My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 434

Neil Brown couldn’t control it anymore, yet he was still entertaining her. Mia Kyle couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. What’s the use of saying that? If he really wanted to make this “romance movie” with her. He needed to take action instead of just talking about it. Neil was not anxious, but Mia was. She really wanted to pull him down on the bed, and do whatever she wanted to do with him When she had this idea, Mia had already stretched out her fingers, but she forced herself to withdraw. She kept reminding herself that she was a girl, she had to be reserved and maintain her image. She didn’t want Neil to think that she was an ‘easy girl. In fact, she was not an easy girl. She was bold and had always done things that other girls would not dare to do all because her target was Neil Brown! “Mia, I’ll give you five minutes to think about it. Whether you want it or not, it’s up to you. I won’t force you.” Neil’s slightly hoarse but sexy voice made her heart flutter and her ears turn red. In order to cover up the fact that she couldn’t hold it in anymore, Mia shouted, “Neil, are you a even man?” Neil raised his eyebrows. “What?” Mia said discontentedly, “I’m asking if you’re a man or not. Be quick if you’re a man.” This time, before Mia could finish her words, Neil grabbed her chin. He made her looked at him and said harshly, “Mia, don’t blame me for not being gentle on you.” “Neil, don’t f*cking talk nonsense!” If he didn’t hurry up, she wouldn’t wait This time, Neil did not say anything more. He bent over and kissed her hard, his kiss was aggressive and domineering…. When his lips touched hers, Mia let out a sound of satisfaction. Neil Brown had finally took action. She thought that after so many years of chasing after him, she finally had the chance to have him. “Shit, you’re too slow!” Before Neil could make the next move, Mia had already peeled off his clothes… By the time she came to her senses, she had already pressed Neil under her body. Neither of them could hold it in anymore. At this moment, the door was suddenly opened and two people came in. When they saw the scene in the room, they were so startled that they forgot to back out politely and let them continue what they were doing. Mia’s back was turned to the door. In addition, she was very excited that she did not notice that someone had barged in the room. It was Neil who reacted quickly. He switched d position with Mia and grabbed the quilt to cover her half naked body. He then looked at the “intruders” coldly and said, “Get out!” “Sorry! We didn’t see anything! We didn’t see anything!” The two intruders finally realized what was going on. They turned around and ran away. “Neil, why are you so incompetent?” As soon as the two left, Mia was so angry that she kicked on his calf. Didn’t he lock the door just now? How could someone open the door and barge in? He couldn’t even lock a door. What else could she expect him to do? She was about to ‘man-handle’ him but it was disrupted by others. That sucked. “Shut up!” Neil felt more worse than Mia having being interrupted. With a gloomy face, he took out his phone and dialled a number, then he said in a low voice, “Send a few soldiers to guard the door. Whoever dares to break in, shoot him on sight! After that, Neil threw away his mobile phone to avoid any harassment that might happen today. All he wanted was to enjoy “Neil, you…” “Let’s continue!” “Hmm…” The temperature in the room continued to rise, even the soldiers outside could feel the heat in the room. Separated by a room door, they could hear the deep, low roars from Captain Brown and soft moans from Mia Kyle from time to time. It went on from noon to dusk, and the room finally quieted down. The soldiers outside the door could only sigh about their Captain Brown’s unmatched physical strength. At the same time, they also sympathized Mia who had just recovered from an injury. It had to be hard for her to deal with the physically demanding Captain Brown. They thought it was a hard work for Mia, but Mia actually enjoyed it very much. However, no matter how energetic she was, she was still incomparable to Neil. By the time everything was over, she was already asleep from exhaustion. Neil looked at her and felt something touch his heart. It was a little sweet and warm. He was grateful for her determination to continue her pursuit. He thanked her for not blaming him about what happened to her parents, and thanked her for letting him be with her. Just as Neil was counting his gratitude, Mia, who was in his arms, suddenly muttered, “Neil, you bastard, couldn’t you be a little gentler?” Look at this girl. She was already so tired yet she still had the strength to scold him in her dream. “You ugly girl. I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t argue with you.” Neil lowered his head and kissed her on the cheek. He was a rugged person and knew nothing about being gentle. However, he still took Mia to the bathroom to help her wash up. Mia slept until the noon next day. When she opened her eyes and saw Neil’s good looking face, her heart beat quickened. She had to admit that she was attracted by this handsome looking face. This bastard had a bad temper, but this face was really good-looking. Only he could match up to her brother. She had already woken up, but this man was still sleeping. The competitive Mia felt it was unfair. “Bastard, I see you’re sleeping soundly!” When Mia moved, pain radiated all over her body. The feeling was no less than the pain she had suffered from the injuries from a few days ago. “Ah! Ah! Ah!” She was so angry that she shouted out loudly. The reason for her pain was because of Neil. She was tortured by pain here, yet Neil was sleeping soundly as if nothing had happened. Mia was very displeased. She shoved Neil down from the hospital bed with a push and a kick.

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