moving forward. “You don’t want to investigate?” Neil Brown’s voice suddenly interrupted their conversation. He walked to Mia Kyle’s bed and stood there. “When did our Miss Kyle become so kind? She can even forgive those who kidnapped her?” “Neil, it’s none of your business. Don’t talk too much.” Mia Kyle wanted to change the topic and Neil’s arrival was timely. She could vent her anger on Neil. “Shut your mouth!” Neil Brown retorted angrily, “Your brother and I will deal with this matter. You don’t have a say “Who are you to deal with my affairs, Neil? Who do you think you are?” Hmph, he certainly was not in any position to settle her problems. Neil said, “Mia, are you itching for trouble again?” Mia retaliated, “Neil, get out of my sight as far as you can. It’s best if you don’t show up.” “Mind your words.” Kevin Kyle looked at Neil and said, “Please talk like a good uncle should. Look at you, which part of your behaviour shows that you’re the uncle?” Neil said, “Matthew, please look at me clearly. The person standing in front of you is your mother’s younger brother and your uncle. Is this how you speak to me?” Kevin Kyle said, “Look at you. You don’t look like an uncle at all.” Neil,… He had always done things according to his own preference. He had never cared about seniority. But today he was reprimanded by this kid and he couldn’t refute. Mia rolled her eyes and said, “You deserve it!” Kevin added, “Leave this matter to me. You guys don’t have to worry about it anymore.” Neil said, “.” Kevin interrupted him. “Take good care of Mia and don’t let anything happen to her again.” Mia twitched her mouth and said, “I can take care of myself. Who wants this bad tempered man to take care of me?” Kevin said, “Behave yourself.” Mia said, “I’m behaving well. I’m lying on the hospital bed every day and I don’t go out at all. Have you seen anyone as well behaved as me?” “When the seniors are talking, you just listen and don’t talk back!” Kevin put on his big brother stance once again. After saying that, Kevin turned around and left, leaving behind Neil Brown and Mia Kyle. Mia glared at Neil and then pulled up the quilt to hide inside. She scolded in a low voice, “Some people are just annoying and would not go away.” “Mia!” Neil pulled her quilt aside and asked, “Tell me, why don’t you pursue the matter?” Even if Mia had changed her temper because of Warren’s incident, she would not have changed so thoroughly. Something had to have happened. “It’s none of your business!” Mia lifted her foot and kicked at Neil fiercely. “I don’t want to see you. Go away.” Neil grabbed Mia’s foot and said, “Tell me, what is it? Did the kidnapper threaten you?” Mia stretched out her foot and kicked Neil hard. She shouted, “Neil,I asked you to get out of here. Are you deaf?” Seeing that she was so lively, Neil smiled evilly and said, “Mia, has your wound recovered?” Mia looked at him wide-eyes and said, “Let go of me!” Neil said, “Don’t you want to be the star of a romance film with me again?” Mia said, “Don’t worry. I’ve found my actor and that person is definitely not you, so you’d better get going.” “Hehe…” Neil suddenly sneered, which gave Mia goose bumps all over She looked at him warily. “What do you want to do?” Neil suddenly laughed shamelessly and wickedly. He said, “What else can I do with you?” If she dared to say that the actor for her “romance film” wasn’t him, then she would have the courage to bear the consequences. “You are so shameless!” Mia’s face turned red. However, she seemed to like how this man was shameless. Because of what happened to her parents, she did not dare to admit her love to Neil Brown. But when was close to death, all she could think of was this man. This made her realize that other than Neil, she would not want anyone else. “I went to ask the doctor just now. Your wound has healed. If you want, you can be discharged at any time.” Neil said as he walked to the door. He slammed the door, locked it, and then walked back to Mia with vigorous steps. “Neil, you…” Mia was so excited that she choked on her own saliva and couldn’t complete her sentence. Neil Brown, you bastard, you finally couldn’t hold it anymore. Let’s see how she would deal with him later! Neil hadn’t started yet, but Mia had already imagined the sequence of events that might happen in the next minute. Neil slowly approached Mia and whispered in her ear, “Last time we watched an R-rated romance movie together, we had a deep discussion on the positions of the two leading actors. You said that you wanted to have a try. Today, I’m going to fulfil your wish.” “Neil, if you continue to act like a hooligan, I’ll beat you up.” He was arrogant the last time she was pursuing him and didn’t care about her, but now she had changed her mind, did he really think he could get what he wanted just like that? Although she really wanted to be with him, she should reserve herself, after all, she was a pure young lady! Besides, she couldn’t let this bastard win so easily. “Mia, you really don’t want to? There will be no next opportunity if you miss this.” Neil said, playing mind games with her. Bastard! Mia cursed silently in her heart. Just do it already. Why was he talking so much? Most of the time, she had doubted Neil Brown’s masculinity. Was he really capable of doing it? Thinking of this, Mia couldn’t help but look at a certain body part of his. Damn… this man could really restrain himself!

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