My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 435

Neil Brown was sleeping soundly when suddenly, he fell to the cold and hard floor with a thud. If it weren’t for his rugged build, he would have gotten injured. With his eyes still closed, he roared angrily, “Who dares to kick me? Do you want to die?” As soon as he opened his eyes and saw that the person who kicked him was Mia, his voice suddenly became weaker. “Mia, what are you doing?” Was this girl out of her mind? “What do you think I’m doing this?” Mia Kyle just couldn’t stand to watch him sleep so soundly. Both Mia and Neil stared at each other. They exchanged stares with each other and their expressions were not friendly. It seemed that they could start fighting at any time. “You’re crazy!” Neil got up and attempted to continue sleeping on the sofa beside him, ignoring the girl. “Bastard!” Mia gritted her cute little canine teeth. She grabbed the cup on the bedside table and threw it at Neil. Then she cursed angrily, “Neil, are you a damn human?” “Don’t disturb my sleep!” Last night, he had stayed up for her the whole time after midnight and only fell asleep when it was almost dawn. He was in a bad mood. He would kill whoever that was bothering him now. In those love story movies Mia had watched, the male lead would always hug the female lead and utter sweet words in her ear after making love. She was still waiting for Neil to say a few nice words to her, but she didn’t expect him to sleep and completely ignore her. She only felt a growing fury in her heart and had the urge to run to Neil and beat him up.. She didn’t just think about it. In fact, Mia dragged her pained body, dashed across to Neil, and pulled him up. She said angrily, “Neil, I’m half dead now because of you. And now you have the cheek to sleep like a dead pig.” Neil slapped her hands away. “Mia, get out of my way if you don’t want to be beaten up!” “Damn it!” Mia was so angry that she jumped. “The cut wounds on my body are already ugly enough, and you still left bruises on me. How can I go out to meet people in future?” Just because of those bruises, she’s beating me up? Neil scoffed in his heart. She should look at the masterpieces she made on him. People would think that he was bitten by a dog or scratched by a cat. Neil shot back, “Mia, how dare you accuse me? I am kind for not saying that you are a combination of a cat and a dog.” This woman was really wild. She had planted several teeth marks on his chest and scratched him all over his body, from top to bottom. He didn’t even blame her for this. Yet she made trouble as soon as she woke up. How dare he yell at her. Mia waved her fist and punched at Neil. “I’ll beat you today. How dare you call me that?” Neil didn’t want to waste time with her. He pulled off his sleeping robe and said, “Take a good look at this.” “You’re a hooligan!” Mia covered her eyes instinctively, but then she peeked at him through the gap between her fingers. At a glance, Mia was shocked and murmured, “Neil, did you go out and fight last night?” Neil said, “Yesterday, I met a wild cat and a little mad dog and were bitten by them…” “Whose cat was that? It’s ferocious!” If he wanted to scold her, she would pretend to be innocent, that it was not her fault. She wanted to pretend that she was very gentle last night and she knew nothing about it. Neil continued, “You’re right. A female cat was attacking me.” Mia asked, “Who are you scolding actually?” He asked, “Who do you think I’m scolding?” She said, “If you dare cold me, I won’t let you go.” “You seem to have good physical strength.” Neil looked at her up and down. It seemed that she had regained her physical strength. He was gentle to her last night. It turned out that he was being self-sentimental. This girl was tenacious. Mia asked, “Want to fight?” “Come on, let’s fight.” Neil dragged Mia into his arms and subdued her with his own ways. So by the time Mia was discharged from the hospital, another day had passed. Mia was out of the hospital, but the Kyle family would definitely not let her stay at the Grey apartments alone. Knowing that Mia was discharged from the hospital today, Karen, as her sister-in-law, was already busying around the house with the servants. She had asked the servants to clean up Mia’s room and prepare a big meal to welcome her home. The good thing about Mia was, she would never stay down for long. After being so close to death, she did not want to torment herself over the fact that she was an adopted child of the Kyle family, or if her grandfather was a villain or not. As long as she did not do bad things or hurt others, she could still live an honest life. The Kyle family was her family. They had raised her, given her all the love and warmth in the world. Her way to repay them was to return to this big family and continue to love them. Little Karen heard that her Little Aunt was discharged from the hospital so she prepared a gift specially for her. It was her favorite doll. She was going to give it to her Little Aunt to make her happy. Knowing that her aunt was arriving soon, little Karen came to the gate, accompanied by Brother Lionel and Momo, to welcome her aunt. When Neil drove Mia home, she spotted little Karen standing at the gate. As soon as the car stopped, Mia opened the door and hurried out of the car. She waved to the lovely little fellow and said, “Little Karen!” “Little Aunt!” Little Karen quickly ran to Mia and threw herself into her arms. She said softly, “I miss you so much.” Mia picked up Little Karen, pinched her chubby face, and said with a smile, “I miss you too.” “Little Aunt, was your wound healed by my bandage?” Little Karen had always thought that her Little Aunt’s recovery was because of her bandages. “Well, yes.” Mia kissed Little Karen and said, “So, I’m ready to repay my gratitude. If it weren’t for your help, the wound might still be bleeding.” Little Karen asked worriedly, “Little Aunt, is it painful?” Mia shook her head and said, “It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Little Karen suddenly laughed happily and said, “I’m so happy, you’re not in pain.” “Little Karen, thank you!” Mia was greatly moved. How lucky she was to be able to return to the big, warm Kyle family.

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